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Top 3 iPad Screen Recorders to Capture iPad Screen

Last updated on July 3, 2018 by Roland Goodman

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Top 3 iPad Screen Recorders to Capture iPad Screen

Nowadays with the advancement of the current technology Apple’s iPad has become one of the most popular electronic devices for many people due to its high-quality composition, sharp display and transition between the smartphone and the computer, which can be used more comfortable in many cases due to its large screen which offers better navigation and higher visual experience. Apple’s iPad is better than the iPhone for doing many activities, such as having a video conference call or doing gameplay activities as you can enjoy everything on the bigger screen while you don’t have to compromise anything. Therefore, many cases arise when you do your activity on the iPad screen and then wish that you could capture the activity to share this moment and experience with your friends or to revise for example an important business video call afterwards. Luckily, there are several great tools available for this and in this article, we are going to show you the best iPad screen recorders.

AceThinker iPhone Recorder – The Best iPad Screen Recorder

The AceThinker company has created the iPhone Screen Recorder software which can perfectly be used as a display capture tool for iPads in a very efficient and comfortable manner. This is a very advantageous tool because it utilizes your computer as a place where you can share your iPad’s screen to and project all your activity which is ongoing on your iPad efficiently, and therefore you can afterwards record the iPad activity in higher resolution on the bigger computer screen, which results in highly enjoyable good quality videos. With the help of this program, from your computer, you can record every iPad activity with ease and be able to edit and modify the recording real-time by different tools and highlights on your screen.

In case you developed interest to try out these features, check the steps presented below.

Step1 Download and install this iPad recorder

Before any else step of screen mirroring, simply download the aforementioned AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder tool from the provided orange download options below. After starting the launcher, install the application on your computer as well as on your iPad, as they both need to be stably connected in the end for efficient screen projection. Therefore connect these devices under one of the available Wi-Fi sources.

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Step2 Align the settings before the iPad recording

Once you have the program set up, go to the options and put your preferred settings which suit your screen mirroring needs the most. Once everything is set which are fine-tuned for your screen capture, you can progress with the next step.

iphone screen recorder settings

Step3 Put up stable Wi-Fi connection

Before launching the screen mirroring, you must establish solid Wi-Fi for smooth activity projection from your iPad to the computer, so you must have the two devices under the same Wi-Fi coverage.

iphone screen recorder settings

Step4 Launch the Airplay function

Before the eventual recording, just swipe upwards from the south end of the iPad’s screen and press the emerging “AirPlay” option. After the Airplay is initiated, you can then simply navigate among the available connections and put up a connection with the one that is labeled the same name as your computer, which will place your devices under the same Wi-Fi coverage and establishes the necessary processes for the mirroring.

connect via airplay

Step5 Launch the screen mirroring

When every step is performed and the recording is prepared to be launched, just initiate the screen mirroring to experience that all the activity of your iPad will be projected to the display of your computer real-time where you can afterwards easily launch the screen capturing process and record everything that is going on, and eventually export it as a newly created video to be shared with your friends online or keep it offline.

connect via airplay


Another effective tool to do screen recording is QuickTime Player . This is a built-in application design for Mac computers and intended to be used as a “Mirroring app” to cast your iPhone or iPad for a wider viewing experience. However, not all people know that this too has the capability to record while mirroring. So if you are looking for an alternative this is one of the easiest software to use. Simply connect your iPhone or iPad via Lightning USB cable then you can record in no time. Below is the step by step procedure on how to use the application.

Step1 Connect your iPad to your Computer

To begin with the mirroring, you need a Lightning cable to connect on your iPad and in your PC.

Step2 Launch QuickTime

Go to “Spotlight Search” key-in QuickTime. Click the application then wait for it to launch.


Step3 Start Mirroring

Prior recording your screen, you must mirror your device first in your computer. On your MAC, click “File” from the menu bar located at the top left-hand side of the screen. Choose “New Screen Recording” then black window pop-ups.

Start mirroring

Next, locate the “Small Red Circle” and click the drop-down button look beside it then look for iPad. Put a check mark beside iPad. Your Device will then be mirrored.


Step4 Start and Stop Recording

You will know if the recording starts if you see “Movie Recording” at the top-middle part of the screen. Below is the floating tool bar and use the same button to stop. To check the recorded file, go to your documents.

start and stop

DU Recorder


If you are looking for an app can do more for you DU Recorder is another app that you might want to check out. This is a software that lets you stream directly on some of the most popular sites nowadays. You can directly access Facebook, YouTube and Twitch watch live shows for free with no limits or even chat with people while live streaming. DU recorder can make it easier for you to keep a record of the videos you stream online because it does not only offer Direct streaming, it can also allow you to record while streaming your favorite sites with HD quality. This is not limited with live streaming though, you can also record your favorite mobile games, conversations via Skype with your family and friends and other streaming sites. To start using this app to follow the steps below.

Step1 Download and Install

Go to “App Store” and search For DU Recorder and install the Application. You have to follow through the installation steps. It is a requirement to register an account for live streaming purposes.


Step2 Launch the Application

Before you can use the application you have to set-up the app and add it to your control center. To add it simply go to Settings> Control Center > add the DU Recorder by clicking the ” Green Circle” with the plus sign to add the app.


Step3 Go to Control Center

Go back to your home screen by pressing the home button then Swipe up to see the control center then click the default record button. After that, it will give you another option to use the built-in recorder or the DU recorder. Choose DU recorder to use the app.

Step4 Check the File

To check the recorded file just go to the DU app then locate the file.


As you can see many solutions are presented on the market which is specifically designed to help you with screen capture on iPad, where the different solutions available today have their own benefits as well as drawbacks. Therefore it is important to consider to have a great overview of the pros and cons of the different solutions before you are ready to choose the best solution that suits your need. In either way we recommend you to try out the AceThinker software as it will surely become your favorite as its comprehensive features will be suitable to satisfy all your iPad screen recording needs.

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