Top 5 Minecraft PE Recorder for iPhone, iPad and Android

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The introduction of Minecraft into the gaming world has seen it gain lots of approvals from gamers. Interestingly, this favorite PC game is well loved by gamers around the globe irrespective of their age. An exciting and engaging game, Minecraft allows players to build their very own buildings, and structures, by arranging several sizes of blocks up. The popularity of the game has seen users sought for a lighter and accessible version, of which the developers duly obliged and created Minecraft Pocket Edition. The PE version can easily be carried around by users anywhere they go on their device. With the competitive features of the game, players are always looking for ways via which they can record Minecraft Pocket Edition so that they can show off their game plays to colleagues, and friends both offline and online.

When it comes to recording Minecraft PE, the device OS of the player is an essential factor to be considered. Users need to what fits their device in order to avoid any difficulties going forward. To help you, we have listed two of the recommend iOS recorders for MCPE.

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iOS Mirror

acethinker mirror logoAn efficient way to record Minecraft PE on iOS is by using iOS Mirror. This is good way to play Minecraft PE because of its full screen feature, which gives the impression that it is not a mobile version of the game. The recorder feature of the tool is very reliable because it does not have a limit and record videos in high-resolution. It can also take screenshots of the game which is a cool feature because it can take in-game images. The videos taken using the tool can then be uploaded because the tool have a direct upload button to various video sharing sites which eases the upload process tremendously. To learn how to use iOS Mirror, follow the steps below.

Step1 Download the installer of iOS Mirror

Download the installer by clicking one of the buttons below. Wait for the download process to finish and then run the installer on the PC. Follow the instructions that will appear from the setup wizard to avoid compatibility issues later on.

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Step2 Connect iOS device to iOS Mirror

It is essential to make sure that both devices are connected to the same internet network for the mirroring to work. Launch iOS Mirror from the PC after installation, and then on the iOS device, swipe-up from the bottom part of the screen to launch the Control Center. Tap the “Screen Mirroring” option and then select which PC to connect to from the window that will appear and the mirroring will start after that.

connection between ios and pc

Step3 Record the Minecraft PE gameplay

Launch Minecraft PE from the iOS device, and use it as a controller, while the PC monitor as the monitor. Go full screen to have the best gaming experience and then record the gameplay by clicking the “Record” button. Similarly, to end the recording process, click the “Stop” button and then the video will be saved on the PC.

record the game

Acethinker iPhone/iPad Recorder

logo of iphone screen recoder miniAceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder presents an easy and straightforward way to for iPhone/iPad users to record game play without relying on any form of jailbreak. The app provides a way to take the contents of your iOS a screen, and display it on your PC, giving you a wide screen experience. The app comes with a recording function, that captures the content of your screen easily. The tool has a screen snap feature for those who would want snaps instead of videos. You can start your free trial when you download the app from the shortcut buttons below.

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Step1 Adjust Recording Settings

Now you can configure some of the settings to your taste like the output format, where to save the recorded video, etc. All these can be done in the Settings menu.

iphone screen recorder

Step2 Start the Mirroring

After that, use the Airplay function to connect your iOS device to your desktop. As soon as it is connected via Airplay, your screen on your device will be mirrored immediately on your desktop. Just note that make sure your iPhone/iPad and computer are using the same Wifi to ensure successful mirroring.


Step3 Record Minecraft game

Now that you mirror your iPhone to your desktop PC, you can start playing Minecraft PE. While playing, you can record the game by clicking the red “Record” button at the upper leftmost part of the tool. Once done, you click the button again, which will become a “Stop” icon button, and it will save the recorded video on your device automatically.

start and stop recording

iRec 2.0

irec screen recorder logoiRec 2.0 presents another way for players to record on their iPhone/iPad. It is a high functioning but a bit complicated recorder who lets you capture on-screen activities. To install the app, users have to go to the official site, follow the specified guidelines, download an IPA file, and then install a couple of third-party applications. The process involved means users consider it to be a bit risky, but you can give it a try. Note that it can be a complicated process to install the app. Also, there is a red recording bar that shows at the top of the screen which cannot be removed.

AZ Screen Recorder

az screen recorder app iconAZ Screen Recorder is an excellent way for Android users to record and capture the contents of their screen. The app has a series of eye-catching features such as a draw function, overlay front camera and also a magic button that ensures a flexible recording experience. However, currently it only supports Android 5.0 upwards. Furthermore, they need to inform users that they have to pay before they can use it.

DU Recorder

icon-du-recorderAnother recorder Android users would be pleased to use is DU Recorder. Another Minecraft PE recorder Android users would be pleased to use is DU Recorder. With over a million positive reviews, DU Recorder was regarded as the best screen recorder among Android users. By using this tool, one can record gameplay activities, and offers multiple resolutions with a very smooth frame rate that can carry frame rates of up to 60fps. Aside from screen recording, this also enables Android users to record their own narration while recording the screen at once. This may come handy when doing a game tutorial. That means On top of that, it also comes with an all-in-one editing suite which you can use to add different funny icons, cut specific part of a video, add background music and images.

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