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Easy Method to Record Clash of Clans Gameplay on iOS/Anroid

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Easy Method to Record Clash of Clans Gameplay on iOS/Anroid

Record Clash of ClansClash of Clans has become one the most popular game applications for both iOS and Android users. With its ever-growing popularity, there is also an increasing need to record Clash of Clans. For instance, you may want to record the game and upload it to YouTube for sharing the tips or achievements with other members. Or you may simply want to enhance your game strategies by reviewing. However, there is no built-in Clash of Clans recorder that allow you to capture what you need. Wondering which is the best screen recorder to capture Clash of Clans gameplay? Now you don’t need to be confused. Here are the top 2 video recorders that let you record COC easily with high output quality.

Record Clash of Clans on iOS with iPhone Screen Recorder

clash of clans recorder

To record the hit game Clash of Clans on your iPhone or iPad, iPhone Screen Recorder can be considered as the perfect solution. With this program, you can mirror and stream your iPhone/iPad screen onto computer’s larger screen and record it from there with super quality. As multiple audio input sources are supported, you can even record your COC gameplay along with your voice as commentary. Moreover, it enables you to take screenshots from the screen of your iOS devices. All of the recording work can be accomplished in clicks following the intuitive interface of this Clash of Clans screen recorder. You can first download and install it on your computer and then have a look at the simple instructions below on how to record Clash of Clans without jailbreak.

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Step1 Confirm the recording settings

Once you have the recorder installed on your computer, launch it and head over to Options menu and set up the program to your preference. You will be able to change the settings like video output format, audio input, output directory, etc.

clash of clans screen recorder

Step2 Connect your iPhone/iPad to computer wirelessly

Before moving on, it’s important to make sure that both your computer and iPhone/iPad are connected to the same wireless network. Next, swipe upwards on your device and tap on the “AirPlay” option. After that, a list of available connections will be shown. You can then click on the option which shows the name of your computer. This will enable the mirroring process to begin.


Step3 Start recording Clash of Clans from iPhone/iPad

After successful mirroring, the screen of your iPhone/iPad will then be displayed on your computer and you will be able to recording it freely. You can activate Clash of Clans on your iOS now and see the mirror on computer screen. When you’re ready, click on the red REC button to begin recording and click it again when you are done. The recording will then be saved in the location which you had previously set.

record clash of clans gameplay

Capture Clash of Clans on Android Using AZ Screen Recorder


If you’re an Android user, the best Clash of Clans recorder that you can use is AZ Screen Recorder, which you can get from the Google Play store. This Android app allows you to record anything happening on the screen of your Android smartphones and tablets without rooting the devices. It comes with a simple and elegant interface that you can understand how to use it the moment you run it. Flexible settings like video quality, output folder, etc. are available. You can also record both system sounds as well as a microphone if needed. There is no ad, no watermark and no time limit. You can just get it now and start the Clash of Clans recording in a hassle-free way!

Follow the guidelines below to help you with using AZ Screen Recorder:

Step1 Installation

AZ Screen Recorder can be downloaded directly from Google Play Store by typing the name of the app into the search bar.

Step2 Launch the application

After the app has been installed successfully, start the application. A simple toolbar will appear in the center of your screen through which you can control the recording process. After starting the recording, open Clash of Clans and start playing and your gameplay will be captured.

az screen recorder

Step3 Replay your recording

After stopping the recording process, your gameplay will be saved to your phone’s storage and you shall watch it anytime via the app’s built-in gallery.


Dr.fone is yet another great screen capturing tool for iOS which lets you capture your gameplays lag free and in high-end quality. Dr.fone is the number one choice of most iOS users due to its feature-packed interface and the fact that you are able to mirror your screen activity on an external device such as your PC. Dr.fone is easy to use, screen recording can be started with the press of a single button and the application is 100% secure. However, the app does require quite a bit of memory on your device due to its many features.

The steps below guide you through the process of recording gameplays with dr.fone:

Step1 Installation

Download the iOS Screen Recorder and carefully follow its setup procedure to make sure the program is installed with the configurations that best suit your needs.

Step2 Set up your recording

After the installation process has been successfully completed, open the application and choose your preferred settings before starting the recording.

Step3 Record your gameplay

Once you have everything set up, hit “Start” to begin recording. The application will be minimized so you can now start playing Clash of Clans on your phone.

Airshou - iOS Screen Recording App

AirShou, just like dr.fone, is a flexible screen recording program for iOS users. The app is not available for download directly from Apple’s App store, but it is absolutely safe to download through your Safari browser. AirShou has an easy to use interface which is essential considering the fact that most of the users who wish to record Clash of Clans gameplay are children. AirShou is packed with options that rival any of the high-end screen recorders and it is capable of recording videos at a rate of 60 FPS without affecting the game’s smoothness.
To learn more about the use of the application, read the steps below:

Step1 Download and installation

As mentioned before, AirShou is not available for direct download in Apple’s App store, so downloading and installation will be through your iOS browser, Safari. For a detailed description of how to install AirShou via Safari, visit: https://airshou.org/ios-11/

Step2 Options and settings

After successfully installing and opening AirShou, you will be prompted to choose whether you wish to broadcast or record your device’s screen. For recording gameplay, choose the recording option. Before starting the actual recording process, make sure all the settings match your needs.

Step3 Recording

Once everything is set up and you are ready to record, press the “Record screen” button and capturing will begin. Now open Clash of Clans so whatever you do will be recorded.

Step4 Saving your video

If you have finished, re-open AirShou and use the “Stop” button to terminate the recording process and have your video saved. Unfortunately, the part where you exit the game and open the app to stop the recording will also be captured and thus you are advised to use an external software to cut your final video so that only your gameplay is seen.


screen flow

ScreenFlow is one of the more advanced screen recorders that also incorporates a full-featured editing program for your videos. ScreenFlow is an award-winning tool capable of creating high-end screen recordings by allowing you to choose what section of the screen you wish to capture. This program is designed to capture your iOS device’s screen activity and thus it is a suitable option when it comes to recording gameplay footage.

Moreover, it gives you tons of powerful editing tools to enhance your videos. Unfortunately, the trial version comes with a number of limitations compared to the full version which costs nearly $130.

To make the most out of this recording software, follow the guidelines below:

Step1 Making the necessary configurations

After the installation of ScreenFlow has finished and you have opened the program, a pop-up window will ask you to choose the very basic settings of your recordings. This will include where to record video and audio from etc.

Step2 Recording

Hit the red button in the middle of the window to initiate the countdown to your recording. This will give you time to open Clash of Clans and start the recording process once you are in the game.

Step3 Stopping the recording

Once you have captured enough gameplay, stop the recording and you will be automatically directed to ScreenFlow’s built-in editing program. Here, you can cut, crop, adjust, and annotate your clip.


Overall, from the screen recording tools listed above, you can see that the spectrum of such software ranges from the very basic ones all the way to the highly priced, top-notch programs. For recording Clash of Clans gameplay, you do not need the most advanced screen recorder out there, most basic ones will do the job. However, even among these there are slight differences so the best way of choosing the right one for you and your device is by giving a few of them a try and seeing what works best for you. Out of all the above described software, the one that seems the most promising for gamers to record gameplay with is AceThinker’s iPhone Screen Recorder. It is the easiest to use, yet it features an incredible amount of options to help you make the most out of your gameplays.

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