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іOS 11 VS Androіd Oreo

Last updated on March 15, 2018 by Trafalgar Law

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іOS 11 VS Androіd Oreo

iOS 11 VS Android OreoAndroid 8.0, also called Oreo, was released last month. Also, a few month ago iOS was revealed. Hence, we are hoping for more amazing features according to the recommended updated. In this piece, we are going to be looking at the difference the updated features of iOS 11 and that of Android 8.0. Let’s now examine them one after the other.

Android Oreo VS іOS 11 Feature Comparison

There are so many features in Android 8 Oreo and iOS 11. However, despite the fact that both of them have some common features, they also have some different features to separate from each other. They are being listed and explained below:

1. Picture-in-Picture

This is a characteristic feature that allows users to make use of two applications on both iOS and Android device simultaneously . For instance, you receive a message on your phone; meanwhile, you are watching a video, you will be able to minimize it and proceed to watch the video after checking the message.

Actually, iOS has had this particular function for some years back. But till now, just some few iOS devices can support this, products such as iPhone and even iPod do not come with the PIP feature. However, Android 8 has already used this feature on the mobile phones.

Therefore, in this particular iOS 11 vs. Android Oreo competition, Android is the winner.

2. Autofill

Autofill can keep track of all the login info you have used with your favorite apps, making it faster and more convenient for you to log into your application without always typing in your login details. For instance, you will only have to log in for the very first time with different apps like Pinterest, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. applications. You don’t have to type your password after the first time as well as your other login details. iOS also provides this same type function but it doesn’t work properly. Android here has the victory again compering the features of Android 8.0 and that of iOS 11.

3. Voice Assistant

You might have watched Dwayne Johnson’s adverts for Siri, which is quite nice. Presently, Siri included a male voice. Siri is contained in iOS meanwhile Android include Android Assistant. In this very feature, both and iOS 11 and Android Oreo voice assistants are able to answer any question you ask and are able to offer you recommendations while also be able to do so many other interesting work for you. For instance, when you say “Take me a picture”, it will then open your camera app and shot a picture of you.

Or, on the other hand, you can make an inquiry, similar to “What is today’s weather?”. With this feature, you will be able to find an answer to the voice incite even without looking for it. However, now Siri can do enough for you; it can enable you to make an interpretation of a sentence in another languages and play the music based on your tastes. For this feature, iOS 11 sounds much better than Android 8 Oreo.

4. Copy and Paste Function

In case you’re fond of using your phone to copy, and past always, I am sure that you have strived with wasting your effort moving about the bars for selecting what you need. When using Android 8, you only have to double click or choose the text simply by pressing the text then get everything connected to the Google database. On the very feature, Android still won.

5. Notifications

Formerly, you pull down your phone screen’s upper part whenever you want to check and read your new notifications. Nevertheless, using Android 8.0, you’ll notice there is a dot just close to the app’s icon read. Just press the app’s icon and hold it and you’ll have the ability to read the notification meanwhile the lock screen of iOS 11, and also the notification bar, become one.

No matter where you are in iOS, even when the screen is lock, you can just swipe from the middle of the screen to find the notifications. Moreover, you iPhone will shut off all the notifications when it senses that you’re driving with the do-not-disturb-when-driving feature. From this aspect, iOS is better than Android Oreo.

6. Messages

These days, there’re lots of ways one can utilize in sending messages to friends like the Android and iOS device follow come messaging application. Hence what is new in both apps? Messages will permit you to make use of Apple Pay to send money through the messages, though it’s currently just seen in the United States and on a few iOS accessories. Also, there is Person to Person payment available on Android. However, you will have to get Google Wallet installed. Additionally, with the use of iOS 11, you’ll be able to message your loved ones with added special effects such as games, stickers and many, here iOS have it.

7. Emojis

Both iOS and Android are adding up new emojis to add more life to your messages with the use of the small smiley faces. Thus, both Android and iOS have it draw here.

8. AR

Android makes use of an AR recognized as Google Tango. However, Apple has likewise advanced into augmented reality world. It’s the latest platform for developers which enables programmers to develop apps. While on Google, this ARkit is accessible on iPads and iPhones, automatically the Tango can’t just be seen on all Android device: it’ll base on the producers whether they add it. In the comparison, Android 8 vs. iOS 11: iOS 11 won here!

9. Others

Actually, iOS 11 has lots added features wherever Android 8 does not optimize, thus Android 8 too. The control centre of iOS reduces to a just one panel, camera applications changes, Application Store is improved, etc. At the same time, Android 8 Oero is two times faster compared to its former version; background activities are minimized, Gets Google Play protect optimized, maintains the robustness of your battery, etc.


As you can see there have been several optimizations and new features included in both systems, about which you can see a thorough overview in the table below:

iOS 11Android Oreo
Picture-in-PictureFew iOS devices can support this, products such as iPhone and even iPod do not come with the PIP featureAlready applied the PIP feature
AutofillFeature does not work properlyFeature works properly
Voice AssistantAdvanced voice assistant in the form of SiriAndroid Assistant is available but under development
Copy and Paste FunctionSimple functionSimply need to tap twice or select the text by holding on the text and everything connects to Google database
NotificationsMore integrated, the iOS 11 lock screen, as well as the notification center turn into one.Two steps, need to hold unread notification icon at application to open content
MessagesMessages will allow you to use Apple Pay sending money via the message directlyPayment needs that Android Wallet is installed separately
EmojisNew, livelier emojisNew, livelier emojis
ARARkit, automatically includedGoogle Tango, isn’t automatically included on every Android device

From the above comparison, my opinion, I feel that iOS 11 appears to be much cooler and smarter. Perhaps it is due to iMessage or Johnson’s ads functions. iOS 11 VS Android O, which of them do you believe is smarter? Let’s have your thought in the comment area!

November 4, 2017
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Last updated on March 15, 2018

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