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How to Screen Mirror iOS 11 iPhone and iPad

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How to Screen Mirror iOS 11 iPhone and iPad

iOS 11 generates a modern high standard for all mobile phones operating systems. Also, users stand to gain more extraordinary experience while making use of iPad and iPhone that has iOS 11. Those iOS 11 new capacities and features provide you with much more joy while likewise, increases your drive to go into more research in your life digitally. A lot of iOS users might attempt to mirror iOS 11 screen on Mac or PC. Meanwhile, devices such as iPhone X, iPhone 8, can be mirrored.

iPhone Screen Recorder - Best App for Screen Mirroring iOS 11

iphone screen recorder
AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder is a well-known application utilized Screen mirroring iOS 11 on Mac and Windows computer. It is a popular application which you can utilize to AirPlay iOS 11 iPhone and iPad on your Windows Computer as well as Mac. Hence you have your iOS devices in AirPlay capacity; you succeed using this app to stream the screen of iOS to PC. iOS 11 provides you with fantastically enticing and screen experiences full of fluid, and also you can make use of ApowerMirror in mirroring iOS 11 screens on a bigger display. Follow the below instruction to Airplay mirror iOS 11.

Step1 Download and Install the Program

Firstly you can download right version of this iOS mirroring program by clicking the button below. After downloading, simply install it on your laptop or computer.

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Step2 Mirror Your iPhone/iPad Screen to Computer

Make sure your device and computer are under the same Wifi connection and then you can use the Airplay function to connect your iPhone or iPad to computer and mirror iOS 11 screen on the computer’s large screen.
connect via airplay

Step3 Record iOS 11 iPhone/iPad Screen

All your iPhone/iPad screen activity will be displayed in real-time on your computer or laptop screen via iPhone Screen Recorder. You can then click the red Record button to start capturing your iPhone’s display.
mirror iphone on screen

Reflector 2 - Decent iOS 11 iPad and iPhone Screen Mirror Tool

Another great streaming and mirroring receiver which can function well with Airplay is Reflector 2. You can avoid complicated setups or wires or to Airplay iOS 11 gadgets to a bigger screen. With the use of this app, you can enjoy movies, have fun playing games, and make demos yourself. The below steps will teach you how to screen mirror iOS 11.

Step1 Download and Install the Program

Download the Reflector 2 into your PC and run it. As you use this app, you likewise need to make sure you set the iOS device on a similar network like that of the computer.
reflector 2 settings

Step2 Start Screen Mirroring

Swing from the bottom to the upper part of your iOS 11 devices to navigate to the Control Center. In the case of iPhone X, swing from the top right side of the screen downward to run the Control Point.

Click on the icon for “Screen Mirroring”, and then select the name of your computer from among the list of devices available. Then you’ll be able to do Airplay mirroring iOS 11 iPhone and iPad on your PC.

mirror ios using reflector 2

Comparison and Conclusion

iPhone Screen Recorder Reflector 2
AirPlay Works greatly with AirPlay Works well with AirPlay
Connection type Wireless connection Wireless connection
Smoothness of Projection Fantastically immersive and fluid screen experiences Smooth screen projection
Interface Very straightforward design More classic interface
Ease of Use Very easy and user friendly Moderately easy

There are lots apps for screen mirroring iOS 11 of which you will be able to see the two alternatives shown above, the two have potent functions for mirroring, and it’s up to decide on one which you’ll go for to accomplish your needs for screen mirroring. We believe you might improve the means you hold your iOS 11 iPad or iPhone when done reading the content above. Take a step up and enrich the way you play your iOS 11 iPhone and iPad.

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