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How to Record Clash of Clans

Last updated on December 14, 2018 by JoKelly

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How to Record Clash of Clans

Recent times have seen the emergence of Clash of Clans as one of the most played video strategy games to grace the gaming world. With availability in both iOS and Android platforms, the game is trendy in its genre. With the game, players can build up their clan, and in doing so, upgrade the entire clan to meet with desired preferences. With the interactive and attractive gameplay, the clash of clans is a very addictive game, and often, players want to show their performance by recording clash of clans and share with their friends, colleagues, and fellow players. There is the growing need to capture the COC gameplay, and if you are a COC fanatic, then this guide is tailored for you.

In the past, recording Clash of Clans, was a deemed an impossible task most especially in iOS, but there is a useful tool that iOS users can utilize to capture their favorite COC moments, and that tools AceThinker iPhone/iPad Recorder. With the tool, users can stream any data from any iOS device to recording screen and PC. AceThinker iPhone/iPad recorder also supports a different array of audio inputs, with this, players can record their audio commentary via microphone. In addition, with the tool, you can also take screenshots. With all of these functions and features, AceThinker iPhone/iPad recorder is the must-have tool for any COC enthusiasts.

Recording Clash of Clans wirelessly

You can record your game wirelessly by using the app below.

Step1 Download and install the app

Open and Download the
Reflector 3app. Then, install the app and launch reflector.

download to install the app

Step2 Locate your PC's name on your device

On your iOS device, double-tap on your home and swipe left and look for this icon. Tap this icon and locate your PC name on the app.

locate your PC's name

Step3 iOS will reflect on your PC

Your iOS will reflect on your PC. With reflector, you record, up to 10 minutes of content.

reflect on pc

Recording COC with Android Recorder

With Apowersoft Android Recorder, Android users can record their screen on PC without any rooting. Recording COC on PC is a preferable option because;

  • You can take screenshots of your gameplay.
  • You save videos directly on your PC rather than phone, and this helps to save your phone memory.
  • Video can be saved in several formats such as MP4, GIF, WMV and so on.
  • The tool helps users record internal audio content of your gameplay, an also from your microphone.
  • Directly mirror COC from android to PC, and this gives users the option of enjoying their game on a bigger screen.

Step1 Download the Android Recorder

Download the software and install on your PC. Launch the Android Recorder on the PC.

download and launch the tool

Step2 Connecting your Android to your PC

Connect your PC and Android device to the same Wi-Fi network. With the aid of Chromecast or other third-party apps, you can project your Android screen on your PC.

connect your android to your pc

Using Chromecast: If your Android device is embedded with a casting function, just locate your cast option on your notification bar, and select your PC from the list of available devices. After your PC and Android device are connected, your android screen will be projected on the screen.

using chromecast

Using Google Home: For Android devices without Chromecast, you can utilize Google Home’s Cast Screen/Audio feature. Go to play store, and download Google Home. Launch the app, and on your device Tap Cast screen/cast and select the PC. The android screen will be seen on your PC screen.

using google home

Using Third-party app: For Android devices, that don’t have Google Home, and Chromecast, you can make use of a third-party app. Open your Google Play store, and download Android Recorder. Open the app, and select cast to PC.

using third-party-app

Step3 Configuring Gameplay Recording settings

Configure the gameplay recording settings, before you start recording your COC gameplay. Click settings and select options to choose your preferred gameplay recording settings. To record the commentary of your gameplay, select system sound, as well as a microphone as audio input.

configuration settings

Step4 Capturing COC on your android

Launch your Clash of Clans, and on the Android Recorder app, click Record and begin your gameplay. When you are done playing, click Record again to stop the recording process. You can also take a screenshot by clicking the screenshot button. The video will be saved on your PC. You can edit the video, and upload to Facebook, YouTube, and other places.

capture coc on your android

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