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record iphone videosBeing able to record an iPhone display has become an incredibly common request among iPhone users. This request has become so popular that many users go out of their way to pay freelance developers for their recording applications. However, while it would be fantastic for Apple to incorporate the ability to record your device’s screen without the need of additional tools, they haven’t yet made that function available. With that in mind, in this article we are going to discuss some of the methods that allow you to record your iPhone screen.

With the ability to record your Apple device’s screen, there are many windows of opportunity opened up for you. Unfortunately, Apple have yet to provide us with a feature to do just that, which is why today we will be looking at the best tools that are out there allowing you to record your iPhone’s display in just a matter of minutes. So, let’s jump right in.

iPhone Screen Recorder (Software)

iphone screen recorder

free trial on windows ostry it on mac

Step1 Initialize Software

The first step to using the iPhone Screen Recorder is to make sure that you have already downloaded the program, installed it accordingly, and altered the settings to favour your needs. Once you have it installed, open up the program.

starter interface

Note: If you’re a Windows user, upon launching the program for the first time you will be prompted with a “Windows Security Alert”. It’s important that you tick both of the boxes that appear and click on the “Allow Access” button.

Step2 Connect and Mirror your iOS to Computer

Once you have the program up and running, you will be shown an introduction screen to provide you with the basic information regarding the program. After reading the information that is given, it’s time to create a stable connection between both your computer and your Apple device. To do this, simply take your iPhone and swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen in order to have the control options shown. Tap on the “AirPlay” feature, and select this option which is named the same as your computer. After selecting the option, select the “Mirroring” option.


Step3 Record videos on iPhone (or record anything else)

From that moment onwards, you will be shown the display of your Apple device on your computer screen. This will allow you to view your device on a larger screen, as well as being able to record your iPhone’s display. To record the display, simply click on the “Record” button which is located at the top of the program and record what you need. After you have recorded all that you want to, simply click on the “Stop” recording button that is located at the top of the program.


Step4 Finish Recording iOS Display

It’s important that during the recording process, your wireless connection remains stable and both the iPhone that you are using and the computer you’ve been using, remain with a stable connection to your wireless network. If either of the devices is disconnected or your network goes down for some reason, the recording will be interrupted. After the recording has been stopped, it will be stored in the output directory that you had previously defined. It’s that simple!

Air Shou (iOS App)

air shou

Step #1 – With Shou, you have to download it through an alternate app store due to it not being approved by the Apple app store. Head over to the Emu4iOS app store on your Apple device, and install the Shou application.

Step #2 – After you have the Shou application installed, open it up and create an account for yourself to use. If you don’t want to create an account, then the option to connect an existing Facebook account allows you to sign up instantly and jump right into it.

Step #3 – Once you have yourself logged in, simply tap on the “Start Recording” button and the recording process will begin. All that you need to do now is record what you need to and once you have recorded all that you’d like to, go back to the Shou application and click on the “Stop Recording” button. The only catch to using Shou is that while the recording provides you with outstanding quality, a red bar will appear at the top of the recording.


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