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How to Record Periscope on iOS and Android

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How to Record Periscope on iOS and Android

record periscope

If you’re looking for ways to record Periscope, here you will get the best answer. As we know, Periscope is a newcomer in the live streaming market yet it has been a great success overall. iPhone declared Periscope as the best app for the year 2016. Currently, Periscope is owned by Twitter Inc. and was acquired by Twitter in 2015 for $50 Million. The app was launched in March 2015 and attracted around 10 Million users in a period of five months. This Android version of Periscope was launched two months after its official launch.

Its primary function is to broadcast a live happening or event, it can be a sports event, a family gathering, a live music concert, or anything and anywhere through Periscope official app. Tweet a link to your broadcast and get connected with your followers in real-time. The app lets its users comment and sends hearts in a live stream. However, it’s quite a challenge for some Periscope users to record Periscope stream on their smartphones. Here are few methods for iPhone and Anroid users to record the ongoing Periscope live stream or already broadcasted video on the go.

Record Periscope Stream with iPhone Screen Recorder

It is a tough job to record a periscope video on iOS devices as Apple shows zero tolerance for allowing screen recorders in its mobile devices. However, there’s a way out to record your favorite periscoper on your iPhone/iPad without jail breaking. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your laptop/PC and screencast with AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder. With the help this iOS recorder, you can stream and save any kind of video or audio on your computer. This multimedia solution is a very powerful tool to view, save, or edit any activity happening on the mobile screen from PC.

Here is a step-by-step method to download your Periscope stream from your iPhone/iPad.

Step1 Installation and running

First of all, please download and install iPhone Screen Recorder on your computer as well as afterwards on your mobile as you need to have the tool mutually on both of your devices for a proper operation.

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Step2 Establish a solid connection

Connect your computer and iOS device and run the recording application after you have set them to be readily at your usage.

Step3 Set the configuration

Choose the desired recording settings like output format, quality details, destination folder, etc.

Step4 Initiate the AirPlay function

Tap the Airplay option from the control center, find and select your computer to display your iPhone/iPad screen on computer.

Step5 Open the mirroring function

At this point you are able to enable the mirroring, and your device is now cast on your computer in real-time so all the things you change on either screen will be directly appearing on the other.

Step6 Record the Periscope session

Open the Periscope app to start watching your favorite stream. Simply click the red Record button to start capturing the Periscope video from your iPhone screen. When the recording is done, click the Stop button to save Periscope video to your computer hard drive instantly.
record periscope stream


  • very efficient interface which provides easy instructions that can be learned
  • universally downloadable tool for both computer as well as mobile
  • smooth and direct screen mirroring


  • needs stable wi-fi that is accessed by both the computer and mobile device
  • for the best benefits you are recommended to buy the premium solution

Save Periscope Video on Android with Scopedown

download periscope video

Android is an open-source platform, and there are plenty of quality applications to record Periscope video on your smartphone. Of all, Scopedown is the best until now. As the name suggests, Scopedown is created to download scope videos. Scopedown allows its users to download a concluded video or offline periscope video in any format. The default periscope video format is .ts and it could be converted to MP4 with the built-in Scopedown converter in the app.

Here is a step-by-step method to download a video from the Scopedown app.

1. Click on “Share Broadcast” icon and copy the URL of astreamed video from Periscope.

2. Download the video simply by pressing the download button.

3. Save the video to the desired folder.

Downloading Periscope video from Android is simplest as compared to that on iPhone/iPad. Still, Android video downloaders can only download it after the live stream had ended while iPhone/iPad users can enjoy downloading live with the screencasting.


  • easy usage that is supported by the option to download simulatenously
  • secure saving with .ts format which can be directly converted to .mp4 with the built-in feature


  • you must use it on offline videos as it doesn’t support the capturing of live broadcast
  • can be only used after the Periscope session is over

    Record Periscope Session with EzVid

    EzVid is a tool that is loved by many people due to its simplicity to use while in the same time it is comprehensive enough regarding its functions to be able to be used for more difficult capturing tasks which can also include the recording of Periscope streaming sessions, which it in turn does in a free of charge manner. This tool is very well known among Windows users and is popular for capturing high quality videos about the streaming instantly with adding additional effects to the streamin such as changing the video screen or integrate slides to different parts of the video, as well as add instant drawing to the recording.
    If you want to try this program, here are the details.

    Step1 Do the preparation for capturing

    In the first place when you set up everything for Periscope capturing, you shall install the tool after its downloading, and visit the interface where you can press the Capture Screen so that the eventual capturing window will appear.

    Step2 Make adjustments to the capturing settings

    After you made a click to the Capture Screen, then a window emerges which makes it possible for you to personally modify the available setting for fine-tuning it to have the best Minecraft gameplay recording. Here what you shall do is modifying all the possible different settings within the Use Advanced Settings including the microphone in order to be ready for the recording.

    Step3 Start and progress with the recording

    At the point when all the above are decided and set, for the time when you have your Minecraft gameplay in window mode, you can highlight that only the area surrounding the window will be selected, or you might as well select the full screen capturing, after which decision you can just press the Start Advanced Capture Now for initiating the recording. Then just play your game and everything related will be recorded.


    • The videos have autosaving feature during the capturing
    • There is possibility for voice synthesis in addition to the audio recording
    • Instant sharing is provided to YouTube


    • There is 45 minutes time limit for the capturing
    • There is no feauture for customizing


    TinyTake is considered widely to be a great alternative that can be applicable to fulfilling the desire of screen recording of many people, especially when it comes to Periscope recordings due to that such recordings can be done with a highly professional manner where the program actually combines the benefits that are associated with pro creation, as well as its easy design and accessible features let it possible to use it in a more suitable way for the recording. You will surely be satisfied with using this program as it gives you a smooth background operation that will not interrupt the Periscope stream.

    As for using this program for Periscope capturing, refer to the ways here.

    Step1 Set up the capturing

    One the foremost part, once you set up the program after its downloading and installation, you can right click on the appearing icon on your toolbar where you shall select the Capture Video from Screen option for commencing with the process.

    Step2 Configure the settings

    When you are done with the earlier step, take some time to configure the settings so that you can adjust the necessary options for video and audio as well as put the desired shortcut key combinations for quick initiation of the recording when you start the Periscope stream.

    Step3 Launch the capturing

    When all the options are set, simply press the Capture to start the recording of your Periscope activity whenever your stream is initiated. Then just stop it at the time of your stream finalization so that your stream will be offline captured.


    • many features are available in the free version but they are limited
    • graphics are also available to be added for annotation
    • optimized viewer for mobile phones


    • the free version has many limits
    • the commercial usage does not include free version


    As you can see from the article above, Periscope streams are nowadays very popular to be captured and many programs are available to serve for this purpose as well. However they differ vastly and you need to take your time to understand which is the most suitable option for you. In either way we recommend that in case you wish to save your time, then try the AceThinker tool as it is very suitable for Periscope recording and you will surely like what it brings to you.

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