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How to Record Clash of Royale on iPhone and iPad

Last updated on July 3, 2018 by Roland Zonai

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How to Record Clash of Royale on iPhone and iPad

Record Clash RoyaleClash Royale is one of the most popular real-time multiplayer strategy game of this year, with more than one hundred million players in the Clash universe currently battling against each other every day. While playing on your iPhone or iPad you can bump into several occasions when you would feel the need to record Clash Royale, either for educating others on how to do the main activities, or you would like to capture your memorable gameplay to upload it to YouTube, or just record a funny moment to show it to your friend, among many other things. This way we decided to put together this article for you to introduce and give an overview on the 2 best Clash Royale recorder tools, to make it possible for you to bring out the best from your Clash Royale experience!

iPhone Screen Recorder - Record Clash of Royale on Computer

iphone screen recorder

If you look for a fast, easy-to-use, but in the meantime very powerful tool, the best options you can go with is AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder. This program is a versatile desktop program which gives you all the tools into your hands to record Clash Royale on your iPhone/iPad from your desktop. You can use by doing the following steps:
Look at these steps to know more about this program:

Step1 Download, install the program

Download AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder with a button below. After that, install the program to get ready for downloading. It will make a connection between computers and phones in screen imposition. You must download the related app for iPhone to start screencasting procession.

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Step2 Set up program

After the program have charged, choose the options for your preferences. You will have all access for all of the tools in the settings menu.

Step3 Connect your tools

Connect Apple device and the computer for wireless network which is the same.

Step4 Starting Airplay

On Apple device go to the bottom and push “AirPlay” option. You will see the different connections for your device. Choose the same marked connection with the computer.

Step5 Look the device on the computer

The Apple device’s display will apparent on the computer. Now you van use the iPhone Screen Recorder for display recording.

Step6 Make recording

Push the red button to start recording. After you have finished, push the “Stop” button.

After the recording have finished, you can view the file’s location- this had set up in the settings menu before recording. You can record smooth videos without jailbreaking the Apple device or putting up with advertisements.
In this case, AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder is a very useful tool to make videos from your gameplay, which are then directly manageable from your computer to be uploaded or shown in the big screen to your friends.

  • puts your gameplay on the big screen
  • you can make higher definition recording, because you record the PC screen
  • easy control of the recording process via keyboard and mouse


  • needs that a connection is set up between iPhone and PC first
  • requires Wi-Fi for the connection

AirShou - iOS Screen Recording App

air shou

AirShou is an additional Clash Royale recorder alternative which you can choose to capture your screen during your playtime. This screen-recording app is also compatible with a wide variety of iOS devices on your iPhone or iPad, however in contrast with the AceThinker tool, AirShou directly works on your device without involving any computers. Once downloaded onto your phone, in case you want to record your screen, follow the next steps:
Look at these steps to know more about AirShou:

Step1 Download, install Airshou

If you record with AirShou, you can refer the above-mentione downloading and installation modes. This program is pretty unique and require more offers than other alternaive programs.

Step2 Choose the software’s options

After you have installed the program, you will see two variations on the main page. The one is to broadcast from your phone, the other one is to start the record what you need. Configure options like set up the video format and then you can start all of the activities recording by pushing the “Start” button. Do not forget, AirShou needs AirPlay Mirroring simulator to connect itself. Connect the device to a Wi-Fi network, after all it will working automatically.

Step3 Open Airshou, start recording

After you have chosen the video’s options, push the “Record Screen” button. The recording will start from the done time point on iPhone.

Step4 Finish recording

You can exit from Airshou and start another activities on the iPhone while the screen is recorded. Of course it works by playing Mincecraft PE which is being recorded through this program, but remember, while you exit Airshoe and start doing another thin it will be recorded too. At the end, go back to Airshoe and push the “Stop” button. The recording will save into the iPhone’s storage. In the Gallery you can watch the recording at anytime.


  • you can start and finish the recording via one button
  • no need for internet to record the screen (although you still need internet to play Clash Royale


  • you need to go into the app to start/stop recording, which will be always included in the recorded video
  • you only record the small phone screen


Dr.fone is another good idea to record screen activity on iPad. This is the best alternative for iPads display recording. A lot of features are including the screen recording. This is useful for a lot of users, because they can share the iPad’s activity for the computer. Dr.fone make the exporting between the two system more easier.
Look at these steps to know more about dr.fone.

Step1 Download Dr.Fone

First download iOS Screen Recorder with quick downloading. Choose the right options for the tool to get being ready.

Step2 Set up the right options

After you have opened the app, set up the right options before you start recording. You can select the audio source to get ready the right option.

Step3 Capture iOS

After you have choosed the options, push “Start” button. The tool will minimazed itself so the app would not interrupt your activity. After all you can open the most liked game, video or activity what you have captured.


Screenflow is another option for screen capturing,but it has a higher quality of recording. Here you can edit, variate the video. There are different solutions to make a more comfortable feeling for your video. After you have connected the iPad with Mac by a Lighting cable, you can open Screenflow and it will automatically ascertain screen capturing.
Look at these steps to know more about ScreenFlow.

Step1 Choose the recording options

First you have download and install, then open the program. You can choose the recording options and start it directly by pushing the red “REC” icon which is in the toolbar.

Step2 Recording a video

After Step 1, you will see a countdown before the recording will start, then everything will work by your choosed options until you have stopped the process.

Step3 Finish a recording

After you have stopped the recording, you will see the editor. You can modify your video like what you want. It will be saved onto your computer’s hard drive.

QuickTime Player

Quicktime Player is right for capturing iPad display. This is one of the easiest apps, because after you have connected iPad with a Mac computer through a Lightning USB cable, it is directly starts screen capturing, then choose the devices options. You can directly start recording with “Files” button in the program’s interface.

Step1 Start a new screen recording

After you have opened QuickTime player on the Mac computer, go to the top of the toolbar. Here select File and the New Screen Recording options. It will start the recording.

Step2 Select the right options

You can choose the right options with the recording toolbar to have a most comfortable feeling. Tick “Microphone” if you want to have commentaries or tick those options what you want.

Step3 Save the recording

After settings, push the red “Recording” button. The screen will captured in the right formats. Continue the activity what you have started. Finish the video and save it for your system.

The Verdict

With the continuously growing popularity of Clash Royale, more and more companies decided to turn their interest to creating programs that could enhance your Clash Royale experience. Among the available Clash Royale recorders for iPhone/iPad, AirShou is a simple solution which you can straightforwardly use to record your screen with a click of a button, although it requires you to go into the app every single time and interrupt your recording experience in order to simultaneously manage when to turn on and off the app during your recording.

Therefore we have ultimately decided on AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder to be favorite our favorite program, as it builds in features such as the ability to connect your iPhone to your computer, so you can put and enjoy your gameplay on the big screen, and also easily manage to do all the recording remotely via the comfortable distance of your keyboard and mouse. This makes it very powerful, bringing your recording experience to the next level.

July 8, 2017
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Last updated on July 3, 2018

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