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Top 10 iPad Screen Recorders to Capture iPad Screen

Last updated on January 24, 2018 by Roland Zonai

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Top 10 iPad Screen Recorders to Capture iPad Screen

Nowadays with the advancement of the current technology Apple’s iPad has become one of the most popular electronic device for many people due to its high quality composition, sharp display and transition between the smartphone and the computer, which can be used more comfortable in many cases due to its large screen which offers better navigation and higher visual experience. Apple’s iPad is better than the iPhone for doing many activities, such as having a video conference call or doing gameplay activities as you can enjoy everything on the bigger screen while you don’t have to compromise anything. Therefore, many cases arise when you do your activity on the iPad screen and then wish that you could capture the activity to share this moment and experience with your friends, or to revise for example an important business video call afterwards. Luckily, there are several great tools available for this and in this article we are going to show you the best iPad screen recorders.

AceThinker iPhone Recorder – The Best iPad Screen Recorder

The AceThinker company has created the iPhone Screen Recorder software which can perfectly be used as a display capture tool for iPads in a very efficient and comfortable manner. This is a very advantageous tool because it utilizes your computer as a place where you can share your iPad’s screen to and project all your activity which is ongoing on your iPad efficiently, and therefore you can afterwards record the iPad activity in higher resolution on the bigger computer screen, which results in highly enjoyable good quality videos. With the help of this program, from your computer you can record every iPad activity with ease and be able to edit and modify the recording real-time by different tools and highlights on your screen.

In case you developed interest to try out these features, check the steps presented below.

Step1 Download and install this iPad recorder

Before any else step of screen mirroring, simply download the aforementioned AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder tool from the provided orange download options below. After starting the launcher, install the application on your computer as well as on your iPad, as they both need to be stably connected in the end for efficient screen projection. Therefore connect these devices under one of the available Wi-Fi sources.
red-download-btn-winbutton mac

Step2 Align the settings before the iPad recording

Once you have the program set up, go to the options and put your preferred settings which suit your screen mirroring needs the most. Once everything is set which are fine-tuned for your screen capturing, you can progress with the next step.
iphone screen recorder settings

Step3 Put up stable Wi-Fi connection

Before launching the screen mirroring, you must establish solid Wi-Fi for smooth activity projection from your iPad to the computer, so you must have the two devices under the same Wi-Fi coverage.
iphone screen recorder settings

Step4 Launch the Airplay function

Before the eventual recording, just swipe upwards from the south end of the iPad’s screen and press the emerging “AirPlay” option. After the Airplay is initiated, you can then simply navigate among the available connections and put up connection with the one that is labeled the same name as your computer, which will place your devices under the same Wi-Fi coverage and establishes the necessary processes for the mirroring.
connect via airplay

Step5 Launch the screen mirroring

When every step is performed and the recording is prepared to be launched, just initiate the screen mirroring to experience that all the activity of your iPad will be projected to the display of your computer real-time where you can afterwards easily launch the screen capturing process and record everything that is going on, and eventually export it as a newly created video to be shared with your friends online or keep it offline.
connect via airplay



Hyperlapse can be considered as another interesting video recording application that can be used for free by the users to create some very stunning and professionally looking videos, no matter whether it is a skilled time lapse video about the ongoing projection of the camera on the screen of your iPad or the recording of any sort of activity. With its easy to use interface it is easy to manage the recording process and be ready to start and pause the recording at any time of your wish to control the progress of the capturing, or even finish it and have a high quality creation in the very end that can be directly uploaded to any of the common and popular social media sites.

The app is very straightforward for its usage, just check the steps here.

Step1 Open the app

First just download the app directly and install it on your device. Then you can straightforwardly start up the application to access the main interface.

Step2 Do the capturing

Once inside the interface, you are given the direct capture button to do video capturing through your camera, during which you can add the time lapse effect and do the capturing. In the end you can simply save it on your device’s hard drive, and immediately share your content upon your wish.


YouTube Capture

YouTube Capture

YouTube Capture can be mentioned as an alternative app for iOS video recording which still performs very well and produced high quality screencast in the end of the process, making it available to create lengthy professional recordings from the comfort of your mobile device. This app is famous for having one of the simplest and user friendly interface that is developed for such devices which makes it fairly easy to not only create but also add effects and modifications to the produced content. Just rearrange, merge and combine your previously created recording to form a full length professional screencast of your iPad screen capturing within no time!

The tool has a user friendly interface with easy handling described below in more details.

Step1 Get the application

Firstly you can go the app market and directly download the app developed by YouTube in order to launch it. Once you set it up, you will see the simple interface.

Step2 Adjust the panel for settings configuration

Once inside the app, you can check the settings panel where you have all the necessary options to be adjusted that can make the recorded video suitable to you both in terms of quality and recording option.

Step3 Initiate the recording

Once everything is set according to your desire, you can start the recording in a straightforward manner that is also supported by the app with different short notes that can make the recording easier for the first time.

Step4 Finalize you recording

When you are done recording what you wished, then you can simply upload it to YouTube and share on social media as a built-in feature of the tool for your ease.


ScreenFlow is a tool that is considered to provide a very similar screen capturing experience as the other mentionable solutions, as it is able to do a high quality recording where you are also able to edit and modify the created video within the program itself, so it is offering a combined solution to eventually create a professional look and feeling for your newly created video. This program works in the way that firstly you need to connect your iPad to your Mac via plugging it in with a special Lighting cable and once it is ready, you can open the tool, which is automatically able to detect the iPad and offer to initiate the screen capturing.

Using this program can be very beneficial, just take the steps below to maximize your chances.

Step1 Set up everything for the recording

At the time you firstly open the interface after downloading and installation, you can choose the desired type off recording from the options that are to be selected from, and you can launch the process directly with the miniature red REC icon on the toolbar.

Step2 Record your video

Once you decide to press the Rec icon, you will initiate the capturing process, so you will be given a countdown until the process starts and then everything is going to be captured according to your wish until you stop the process.

Step3 Finish the recording

Whenever you feel satisfied about the capturing content, then you can simply stop the recording so the editor will come up and you can modify your creation to your wish. Then everything is stored on the hard drive of your computer.


Shou considered to be a very popular screen capturing tool that is surprisingly not enjoyed by many people as it cannot be directly downloaded from the official app store but you need to download it from the Emu4iOS app store, where it can be directly accessed. However, when you are done with locating and downloading it, then it is easy to go with this tool and install it, and afterwards you can also directly access the screen capturing option of the program, as it records your screen directly from the iPad itself after simply clicking on the offered red Recording button to start the whole process.

This program is very comprehensive so learning about its steps can give you a great benefit.

Step1 Have the program ready on your computer

This program is special in the sense of its downloading and installation, therefore it is advised that you check the main description that is aforementioned so you will learn about the exact setting up there.

Step2 Prepare the recording

When you have the tool on your device, pick the more suitable option from its interface. Firstly you can initiate broadcasting that comes from your mobile, while the other one is about starting the capturing that is needed in our case. Therefore you can start the recording after setting the right options where you can configure every related setup for the video and audio. In addition you must connect the used device  to a wireless network to start the mirroring in the first place.

Step3 Start the awaited capturing

When everything is punctually set up, you can just press the Record Screen to do the capturing where all you have chosen on the screen will be recorded  that will be done on the display of your iPhone.

Step4 Finish the recording

During the screen capturing you can go out from the app and do you activity such as a gameplay or live streaming or cam utilization on your iPhone, where everything is captured and stored. Once you are satisfied with finalizing your process, just go back to the app and press the Stop to terminate the video creation so your new recording will be stored instantly.



SloPro is a combined solution that has been specifically under development to fit to both the iPhone and the iPad and satisfy the recording needs on both of these devices. This tool is able to make screencasts and record videos relatively smoothly and in a fairly quick manner together with a slow motion effect support when it comes to creating a playback effect on the video, that makes this app really unique. Furthermore this tool makes it possible that after you do your screen recording activities on your iPad display and create your video clips, the videos can be accelerated as well as decreased in their playing speed, making it available to have fast as well as slow periods and therefore more enhanced effects.

Want to experience this program? Just follow the guide here below.

Step1 Download and configure the app

First of all you got to download this application from the app marketplace, and afterwards once you install it and open it to arrive to the interface, you can adjust the settings before you eventually record your desired video. Simply pick what speed of recording you wish to have in addition to the other options.

Step2 Do the video recording

Once you have set the personally chosen options, proceed with the recording of your video that can be done simply with one click by pressing the red circular button.

Step3 Store or share your content

Finally, after you finalize the video that is being recorded, you can directly upload and share your creation or you can save and store it on your hard drive of the device which you are using where you can access it in the gallery anytime.

QuickTime Player

A mentionable alternative for iPad screen recording is the Quicktime Player that is another surprising tool as many people know about the Quicktime player but few people know that it is available for being used as an iPad display capturing tool. Not only that, but it is one tool among the easiest alternatives that can be found as it can directly be used for screen capturing after you connect your iPad to your Mac computer via utilizing the advantage of a Lightning USB cable to connect your iPad with. After you have this connection set up between the devices, you can simply locate the „Files” tab in the interface of the program and start the recording process from there in no time.

Step1 Prepare the opening of a new screen recording

Whenever you opened up the QuickTime player tool on the Mac computer which you are using, just navigate to the top of the bar where you are able to choose File and there the New Screen Recording option that starts the recording feature that is incorporated into the QuickTime player.

Step2 Tick the right options that are needed

Within the emerging recording toolbar, you are able to prepare the tool for the optimal work with setting the right options first. Alter the audio options by ticking the Microphone when you wish to have commentaries, or pick the preferred option

Step3 Have the recording take place

When the option setting is done, the recording can be taken place by pressing the red Recording button on the toolbar, making it available that the screen is being captured, where all you need is just continuing the activity which you started as long as you are  not satisfied. Then just finalize the recording and save the video.

Video Recording Uploader

Video Recording Uploader

Video Recording Uploader is an additional solution for free that might be a great alterego to capture iPad screen with. The free nature of the tool makes it guaranteed that you are able to do screencasts in unlimited number as well as unlimited length, which can afterwards be uploaded to Dropbox for easier sharing on the famous social media sites, as well as for a more controlled sharing among your friends from the Dropbox folder directly. The interface is fairly comfortable to be used by more inexperienced users as well, as the capturing is relatively easy which also contributes to that there is a straightforward button allocation on the interface and easily understandable design.

To utilize this simple tool just have a look at the steps below


Step1 Download and set up the tool

First and foremost you need to download the application onto your iPhone where after installation you can directly open up the app and configure the settings. You can pick whether you wish to upload your future created content directly to Dropbox, as well as choose recording time and quality.

Step2 Go with the recording process

After setting up the options, you can go with the capturing process and directly start making your video that will be saved straightforwardly once you press the stop button afterwards.


Last but not least, dr.fone is another tool that can come into a person’s mind when it comes to capturing the screen activity of an iPad, where it actually happens to be considered as one of the best available alternative for display recording for iPads. This rank of the dr.fone tool comes from that many features are incorporated into this tool besides the basic screen recording, that are also proven to be useful for many users, such as sharing the activity of the iPad’s screen to the computer, or making it easy to export the created video files between these two devices.

To learn more of the usage of this great app we compiled the most important steps here for you.

Step1 Install the App for the recording

Firstly, just go and download this great iOS Screen Recorder tool and proceed with its quick installation procedure, during which you can give the right permission to the tool and have everything ready on the used device.

Step2 Put the right configuration

After opening the application, you need to put the preferred configuration in the tool before you should start the recording. For the audio this means you can choose the audio source among others, while for the video this includes deciding on the right resolution and so on.

Step3 Capture your iOS display

When the options are clearly set, press the start so the tool will be minimized by itself in order not to interrupt your activity, and they you can open your preferred game or video or any activity, that will be simultaneously captured.

reShoot Video & Photo Camera with Editor

reShoot Video & Photo Camera

reShoot Video & Photo Camera with Editor is the last but not the least on our list of potential tools to capture the display activity of an iPad device and create high quality and professionally looking screen recording content with much less effort than what can be expected in the beginning that such videoclips would have. This solution also have the advantage of having an easily understandable interface that gives great guidance and simple buttons for users in order for them to have a smooth operation during the time they wish to capture their display. In addition, there is a so called On the fly feature that is an unique function within the tool especially designed to have a smooth transition when you need to swap windows during the editing and the recording process, which can also contribute to the enhancement of the final creation.

Check the presented steps below to utilize this tool easily.

Step1 Download as well as set up the app

In the first step you can download as well as install this great tool on your Apple device with ease in an instant. Then you will arrive to the main interface where all the necessary options can be reached via the options tab on the top, including video quality and other adjustable options.

Step2 Do the capturing

When you are sure that you set the right preferences, simply start making your video and capture anything you wish in a simple manner, in order to afterwards have it saved on your storage place and have chance to share it online or show it offline according to your wish.


As you can see many solutions are presented on the market which are specifically designed to help you with screen capture on iPad, where the different solutions available today have their own benefits as well as drawbacks. Therefore it is important to consider to have a great overview about the pros and cons of the different solutions before you are ready to choose the best solution that suits your need. In either way we recommend you to try out the AceThinker software as it will surely become your favorite as its comprehensive features will be suitable to satisfy all your iPad screen recording needs.

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