Best 10 Snapchat Alternatives and Similar Apps

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Since social media is so prevalent in this era, taking selfies for mostly teenagers or young adults became trending because of Snapchat, which allows you to post your self-taken photo, put filters in it, and show it to the public. It can help you to find new friends, gather followers, and even let your crush knows how beautiful you are. However, some of the users are looking for different features than Snapchat has. It might because they got bored or not satisfied with Snapchat anymore. Therefore, we are going to show you the best Snapchat alternative that contains different kinds of style and unique features that can pique your interest. Keep on reading below to see the sites or apps like Snapchat.

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AceThinker Mirror

acethinker mirror logoIn case you want to use Snapchat in a much bigger screen using your iOS device, then the AceThinker Mirror can help you with that. This screencasting tool can connect your iPhone to your PC wirelessly. Also, it can record any activity from your iOS phone while mirroring, and it can give you HD quality recorded video to share it online. Viewing Snapchat images along with your friends is more fun than seeing it alone on a smaller screen. Besides, you can watch local videos from your phone while screen mirroring, which lets you preview the videos without transferring it on your PC. On the other hand, see the steps below on how to use iOS Mirror.

Step1 Install the iOS Mirror on your PC

You can download the iOS Mirror app by clicking one of the “Download” buttons below. Then, run the installer, and follow the provided steps on installing the tool.

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Step2 Mirror your iOS device to your PC

After installing, confirm if your iPhone and PC are connected with the same Wi-Fi connection. Then, launch the tool, and go to the control center of your iPhone and click the “Screen Mirroring” option. Next, choose the computer from where you are going to mirror your iPhone.


Step3 Use Snapchat while screen mirroring

Once done, you can see your iPhone screen display on your PC. Launch the Snapchat app and start viewing photos on a much larger screen. You can also record Snapchat calls by clicking the red “Record” button at the rightmost part of the tool. When you are finished, click the “Stop” button to save the recorded video on your device automatically.


AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder

logo of iphone screen recoder miniAnother robust iOS screen mirroring tool on our list is the AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder. This tool allows you to screencast, and screen record any activity on your iOS device like playing mobile games, watching local videos, video calls, and even recording Snapchat. In fact, you can start connecting your iOS device to your PC with AirPlay, which connects both devices wirelessly. Besides, you can take screenshots in HD quality on Snapchat using this tool whenever you need to choose one to share it online. To understand more about this tool, keep on reading below to see the steps on how to use AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder.

Step1 Get the iPhone Screen Recorder

First, visit the official website of the AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro, and click the “Try It Free” button tool to download the installer. You can also use one of the “Download” buttons below to install the tool immediately. Then, launch it, and follow the installation steps on installing the tool.

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Step2 Mirror your iPhone to your PC

Next, run the tool after installing, and check if your iPhone and PC are connected with the same network connection. Then, from your iPhone, go to the control center and click the “Screen Mirroring” option. After that, select the PC name from where you are going to screen mirror.


Step3 Open Snapchat

Once you mirror your iPhone to your PC, you can view it on a much bigger screen. To record it, click the “Record” icon button at the upper leftmost part of the tool. When you are done, you can click the button again, which will become a “Stop” button, and the tool will save the recorded video on your device instantly.


Wickr Me

icon-wickrWickr Me presents its users with an encrypted text, video and also image messaging with full control of it for the user. Similarly to the other it has a shredder function which permanently removes all erased images, videos and also messages. However, it contains annoying ads while it makes your Wickr ID anonymous such that nobody can track, control or intercept your communication. Similar to Snapchat, Wickr Me also contains filters, stickers, and graffiti which can be used by the user while taking pictures.

Pros: It is reliable and protected and contains the multimedia messaging functions in the same way as Snapchat does.
Cons: The stickers and filters are not so interesting like Snapchat.


icon-snowAnother option other than Snapchat is Snow. In Snow, all the users can create and share their wonderful video by using various motion stickers. Just like Snapchat, snow app can likewise be used to communicate with the others via its chat function. While conversing with your friends, you can construct animated GIF’s immediately which is very pretty. If you choose to distribute your story, then you can make use of the “My Story” feature. Acknowledging its appearance and functions, it’s really an awesome alternative to Snapchat.

Pros: Wonderful motion stickers you can select from.
Cons: No alternative for saving apart from the photo gallery of your phone.


icon-instagramEvery one of us understands Instagram as an application for sharing photos. However, it can equally be an excellent alternative for Snapchat. Instagram has inbuilt camera filters which the user can select from, and it likewise has the “story” and “Live” functions that are equally present in Snapchat. Most importantly, Instagram now contains the function for disappearing text, photo, and video, a characteristic that is different to Snapchat.

Pros: It gives good quality image and permits users to upload many images and videos on its database.
Cons: Limited filters and does not have face templates.


icon-clipchatAnother alternative to Snapchat which also function just like Snapchat is the Clipchat. Some many reviews carried out concluded that this app to be a clone of Snapchat, because it has almost all the functions of Snapchat such as self-destructing images and videos. However dissimilar to Snapchat, Clipchat has a better interface for users and has a faster speed while sending or receiving messages. Also, users can search for a friend using the username, email, Facebook and so on easily. If you are someone that likes the visual appearance of an interface pretty much, then this an app for you.

Pros: It has a nice interface, and it does not permit taking screenshots.
Cons: It does not support adding of drawings, unlike Snapchat.


icon-msqrdIn case you are looking for apps that are similar to Snapchat and can also give you animated filters while you are doing your selfie or while you are doing your video selfie, then MSQRD is an alternative for you. This particular mobile app can transform anybody’s face into a spacewalker, an animal or put on any mask that they select from the filters. But, the application contains a watermark which annoys most users, and it also comes with fewer face filters.

Pros: Gives a good animated selfie quality.
Cons: Functions are restricted into just taking pictures and taking videos.

Messenger Day

icon-messenger-dayIn case you are looking for the same disappearing images and videos together for your own daily stories, then this is an option for you. Messenger Day is an app from Facebook messenger with a new feature called Messenger Day.” This app basically does the same thing as Snapchat in the sense that you can equally take pictures or shorts videos through an inbuilt camera, add text, cartoons overlays, animation stickers’ drag it into “Your day.” Similar to Snapchat’s “Story,” your daily post can be accessed by your friends, and they will disappear after 24hours.

Pros: No additional installations needed in case you have Facebook Messenger installed among your gadgets.
Cons: It is not an independent/standalone program.


icon-slingshotIf you are tired of Snapshot and feel like having a test of a new mobile app that can permit you to share photos, then this a wonderful option you can consider. Apart from Snapchat that will permit you to send picture messages and will also destroy itself within seconds, Slingshot functions differently.

This app is basically characterized by its ability to poll via images to compare. Also, it gives a daily question or trivia that users can answer with their friends.

Pros: It gives trivia daily which is nice.
Cons: It permits the sending of images only.

YouCam Perfect

icon-youcam-perfectIf you are looking for an option to Snapchat which can be able to give you a better selfie shot, then Youcam Perfect is an option for you. This app is furnished with several enhancing features that can make your image or videos appear more attractive than usual. Apart from camera filters, Youcam perfect gives you two choices to choose from in improving your image, be it that you want to beautify or you want to edit the image by adding effects, stickers, text bubbles and many others.

Pros: It allows face detection technology and has wonderful tools for makeovers.
Cons: It needs a paid version to remove ads.


icon-yovoThe last application on our rundown is Yovo. This program includes some of the functions of Snapchat which makes it an awesome alternative option. As a result of using this app, you will have the opportunity to take live images, be able to share photos from your gallery, and also be able to create your own story that will go out after 48 hours. Furthermore, you can equally improve your story through adding drawings, doodle, and comments.

Pros: It’s not difficult to use, and it gives a good quality image.
Cons: Some errors may be encountered on other devices.


icon-kikKik messenger is loved by most of the teens nowadays, because like the other messaging app, Kik lets users send messages instantly, and post a story with their photos or videos. Also, you can easily add your family and friends with this app, because it only needs the username or the QR code of the Kik for each user. One good thing about Kik is that it lets you chat with strangers, which means it does not require to add all the people around you to chat with a different one. You can also do public chats and talk to other people who have the same interest as you. These are the reason why Kik is one of the best alternatives of Snapchat.

Pros: It has a built-in browser that allows you to search for webpages.
Cons: Allows young ages to post anything even the appropriate things.

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