2 Great Applications to Display iPad Screen on PC

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display ipad on pc

We can use our iPads to save photos and videos of precious moments with family and friends. From birthday party moments, graduation, concerts to holidays in our favorite destinations. Viewing these moments is much better on screens bigger than the small sized iPad screens. There are many other instances when we have wished that our iPad screens could be displayed on PC to improve the view and allow us to perform specific functions we cannot carry out with the small iPad screens. Is there any way we can display iPad on PC? The answer is yes. This way, you can access your phone activity through your computer screen. You can play games, watch videos and photos from your iPad on the computer screen. This post will discuss two great applications that allow you to display iPad screen on PC.

Display iPad on Computer Using iPhone Screen Recorder

iphone screen recorder

iPhone Screen Recorder is a great application developed by Acethinker. It allows you to display iPad screen on the computer screen wirelessly. The whole process is very simple and involves very few steps. Once you connect your iPhone to your PC, you can capture your screen activities with ease.

First of all, download and install the software on your computer. Open and activate the program. For users Windows PCs, the “Windows Security Alert” prompt will appear during activation. A click on the 2 boxes on the pop up will enable the app to communicate with other networks.

free trial on windows ostry it on mac

Once the program is open, you will need to connect your iOS device. Ensure that the device and the computer are connected to the same network. Go to the Control Center of your phone and tap “AirPlay”. Windows users will need to allow the app to communicate through Windows Firewall by changing their firewall settings.

A pop up list will appear with the name of your device. Turn on the “Mirroring” option and wait for the device to connect to the computer.


Once your iPad is connected, your will be able to see your iPad screen displayed on the computer screen. Things done on your iPad will be simultaneously reflected on the computer. Your photos and videos will be accessed on a larger screen. You can go ahead and record the screen according to your desires.

iPhone Screen Recorder has a screen recording option. You will have to customize the settings before capturing the screen. This is done by accessing “Options” on the drop down menu on the top right part of the interface. You can change the video format, quality, and output directory.

configure settings

Once the settings are configured, you can begin recording. Click on the record button to start recording. You may pause the recording to avoid capturing unwanted segments. You can move your phone away as long as it is still connected to the same network. You can also include audio into your recordings. When you finish recording, click on the power button to disconnect your device.

View iPad on PC with Lonely Screen Recorder

lonely recorder

Lonely Screen Recorder is free and easy to use. It can be used to view your iPad screen on your computer screen. The process of using this software is very easy:

  • Download and install Lonely Screen Recorder on your computer. Your might be required to change your firewall settings to enable the installation process. Lonely Screen will run automatically as soon as it is installed.
  • Access the Control Center of your iOS device by swiping up the screen. Select the AirPlay option by tapping on it. You will see the name of LonelyScreen on the AirPlay screen. Select this option and connect to your PC.
  • Tap on the “Mirroring” button. This will begin to display your iPhone/iPad on the computer screen.
  • Ensure that the mirroring slider is green. This signals that your iOS device is displayed on the screen of your computer.
  • Once you have finished with the display, tap “Done” on the AirPlay interface. You will be brought back to the Control Center, where a tap on the down arrow at the top will enable you to close the Control Center.

Lonely Screen Recorder enables its user to display his/her iPad screen on the computer. This application comes in handy to those who wish to view their videos and images on a larger screen. Video game lovers who wish to view their gaming sessions on a larger screen will love this application. Open the game on your phone and access it on your PC with a larger screen. The video game audio will also be transferred to the computer and this sound can be enhanced by external speakers. The quality of the video and the audio are not compromised by the application. The software also gives the user the option of capturing the activities on the iOS device on the computer screen. This application works well on Windows as well as Mac computers. Another advantage that comes with using this application is that you do not need a cable to connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer network.


Users of iPads with small screens often wonder how they can display them on larger screens. This problem is common among users who want to share their favourite photos and videos with friends and family. They wonder how they can do display these media on larger screens. Video game lovers who want to access their games on larger screens also experience the same problem. iPhone Screen Recorder and Lonely Screen Recorder are two applications that enable users with such problems to display their iPad screens on computer screens. The iPhone Screen Recorder has a recording option that allows the user to capture and save activities on the iOS device screen. The Lonely Screen Recorder is free but does not compromise on the quality of photos and videos displayed.


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