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Easy Ways to Record Hearthstone on iOS and Android

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Easy Ways to Record Hearthstone on iOS and Android

Record Hearthstone GameplayHeroes of Warcraft otherwise known as Hearthstone is a video card game that is collectible, which can be played online for free. After its launch eager, Warcraft militant began to gather unique cards that they can wrestle against other HS player. As a result of growing notoriety, a lot of players desire to understand how Hearthstone gameplay is recorded. As this will grant them the chance to capture some unique cards, accomplishments, and valid contest display that they can through social media pages share with their friends. Have there ever be a time you attempted recording your HS gameplay? If not, begin to record your making use of this app given below.

Record Hearthstone Game on iOS Gadgets

In case you are using an iOS device, then it will be possible for to obtain Hearthstone game scene and accomplishments making use of the latest recording function of an iOS 11 screen that is available on the latest version of iOS. It’s an inbuilt screen recorder which has the capacity of taking records of screen and audio actions in order for you to have access to it with just few tap.
ios 11 recorder
Also, in the case whereby you choose a screen recorder that has added features, then there may be a need for you to think of a decent software described as, AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder. This application is supported in any iOS devices once there is Airplay function in it. No tweaks, no jailbreak, and direct installation needed. Apart from your screen recording, this app is also furnished with the function for screen capturing hence making it a helpful 3 in one application.
iphone screen recorder
These are the steps to use this program for your convenience in case you wish to use it to record the gameplay of your HS play:

Step1 Download and set up the tool on the computer

In case you want to go with this program, you can download the AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder tool to your computer the most easily via the button which you can find below this description. After downloading, simply install it on the computer to be prepared to do the recording. Furthermore because this tool is used to create and maintain connection between your computer and phone for smooth screen play and recording,, it is also important to download the related application onto your iPhone as well.

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Step2 Set up the tool

When you are ready with the first step, go forth and modify the options that are here to be set to fit your preferences. Within the options tab, all the necessary options are available to be adjusted for the best experience.

Step3 Join the connection of your devices

Before you can go with the next step, it must be highlighted that you need to guarantee that your two devices, the iOS device and your laptop are under the same Wi-Fi connection available.

Step4 Initiate the Airplay

During the next step, you can swipe your finger up on the display of your Apple phone from the screen bottom towards the top and afterwards tap on the appearing “AirPlay” function window. Then you are presented various Wi-Fi connection options which are there to be accessed by your device, and therefore where you can directly and simply select the preferred version of the connection that is actually labelled in the same way as your desktop.

Step5 Locate your device on the computer

After this point your the display of your iPhone will be enabled to be seen on your desktop or laptop and you will now on become able for using the benefits of this iPhone Screen Recorder to capture the activities of the display.

Step6 Have the actual recording

In order to do the recording, you can straightforwardly click on the red button, and when you have finished recording, click on the “Stop button”.

At the time when you are done and recorded the content which you wished to record, the created content is going to be available to be seen from the location of the file which you set to navigate the file to in your options before the capturing. That’s it! The best thing in the tool is that you are empowered to have a very clean recording and develop smoothly ongoing videos that do not require any jailbreaking on the iPhone to be created.

Ways to Record HS for free on Android

For Android lover, you can attempt a free but practical mobile screen recorder described Apowersoft Screen Recorder. It has the capacity of recording whatever thing you run on your Android device even audio. Additionally, it is furnished with a function for screen capture in case you fancy a snapshot instead of a video clip.
apowersoft screen recorder
It also gives its users an overlay icon to enable them to have an easier access as well as an option to manipulate the settings of the video record. Different from other Android screen recorders, there is no need for any system root in this app, and also there are in-apps ads which normally annoy users most of the time. While recording HS games using this tool, below are the things you need.
Follow the button below to download the program or visit Google Play Store to download it directly.

Step1 Install the program

First of all you need to download the program from its main page or visit Google Play Store to download it directly, where you can simply install it on your device immediately after the downloading is finished.

Step2 Set the options

After that, launch the app and then proceed to “Settings”, so you can carry out the configurations as you want and also enable the overlay icon.
apowersoft screen recorder

Step3 Do the recording

The moment the overlay icon displays on the screen, proceed to your menu of your device and then start Hearthstone and play with it as you wish. To start the recording, just hit the icon of the camcorder located in the floating menu. Instantly the recording will begin.apowersoft screen recorder

Step4 Finalize the recording

Afterwards you can simply end the recording, in order to do which you need to tap again on the overlay icon, but in this time, tap “Stop” and the HS gameplay you have captured will be displayed in the recording list of this application.


The above are the best approaches to record Hearthstone games as well as accomplishments on your mobile gadgets. You can now be able to share gameplay which you prefer easily without bothering on how it can be recorded. In a direct screen recording on your mobile, ensure you have additional space on the memory of your phone storage.

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