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How to Stream Music from iPhone to PC

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How to Stream Music from iPhone to PC

iphone mirror screenSince the release of the iPhone, we have had everything we want and need right there in our pockets – MP3 player, alarm clock, notebook, phone, calendar, and more. As a result, devices have been made redundant just like the MP3 and MP4 players. Nowadays, our iPhone holds all our favourite music and we have access to the iTunes store if we want to bolster our collection. However, what if you still wanted to play your iPhone library on the computer? This article will evaluate different apps for you to do the trick.

Using iPhone Screen Recorder

iphone screen recorder

Sometimes, we just need to utilise bigger speakers to listen to our favourite albums. Thankfully, this is completely possible and we will be showing you how right here. For those of you that think it is tedious to copy songs over from one to the next, we use a different method so don’t worry about having to do that. In truth, we will be discussing iPhone Screen Recorder.

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Compatible with all iOS devices, iPhone Screen Recorder helps you to mirror your iPhone screen onto your PC. In essence, this means that you can control your iPhone screen and see it happen right there on the computer. Let’s go through the steps required to make this happen;


The only minor disadvantage that comes with using an iPad is its screen size- it is not sufficient for all types of uses. This is especially true for watching movies and playing games. However, as you read ahead- you will learn how to overcome that as well. All of this is possible by mirroring your iPad screen. Let us go ahead and see the best ways for mirroring an iPad screen, and what each of these offers.

1. Firstly, you have to download and install the app. After running it, tap on ‘Tools’ and double-click on the ‘iOS recorder’ icon. When the security boxes come up, you need to allow the app to have access to both public and private networks.

2. Once all this is set up, you can bring up the notification bar and tap ‘AirPlay’. For this to work properly, you will need to have your computer and iPhone connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

3. After tapping on the ‘Mirroring’ button, you should be able to connect your iPhone to your computer. Normally, you will see the name of your computer so go ahead and click on the correct one.

4. If all has been done correctly up until this point, you should hear your music coming from your computer speakers when you play it on your iPhone.

For those of you that have used AirStream, you will note that they are very similar except for the strenuous setup and slow streaming. Of course, this program has the added benefit of not having to pay out for Apple TV whilst still enjoying music on a much larger screen. With iPhone Screen Recorder, you aren’t limited to music either as you can stream photos, videos, and much more.

Using VLC Streamer

vlc recorder

Much like the previous program, VLC Streamer is another tool that you can use to stream from your iPhone as long as it is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your computer. As well as supporting multiple different resolutions and levels of quality, you will even be able to customise gestures and even stream a live video.

In terms of requirements, you will need to have an iPhone that runs iOS 8.0 or later and your computer should be on Windows Vista, 7, or 8. When it comes to Mac, you need to have a system that runs OS 10.5 at least. For just $1.99, it is a very good program; however, it also has downsides.

Drawbacks – You will find that it is easy to use and it looks neat, but it doesn’t play files that are DRM protected. If you are looking to stream a DRM protected video or music, it simply will not mirror onto your computer. Aside from this, many users have noted that streaming can sometimes be a little laggy and the sound quality can be poor.


Overall, there are now multiple ways to stream from your iPhone to your PC and it is all about finding the right application for you. When researching, be sure to check their limitations as well as their requirements so you won’t be left disappointed. Due diligence is key when looking for a program of this type as you want to find something that doesn’t require an extensive setup but will also keep your computer (and phone) free from malware and viruses.

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