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How to Share Your iPad Screen with PC

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How to Share Your iPad Screen with PC

iPad has made our digital life easier than ever as it can be used to play games, watch movies, take photos, showing demos, etc. And there should be some circumstances when you need to share iPad screen with PC to share the media files with multiple people on computer’s large screen. For example, you want display the photos on your iPad to a number of friends, or you may need to present a video demo to colleagues. Here we’re going to teach you 3 different methods that you can try for iPad PC screen sharing. Just have a look and share all the media content from your iPad to PC in real time.

iPhone Screen Recorder

Similarly, you can use iPhone Screen Recorder and this will work just as well for your iPad. In truth, this is one of the best options because it has been specifically designed for iOS products and it is extremely easy to use. If you aren’t used to playing around with technology, this one could be the solution as it doesn’t require a degree in IT as many others do. As you can see, this program is incredibly simple and you can be up and running within just a matter of minutes. If you’re looking for an iPad projector or recorder, this could just be the answer you have been looking for!

Step1 Download and install

First thing to do is install the tool on your PC, by clicking the download buttons below and run the installer on your Computer.

Try it for Free

Step2 Launch the tool

Once installation is finished, launch the tool to access the home screen.

recorder interface

Step3 Connect the iPad to PC

To start the process, connect the iPad to the same wi-fi network as with the PC. On the iPad, open the “Control Center” and tap the “Screen Mirroring or Airplay” to mirror the iPad screen on your PC.

screen mirroring option

Step4 Use your iPad on a bigger screen

The iPad now shares its screen with the PC, and you can start your activities on your iPad.

mirrored ios screen

Step5 Record screen activities

Aside from being able to mirror the iPad on your PC, this tool can also record your screen activities for later viewing purposes. Just simply click the “Record” button to start.

start recording video

Step6 End the recording process

To finish the recording process, click the “Stop” button and the video will be saved.

stop the recording

Step7 Locate and play the video

To open the the folder where the video is saved, click the “Folder” icon and it will appear. Play the video directly from the folder using your default media player.

open the file location


As you may have seen with any of your Apple devices, there is a feature called ‘AirPlay’ and Reflector makes the most of this feature to display your iOS device onto a computer or laptop. Before you start, you will need to ensure that your computer and tablet are connected to the same WiFi connection and you will also find that it works on both Mac and PC. At times, users do have a little trouble with getting this to work but resetting the AirPlay feature normally sorts this problem out.

Step1 Install Reflector

Get the installer of Reflector from this link, and set it up on your PC.

reflector home page

Step2 Connect the iPad to the PC

As long as your two devices are connected to the same wi-fi network, connect the iPad to Reflector by launching the “Control Center” and tap the “Airplay” or “Screen Mirroring” option.

connect to reflector

Step3 Mirroring is successful

When this is done, you should see your iPad’s screen mirrored onto your computer. Tap on the “Done” button and you will see that the AirPlay feature has been connected and the screen is mirrored.

ios is mirrored successfully

Lonely Screen

Next, we have a free-to-use program that can be installed onto your PC. After downloading and installing correctly, you will be able to send absolutely anything from your iPhone or iPad to your Windows laptop or computer and you don’t even have to download anything onto your iPad. If you’re running a general firewall, it may block the use of some features so you should specify on which networks the program should be allowed and then the program should work perfectly fine from here. Because they lack security compared to others, public networks are not advised.

Step1 Acquire Lonely Screen

First thing to do, is to install Lonely Screen by downloading the installer from the link here,and run it on your PC.

lonely screen website

Step2 Execute the program

Immediately open the tool after installation to start the process.

lonely screen homescreen

Step3 Start iPad mirroring

Make sure that both device, the iPad and PC are connected to the same network. Launch the Control Center from the iPad and tap the “Screen Mirroring” or “Airplay” options. The name Lonely Screen will appear on the list, and select it to connect.

connect ios device

Step4 Perform your activities on a bigger screen

Once the mirror is successful, you can start using your iOS device on a much bigger screen.

device is mirrored


Another tool that you can use to cast your iPad screen to PC is X-mirage. This tool uses “Airplay” to mirror your iPad to the PC device or a much larger screen. This comes handy especially when you want to show your activities to a larger audience. X-mirage supports various file formats so the video output is playable on any type of PC. Below are the steps to use X-mirage.

Step1 Get the software

Set up X-Mirage on your PC by downloading the installer from the link, and run it.

x-mirage homescreen

Step2 Run the software

Run the software after installation to launch the tool. On the interface, the tool have various options including a tutorial on how to use X-Mirage.

launch screen

Step3 Mirror the iPad screen

Both device should be connected to the same internet connection for this to work. On the Control Center of the iPad, tap the “Screen Mirroring or Airplay” button and select X-mirage from the list.

select x-mirage device

Step4 Perform iPad activities on a wider screen

When the mirroring process is successful, the iPad screen will be casted on the PC and you can start your activities.

ipad x-mirage mirrored


People mirror their iOS screens for various reasons. And to do that, you should choose the best tool that can provide seamless mirroring capabilities. The tools mentioned above can provide the best mirroring experience for iPad users. But most of the tools are only limited to screen casting alone. On the other hand, Acethinker iPhone Screen Recorder offers fast mirroring and recording functions. This is the best tool to use for a more professional approach to mirroring your iOS device to your PC.

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