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How to Record Gameplay on iPad with Ease

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How to Record Gameplay on iPad with Ease

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In recent years, it has been a tendency to carry an iPad wherever you go. Whether it’s for games, reading the news, watching films, an iPad presents the perfect size as a laptop is too big to carry around whilst the screen on smartphones can be too small. With the growing popularity of playing games on iPad, there is also a growing need to record iPad gameplay than ever before. If you’re one of those looking for ways to record gameplay on iPad either to show off your game achievements or upload it to YouTube to share your skills, now you can just check this article about the top 2 solutions to capture the gameplay video on iPad and iPhone.

Record iPad Gameplay with iPhone Screen Recorder

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One of the best ways to record gameplay video on iPad is to project your iPad onto a computer and then record it from there. To do that, all you need is an iPad game recorder. Here iPhone Screen Recorder is recommended as the first choice to help you capture the iPad gameplay in high quality. You can even record in a number of different formats such as MP4, AVI, WMV, and MKV.

Before you start, just note that this solution will only work if you have a Windows or Mac computer at hand. If you don’t have a computer, you can turn to the second method that doesn’t need a computer. If all is OK, you can download the right version according to the system you use.

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After downloading and installing the program, you have to ensure that your iPad and your computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Then, visit the Control Center on the iPad and tap on ‘AirPlay’ (swipe up from the bottom of screen). Once this is on, you can find your PC and turn on ‘Mirroring’. When all this is done, you will see that your iPad screen is showing on your computer and you’re ready to capture video from your iPad screen.


From here, you will have an opportunity to play with your recording settings if you want to adjust video format, frame rate, output directory, and more. You can then start playing the game on your iPad and just hit the red ‘start recording’ icon and away you go. When you’re finished, press the red ‘stop recording’ icon and the file will save in the output directory you set.

Record Gameplay on iPad Using Air Shou (iOS App)

air shou

If you don’t have a computer nearby or would prefer to record gameplay straight from your device, you may want to look into a program called ‘iRec’. Although you can only record in MP4, you can send a file straight to your camera roll and then share it to YouTube from there. It should be noted that rather than being on the Apple Store, this iPad gameplay recorder can be found in the Emu4ios store.

1. Start by going to the Emu4ios site and searching for iRec; tap ‘Get’ to download to your tablet.

2. After opening iRec, name your recording project and then ‘Start Recording’. If done correctly, you will see a red notification bar to inform you that it is recording.

3. Return to whatever you want to record and go.

4. If you want to finish, simply tap on the notification bar to enter the app and tap ‘Stop Recording’.

5. At first, this file will be saved as an MP4 in ‘Recordings’ but you can export it to your camera roll by clicking on the blue info icon.

Note: When recording, the red notification bar will be recorded too and this is something that cannot be changed.

So there we have it, two fantastic methods on how to record iPad gameplay. Both ways enable you to record what’s on your iPad screen without jailbreak. If you have a computer nearby, you can try the first option but if not, the second will work just as well.

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