Optimal Ways to Mirror iPhone Screen to Computer

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iphone mirror screen

Having an iPhone is great, and with every new version of the device comes an upgraded camera. While the general expectation is that mobile phones aren’t able to take decent pictures, the camera that we are provided which has shown to be pretty amazing. Unfortunately, after you have taken photos with your iPhone’s camera, your only option is to show them to people on the small screen, a screen which doesn’t provide you with an opportunity to show off the quality of your artful picture. With that in mind, in this article we are going to discuss how you can easily mirror iPhone screen to your computer so that you can view and show them on the large screen.

Mirror iPhone Screen with iPhone Screen Recorder

iphone screen recorder

Mirroring your iPhone display onto your PC can be a very easy task if you have the right tool. iPhone Screen Recorder is the right tool. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how you can use this program to successfully mirror your iPhone to your PC.

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Step #1 – Before continuing, make sure that you have already downloaded and installed the iPhone Screen Recorder program. Once you’ve done that, go ahead and launch it.

Step #2 – Upon first running this iPhone screen mirroring program, you may get a Windows notification alerting you that a new program has requested access. Don’t worry about that! Simply click “Allow access” and you’ll be able to continue without any issues.

Note: this notification may not appear, and if that’s the case it’s important that you look into that. To deal with this, go to your Control Panel and follow the following path. System and Security, Windows Firewall, “Allow apps to communicate through Windows Firewall”. Next click on the “Allows apps and features” options. From here you will see all of the programs that you have installed. Click all of the options that show relation to the iPhone Screen Recorder program.

Step #3 – Next take your iPhone, swipe upwards, and tap on the “AirPlay” option. A list of available connections will be shown. Tap on the connection which has the same name as your computer. This will enable the mirroring process.


As long as you have a strong and smooth connection, you needn’t worry about anything going wrong. If you accidentally disconnect one of the devices or your Wi-Fi has an issue, don’t worry about it! Simply go back and repeat the steps from the beginning.

iphone-record-cycleOnce you do the above and manage to get the display of your Apple device to appear on your computer screen, click the recording button. When you have recorded what you wanted to record, press the “Stop” button. When you use the iPhone Screen Recorder, all you need is a couple of minutes and some patience.

Mirror iPhone to Computer Using Lonely Screen Recorder

lonely recorder

Another screen recorder option for mirroring iPhone screen to PC is the Lonely Screen recorder. Follow the simple steps below and find out how you can mirror your iPhone screen directly onto your PC!

Step #1 – Start off by downloading the iPhone mirror screen software and installing it accordingly. Once installed, go ahead and launch it.

Step #2 – Similar to when you are installing the iPhone Screen Recorder, you will be prompted with a “Windows Firewall” notification. It is important that you click on “Allow access” otherwise the program will not work properly.

Note: If this notification does not appear or you run into any issues, follow the instructions from the previous method. It’s also worth noting that it is recommended you do not use either of these methods over a public network as it can leave your data vulnerable to hackers.

Step #3 – After the installation has completed, the program will automatically launch.

Step #4 – Go over to your Apple device and swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen. From here you will be able to click on the “AirPlay” feature. After tapping on this feature you will then be required to tap on a connection that your Apple device will connect to. Select whichever connection has the same name as your computer.

Step #5 – Your device can now be mirrored onto your computer.

Step #6 – Go back over to the Lonely Screen program. By default, your Apple device will detect the programs connection as “LonelyScreen” as it’s default. To change the name, simply place your mouse over the name and click.

Step #7 – After entering the new name, click on the “Save” button.

Extra Tips: How to Connect with AirPlay Manually

air play app

Let’s go over how you can get your Apple device to properly mirror onto your PC. To begin, simply make sure that the Lonely Screen program is launched as well as being connected to the wireless network that you are using, on top of that, make sure that your Apple device ready on the Control Panel (to access this, simply swipe up).

The AirPlay feature should already be active due to earlier steps, so go ahead and click on it. Look for the name which you changed the received to and tap that option. In order for you to start the mirroring process, simply tap on the “Mirroring” option that appears. A green banner will appear on your Apple device which indicates Airplay is currently being used.

It’s worth noting that if you aren’t happy with the size of the display that is being shown on your computer, then you are able to make it bigger or smaller!


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