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How to Record Viber Calls on PC and Mobile

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How to Record Viber Calls on PC and Mobile

viber featured image Recent times has seen the emergence of Viber as a reliable instant messaging application and also a well-recognized VoIP utilized by an array of users. With just a phone number needed for registration, users can communicate with instant messages, share audio, image and video files and a whole lot of others. The app comes with a remarkable video call function which allows users to communicate for whatsoever purpose easily. Along with their video calls, most users would want to have the ability to Record Viber Video call, but the app doesn’t come with that feature. For users to record their video call on any platform such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, they would need a recording tool for their needs. We’ve highlighted a couple of these tools below.

Record Viber Video Calls on Computer Desktop

Screenshoit Screen grabber pro

If you want to record Viber on your computer, look no further than Screen Grabber Pro. This program is an easy-to-use Viber call recorder that allows you to record your screen and audio simultaneously in just a few clicks. You can select a particular area of the screen to record or capture the entire screen. If needed, you can record the audio from your Viber video conversations only without any quality loss. You can save the Viber recording in a number of formats, including AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4, and more for playing and sharing on different platforms.

Besides Viber, you can also use it to record Skype, Google Hangouts, and many other video chatting programs. Screen Grabber Pro is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Download and install the correct version on your computer and follow the tips below to make a recording of your Viber calls.

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Step1 Choose the Viber Recording Settings

After the installation of Screen Grabber Pro, double-click on the icon and run the program. You can then configure the recording options in Settings > Options (you’re able to customize hotkeys and select a video output format). Meanwhile, click “Audio Input” to choose the audio source to be recorded and open the “Record” menu to choose a recording mode such as “Region” that allows you to drag a recording area over the Viber interface. Press OK to select the area.

start recording

Step2 Start Recording Viber Calls

When all the settings are to your liking, open Viber and set up your call. Once your call is about to start, go back to  Screen Grabber Pro and click Record to start the recording process. You will then see the recording tab on your screen, which indicates that Screen Grabber Pro is doing its job. Do not worry as this will not appear in the recording. Press the stop button or F10 (by default) to end the recording and save the video to your hard drive. There is also an Upload option in the main interface that allows you to directly upload the video to an FTP server or YouTube.

SGP start and stop recording

This program offers a task scheduler that can schedule recordings for you. This means the program automatically records the screen according to your specifications. If you’ve got an online date coming up, scheduling a recording can be convenient. Do this by opening up the “Settings” menu and choosing the “Task Scheduler” option. This opens up an interface where you can input a recording time and region. After configuring the settings, press “Create” to start the task. The main interface displays a countdown timer until when the task will begin.

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Free Screen Recorder Online

Another tool that you can use is Acethinker Free Screen Recorder Online. This is a web-based tool which means it does not need to be installed on the PC. It is pretty simple to use yet produces high quality video output, that is why it is perfect for recording Viber calls. To learn how to use the said tool, follow the steps below.

Step1 Launch the screen recorder

Start by launching the screen by clicking the button below.


Step2 Start the recording process

Head over to the Viber app and begin your video call. Make necessary adjustments to the recording area and click the “Record” button to start.

adjust the size of the screen

Step3 Annotate while Recording

While the recording is ongoing, you can add add annotations to the recording which will appear on the recorded video. Click the “Draw” button on the toolbar and choose from the options that will appear.

annotate while recording

Step4 Stop the Recording

To finish the recording, simply click the “Stop” button.

end the recording

Step5 Play and save the recording

After clicking the “Stop” button, the video will play for review and save it by clicking the “Save” button.

save the recording

Recording Viber Video Call on iOS

iOS screen recording

Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder provides an excellent means for iPhone/iPad users to record their Viber Video Call on their devices. You can capture your onscreen activity with the app, and also mirror the content on your PC simultaneously. There are several Video qualities for users to select from. The tool also offers a screen snap option for those who would want to take screenshots.

Step1 Download the Application

Download the app on your PC and install. Then launch the app and adjust the settings to your requirements.

Apowersoft download site

Step2 Start Mirror

On your iPhone/iPad, open the control center and click on Airplay. Tick the item with the name of your computer, your phone will be then mirrored.

Apple screen recorder


Locate the Viber app and begin your call. Select the red button on the screen to start recording.

screen recording start record


At the end of your call, click on the stop button and the recorded video will be displayed.

end the recording

Recording Viber Video Call on Android

mobizen image There are lots of Android Recording apps on Google Play store which makes recording Viber Video call an easy thing to do. Check out the most used app below .Mobizen is a great screen recorder for Android users to record their Viber Video Calls. It can run on Android 4.0 and other latest versions. It has a vast array of features apart from on-screen recordings such as taking screenshots and a whole lot of others. Users can adjust several specifications on the recorded video such as bitrate, framerate, and others. The downside to the app is that users have to register first else the recorded video will have a watermark.


The tools highlighted above, provide users with the opportunity to record their Viber Video Call on various platforms irrespective of the device. Go ahead and check them out. If you have questions and suggestion feel free to leave a comment below.

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