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record ios without jailbreakIf you have ever tried to record the screen display of your iPhone or iPad either to keep a record of the gameplay, create a YouTube video or make a video demonstration, you should know that there are not as many as screen recording apps available on the App Store. In most cases, in order to install a screen recorder on your iPhone/iPad, you will need to jailbreak your device first. Still want to capture your iPhone/iPad screen but don’t want to jailbreak the device? Don’t worry, as there are still some iOS screen recorder no jailbreak can help you record your iOS display smoothly without jailbreak. Here are the top 3 solutions you can try to accomplish your task.

iPhone Screen Recorder (Desktop iOS Screen Recorder)

iphone screen recorder
iPhone Screen Recorder from AceThinker is one of the best iOS screen recorder without jailbreak specially designed to record iPhone/iPad screen on your Windows/Mac computer. This program makes uses of the AirPlay function so that you can connect your iPhone/iPad to computer wirelessly. After projecting the iOS screen to your computer, you can then record whatever activity on your iDevice screen from the computer desktop. Some flexible options like the output video quality, format, audio input source, etc. are provided for you to select. Apart from recording iOS screen as video, you can also use it to take snapshots from your iPhone/iPad screen. iOS 7 to iOS 10 are well supported. You can now get the right version and follow the simple steps below to record iOS screen without jailbreak.

free trial on windows ostry it on mac

Step 1. Start this process by downloading the iPhone screen recorder no jailbreak program and installing it accordingly. Once you have it installed, go ahead and launch it. Upon launching the program, head over to the settings menu and alter each of the available settings to your own preferences.iphone screen recorder settings

Step 2. On your iPhone, or Apple device, swipe upwards from the bottom of your screen to be shown the “Control Panel”. Tap on the “AirPlay” option and you will then see a display a list of available connections that your device can make. Select the connection which is named the same as your computer, followed by the “Mirroring” option.

steps of recording ipad

Step 3. From then on, every action that you perform on your device will be shown on your computer screen. And you’re now ready to record it as you like. To begin recording, click on the red record button. Once you have done everything that you want to be recorded on your iPhone, click on the “Stop” recording square to save the recording in a predefined folder.

AirShou - No Jailbreak iOS Screen Recording App

air shou

AirShou is one of the best iOS screen recording apps without jailbreak. It allows you to record your iPhone/iPad screen directly from the device that you’re using. The only catch to using this method is that you aren’t able to download the application itself through the Apple app store and you must therefore get it through the Emu4ios store. Here are the easy non-jailbreaking steps to record your iPhone/iPad screen.

Step 1. In order to get Air Shou, download the Emu4ios Store from here. And then search for the AirShou application to download and install it.

Step 2. Once installed, launch the AirShou application and sign up. If you don’t wish to sign up with your email, you are able to sign in and connect your Facebook account for instant registration. After signing in, simply define the settings to your own preference and tap on the “Start Recording” option.


Step 3. You will be taken to your home screen and will be able to record the display as you please. Once you’re done, simply head back over to the AirShou application and tap on the “Stop Recording” button.

QuickTime Player (Mac Only)

quicktime recorder

QuickTime is another free iOS screen recorder no jailbreak that lets you record your iOS display on computer. However, QuickTime is only available on Mac. To start recording your iPhone/iPad screen with QuickTime, you will need to make sure that you have an iPhone or iPad running iOS 8 or later, a Mac with Mac OS X Yosemite 10.1 or later, QuickTime player and a USB cable. If all the requirements are ready, you can then follow the tips here to record iPhone/iPad screen without jailbreak using QuickTime player.

Step 1. Launch QuickTime and connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac and then you’re ready to go. At the top of QuickTime Player, click on the “File” tab followed by “New Screen Recording”.

new screen recording

Step 2. Upon selecting the “New Screen Recording” option, your webcam will be shown. To change this display, click on the small arrow next to the recording button and select the connected iPhone device. Additionally, if you’d like to record audio from your iPhone’s microphone simultaneously to your device’s display, select a microphone from the same menu.


Step 3. Once you’re ready to record, simply click on the record button to begin, and again to stop the recording. After you have clicked on the stop recording button, the folder where all of your recordings are stored will appear.


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