How to Save Snapchat Video with Ease

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As we know, Snapchat is a very popular app used for sharing quick photos and videos. Generally, the photos and videos are short lived and will disappear in just a few seconds after viewing. Because of this self-destructing nature, there is no way to save Snapchat videos from other users through the app itself. However, sometimes you may just want to save an interesting video from Snapchat for reviewing later before it’s gone. Wondering how to save videos from Snapchat? Now just check out this post to find the easy way to permanently save Snapchat video with ease.

Record Snapchat Video with iPhone Screen Recorder

iphone screen recorder

If you want to save videos from Snapchat on your iPhone or iPad, you can get AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder, an amazing screencast program that lets you record anything on your iOS devices on PC. With it, you can connect your iPhone/iPad to computer via AirPlay wirelessly and get access to the activities on your iPhone/iPad via computer screen in HD – quality is not compromised. You can stream video clips on your iPhone and project the same on your PC. If you want to permanently save video from Snapchat on your PC, then this is the perfect app for you. You do not need those common complex iPhone recorder apps. A simple click on the record button will capture any activity on your iPhone screen. Just download and install the proper version of this Snapchat video saver and save videos from Snapchat by recording with ease.

free trial on windows ostry it on mac

First of all, connect your iPhone/iPad to the same Wi-Fi network as your computer and then connect your iPhone/iPad to computer using AirPlay. Once your iOS devices have been connected, the screen will be projected on your PC screen. Things happening on your phone will be reflected on the PC screen simultaneously. After that, configure the settings to your desire before you start recording. You can change things like video format, quality, audio input and output directory.


When all the settings are OK, open and log into your Snapchat account, and locate the video you want to record. Once you are ready, click on the red record button and start recording your Snapchat video instantly. After completing the recording, you can click the record button again to publish the screencast.

Save Snapchat Video on Android with AZ Screen Recorder

iphone screen recorder

There are many apps for Snapchat that can help to save Snapchat videos and photos. But it seems now none of them work. It’s still recommended that you use a screencast app to capture what plays on your Anroid screen. Here AZ Screen Recorder is recommended as one of the best Snapchat video saver for Android users. You just need to run the app and then open the snaps you need to capture and start recording the video while it’s playing. Once you have captured the video from Snapchat, stop the recording and that’s all. Different from the recommended iOS solution, you don’t need a computer as AZ Screen Recorder runs on your Android devices.

Tips for Saving Snapchat Photos Without the Sender’s Knowledge

Snapchat is popular because all the Snaps sent are allegedly destroyed after just one viewing. Snapchat states that it removes the Snaps from their servers within 10-30 seconds of viewing. Despite all these claims, it is possible to save Snapshot photos without the knowledge of the sender. Below are 3 tips on how to save Snaps without the knowledge of the sender:

1. You can save a snap by taking a picture using a camera. This is the easiest method, though cumbersome.

2. There are 3rd party apps through which you can save the Snaps you receive. They include, Snap Save, Snap Box among others.

3. There are file managing software you can download. You then connect your device to your computer and download and save the snaps to your PC.


Snapchat built its popularity around the fact that videos shared can only be viewed once before they are automatically deleted. This feature assured people of more security to their private content. However, people can permanently save Snapchat videos and photos without alerting the system. The integrity of the app is maintained only if the videos and photos saved belong to the user and not to somebody else.


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