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Best 10 Tools to Record Gameplay on iPhone/iPad

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Best 10 Tools to Record Gameplay on iPhone/iPad

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From racing games to puzzles, a wide variety of games are provided for iPhone/iPad users and have brought lots of fun. As there are millions of iOS game players, it’s quite common that some gamers want to capture the game video either to share the gameplay tips, achievements or just show what they are playing. If you’re one of those who want to record iPhone gameplay for uploading to social networks or preservation, don’t be confused anymore! In the market, there are numerous iPhone gameplay recorders that allows you to display iPhone/iPad screen on the computer and recording iPhone gameplay on desktop will then be an easy job. Here the best 3 programs for recording iPhone games are introduced. Just have a look and get the one that best suits your requirements.

Record iPhone Gameplay with iPhone Screen Recorder

AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder is a remarkable program that can help you record iPhone gameplay without jailbreak. It lets you connect and mirror your iPhone to computer via AirPlay wirelessly. After your iPhone screen has been streamed to computer, you can start playing the game on your iPhone and simply click the record button and all goes as directed. If you like, you can record both audio from the game and your microphone so as to add a voice narration. In the settings section, many options are given therefore output video format and quality can be altered to suit all your demands. You can also take screenshots of your iPhone screen and save them as images. Moreover, you can pause the recording at will in order to avoid unwanted segments while capturing. During the recording, you can take your iPhone away even as the recording goes on as it still remains connected in the same Wifi network.

These are the steps to use this program for your convenience:

Step1 Do the downloading and installing of the solution

You are able to get the AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder onto your machine in the easiest way via the button which you can find below the first step. After it is downloaded, you can simply have its installation in order to get it ready for your recording. In addition, as this program can be utilized to establish and keep connection among your PC and mobile for projecting screen, it is additionally important to have the downloading of the related app to your iPhone device before you can start the screencasting process.

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Step2 Set up the tool

Once you have the program loaded up, go ahead and alter the settings that are available to your own preferences. From the settings menu, you will have access to all the tools that you need to create the best of recordings.

Step3 Connect your devices

Before continuing, it’s important that you ensure both your Apple device and your computer are connected to the same wireless network.

Step4 Start the Airplay

Next, on your Apple device swipe up from the bottom and tap on the “AirPlay” option. You will then be shown the different connections that are available to your device, select the connection which is labelled with your computers name.

Step5 See your device on your computer

Your Apple device’s display will now be visible on your computer and you will be able to use the iPhone Screen Recorder to record the display.
Your Apple device’s display will now be visible on your computer and you will be able to use the iPhone Screen Recorder to record the display.
Once you have successfully recorded what you want to record, the file will be available for viewing from the file location that you had set in your settings before recording. The best part about this program is that you are able to record incredibly smooth videos without jailbreaking your Apple device or having to put up with the irritancy of advertisements!

QuickTime - Built-in iPhone Game Recorder

This is a built-in iOS screen recorder from Apple and it has been ranked excellent in the iPhone game recorder category. You can use it to play videos and record your iPhone gameplay with no fuss. All you need to do is to connect your iPhone to Mac with the help of a lighting cable and mirror your iPhone screen to Mac. After that, you can launch QuickTime and click New Movie Recording to start recording your iPhone games. QuickTime captures audio in game and recording can be accessed at the desired time. However, it only captures audio in the game. So if you want to record your voice through the microphone to add some voice narration, you will need to turn to other iPhone gameplay recorders.

AirShou - Decent Game Recorder for iPhone

AirShou is a free iOS screen recording application that needs no jailbreak. Even though it is not available in the App store it can be accessed from Emu41os.net on safari. This great tool enables you to record gameplay on your iPhone with various orientations and the audio input from your microphone. It even allows you to adjust the resolution of the video you want to record. However, though it can be used to directly record a game play on iPhone, it is encountered by very many shortages. For instance, you can’t stop recording any time you like during the recording process. And there is only one audio input choice – via microphone.

Lonely Screen Recorder

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LonelyScreen Recorder is a great tool for gameplay recording. It can be used with any iOS device as it is compatible with iPhones, iPads and Mac computers. Do not worry, if you have a PC, you will be able to use Lonely Screen Recorder just as easily as with an Apple device. Lonely Screen Recorder uses the mechanism of real-time mirroring. This way the screencast will be displayed without delay and you shall be able to control your ongoing events easily from your computer. However, its functions are what make Lonely Screen Recorder so popular. You can save your captured content easily after direct capturing, just connect your handheld device to a computer.


X-Mirage, using AirPlay is a popular professional tool for mirroring your phone screen onto your computer, may it be a PC or a Mac. X-Mirage is recommended for anyone who wishes to mirror any activity to a bigger screen. The program also allows you to stream content real-time for example an iOS gameplay session, just to mention one of the most popular uses of X-Mirage. While streaming is on you can easily start recording everything that is shown on your screen. While the recording is on, you may simultaneously record a voiceover for your video. Adding comments and explanations to a recording might enable easier understanding for the viewer.

Mirroring 360

Mirroring 360, developed by Splashtop has been designed to serve as an useful tool for anyone who wishes to display their small iPhone or Ipad screens at a larger resolution monitor. What Mirroring 360 offers you is the ability to enlarge your small mobile device screens by real-time displaying any activity at another screen. This tool can perform wireless mirroring while recording anything that is happening on the screen, at the same time. The “direct recording” tool is included within the program as a built-in feature. Mirroring 360 allows you to connect your iOS mobile devices to a computer without having to use cables. Furthermore, instant mirroring allows you to share the ongoing event from one person to up to 40 people who will be able to view your shared screen on their own screens.

FonePaw iOS Screen Recorder

FonePaw is another good iOS tool for screen recording. It can transform your PC into a professional mirroring receiver in no time. Providing a pleasant experience when it comes to screen recording, with FonePaw iOS Screen Recorder, your iPhone screen can be displayed flawlessly on your computer. It is good to know that behind FonePaw’s working mechanism there is the built-in AirPlay function that most iOS devices provide us today. This Apple function is the basis of FonePaw and many other recording programs. It sets up mirroring between your iPhone or iPad and your computer. Once the connection is established there is nothing else to be done because the app has all the features built in that you may require supporting your recording activity.

Reflector 2

Reflector 2 is considered a useful application for streaming any generated content from your iOS device screen. Let it be an iPhone or an iPad, Reflector 2 can display your screen at any other monitor of a greater resolution. Reflector 2 has been developed so that users have the opportunity to stream any activity done on their iPhone or iPad on a bigger display. With this method it is not only possible to enhance one’s visual experience, but when talking about two separate devices, setting up a wireless connection is now a possibility. You iOS device will be remotely controllable from the computer so in other words you may operate your mobile device through a computer. This opens the door for possibilities like playing a game with a much bigger visual experience. Moreover, multiple tools can be connected at the same time, so you may easily share the experience with your viewers.

Air Server

Air Server is a professional screen recorder. Its highly advanced technology allows you to do mirroring to a Mac or PC computer of your choice. Air Server provides its users with easy and efficient capturing options and is really popular among the recording programs on the market. It is widely used by gamers who can get a smooth and pleasant mirroring experience from this software using their Apple iPhones or tablets. Air Server runs in the background and its mechanisms do not interfere with other programs being ran at the same time on your computer. This means that the ongoing processes are not disturbed and fluent gameplay is ensured. Air Server allows you to record and share your gaming experience flawlessly and without any disturbance.


DrFone for iOS is a popular screen recorder that enables recording videos from your iPad, iPhone or an iPod. DrFone is known for its universality as with this tool you can mirror any screen you want independent on the type of the Apple mobile device. A good example to show its handiness is when you wish to share your gaming activity from your iOS device you are one click away from sharing it with your friends. You can also easily transport the videos to your computer after the recording session and cut the video for having the best moments highlighted. DrFone comes with built-in capturing so future viewing is easy making the app a great mirroring and recording tool. Definitely worth a try!


All these three applications allow you to record anything on your iPhone screen, including the gameplays. Among the three, AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder stands out as it is easy to use and offers versatile functions. These applications have proven their worth for recording iPhone screen on computer and are slowly becoming part of the users who prefer bigger displays. Video game lovers who want to access their games on larger screens also experience the actions of these tools.

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