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Methods for Recording Voxox on iOS and More

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Methods for Recording Voxox on iOS and More

There are several options to make video calls by using an iPhone. However- not every app works as great, and most users are looking for a seamless and stable solution to video chat with. This is where Voxox comes in. Voxox is not just a calling solution- but it is an easy and hassle-free way of staying in touch with your friends and colleagues. Voxox allows users to connect with their friends by calling, SMS and chat for free.

Most mobile users are not looking for fancy solutions- but want stable and dependable apps that get the job done, and that is exactly what Voxox is. At times, one may want to record calls happening over Voxox. There are no direct ways of doing that, and Voxox does not have any call recording facilities. However, you can use many other great tools for the same. As you read ahead, you will come across some of the best ways to record Voxox calls.

iPhone Screen Recorder

The Acethinker iPhone Screen Recorder is amongst the most useful and comprehensive of tools that you can use to record your Voxox calls and do a lot more. Setting up and using the Acethinker iPhone Screen recorder is a very short and simple process. You can use it to record as well as take screenshots. This tool comes with numerous features and settings that allow you to do a lot with your iPhone call recordings, and it works seamlessly with Voxox. Let us go ahead and see the steps that you have to follow to record your Voxox calls. Thus, with just these simple steps, your Voxox call will be recorded as per your preference. Thus, the Acethinker iPhone Screen Recorder comes across as an efficient, stable and a functional way to record Voxox calls without any hassle.

Step1 Download and Install the app

Download and then install the iPhone Screen Recorder from the Acethinker website or just click the “Download” button below. You will have it installed and ready to use in less than 5 minutes.

Try It Free

Step2 Adjust settings to connect with your PC and enable Mirroring

Double click to run the Acethinker iPhone Screen Recorder. Adjust the settings and configure everything as per your requirements. Once done, ensure that your PC and iPhone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Thus, now on your iPhone, tap on the AirPlay option in the control panel, select your PC from the list of connections that are there and enable the “Mirroring” options.

click airplay and enable mirroring

Step3 Start your Recording

Now begin the recording by clicking the “Record” button on the iPhone Screen Recorder, and then start your Voxox call. Once your call is completed, you can click on the “Stop” button to finish the recording.

start recording your voxox and stop when done


  • Simple and easy to configure & use.
  • Works both on Windows and Mac PCs.
  • The Acethinker iPhone Screen Recorder lets you take screenshots as well.
  • There is no download/installation required on the iPhone.


  • You need a laptop in order to record the call.

Make Use of AirShou

The first way that we are going to talk about is AirShou. AirShou is a free application that you can download on your iPhone and then use it to record your Voxox calls. Let us go ahead and see how you can use AirShou to record your Voxox calls. Thus, with just these steps, you will have recorded your Voxox call using AirShou without any hassle.

Step1 Download and install the app

First, open the Safari browser on your iPhone and type in emu4ios.com, and then select and download AirShou from it or visit their homepage by clicking the link above. Then, go to Settings, then head to General and then on Device Management, and then find AirShou in the list of displayed profiles. In that screen, click on the button that is labeled “Trust.”

go to this webpage

Step2 Sign up to start

Once you complete the previous step, AirShou will be installed on your iPhone. After the installation, you can use the app for recording. Open the AirShou app and then create an account, or log in making use of the Facebook, Twitter and various other sign in options. After signing in, the record screen will open. From here, you can select what the file will be named as after recording. It even lets you select the orientation of the recording.

install and sign in

Step3 Select device from the Airplay to start recording

Now open the Voxox app and ensure that you are ready to begin your call right away. Open AirShou, select your own device from the “Airplay” options and start the recording. You can then begin your call on Voxox. Once the call completes, head over to AirShou and click on stop.

go to airplay then start recording


  • Voxox is free to use and install.
  • It allows you to choose the orientation of the recording.
  • No in-app purchases are needed.


  • It does not work as smoothly on all iOS versions.
  • Since it is available from an untrusted developer, there may be vulnerabilities.
  • There are stability issues with many iPhone models.

While it is a simple way to record Voxox, but lack of unavailability of the app on the iTunes store is a cause of concern for most users.

Use QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player along with a Mac can be used to record Voxox calls as well. This option came with devices that run iOS 8 and above and works with iPhone as well as iPad. To record your calls, follow the steps as given ahead:

Step1 Download and install the app

Download and install the app to start using QuickTime Player. Then, connect your iPhone to the Mac using the lightning cable.

go to their webpage

Step2 Choose file new movie recording

Go to QuickTime Player app on your iDevice, and choose file “New Movie Recording.” Hence, a new recording window will open. Next, to the recording button, there will be a downward arrow. Click on that, and select your iPhone from the drop-down list.
Moreover, select the Mic of your iPhone to record the sound. Now click on the Record button and begin your Voxox call. Once you are done recording, click on the button to and the recording and save the video!

new movie recording


  • Simple and easy to configure.
  • No additional installations are required.
  • Audio and video sources can be easily configured.


  • Does not work with older iPhones (running iOS 7 and older).
  • It only works with Mac PCs.
  • The recording is saved in your Mac and not the iPhone.

If you are looking to record your calls on your Mac (provided that is what you use) and want to avoid installing any other apps, then this is the way to go. However, the hassle of using a cable and configuring it is still an issue. Thus, now that you know the best ways of recording Voxox, you can go ahead and make all the recordings that you need!

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