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If you have purchased a new iPad or have been using it for a while now, apart from watching movies and browsing the web, another great thing about iPads is all the games that you can play in it. But with innumerable choices available, how will you decide the games that you want to buy?

To help the readers, our team tried to focus on the factors that make an iPad game, a good iPad game. After debating about it for a while, we finally decided that these factors vary for every user and if the factors will vary, so will the games. For instance, while I like games with amazing graphics and audio, many others in the team like to play board games, while some others like the interactive ones. So, in short it is actually subjective.

While most of the best of iPad games can be played on iPhone too, the joy of playing them on a larger screen makes them more interesting. So, with this subjective thought in mind, we have created a list of top 10 iPad games. Go through the entire list and you might find one that can prove addictive.

10. Badland 2

An elegant game that is pretty easy to understand to difficult to master. You are basically required to flap a winged creature in an alien world of shadows. While the part 1 of this game was amazing too, the graphics have been improved in the 2nd part. There are more levels now and even the bonus is pretty amazing. People who love games with simple controls and a unique background story should definitely download this.

9. 80 Days

With attractive graphics and simple control, 80 days is at the 8th spot on our list. The story-based game is inspired from “Around the World in 80 Days” by Jules Verne but has a unique steampunk spin in it. Be it a long flight or waiting for your friend at a café, this game will surely keep you entertained and amazed. If you like story-based games, 80 days is what you should buy.

8. Asphalt 8: Airborne

If you love racing games, you might have already played Asphalt 8: Airborne in your iPad. And if you haven’t, you definitely should right now! The graphics have been substantially improved and even the audio is mind-blowing. Right from flinging cars in air, burning nitro, to amazing race tracks, the game has got everything going for it. If high-adrenaline racing games are your thing, Asphalt 8 is sure to leave you impressed.

7. Bejeweled Classic HD

With hundreds of gem-swapping games now available in the Apple Store, it is pretty simple to overlook the game that actually made this genre popular and is the inspiration behind other gem-swapping games. The game is a true classic and when you play it on an iPad, you get to choose from multiple modes that have different approach of matching and smashing the gems. If gem-swapping games attract you, play this classic Bejeweled Classic HD and you are sure to enjoy hours of great fun.

6. Big Bang Racing

While the game has many freemium trappings, like locked chests, gems, and timers, just play it for a few days before deciding to delete it and there is a major possibility that you will keep this game in your iPad forever. The game is basically two different games in one- trial side and the multiplayer racer. And both of them combine together to provide you with an amazing game-playing experience on your iPad. If racing and beautiful graphics is what you like, Big Bang Racing deserves your attention.

5. Darkside

The life of mining colonies in outer space is indeed pretty difficult. The colonies are surrounded by huge rocks and not to forget that regular attacks by aliens. Shoot them and make your way out to save your galaxy in this stunning iPad game. While the game can get pretty difficult in later stages, it is still pretty entertaining. If you like shooting aliens and be the hero of your colony, Darkside is what you should buy.

4. Dumb Ways to Die

There is hardly anything that is free in the Apple Store. If you are not paying for the game directly, the game will try to sell in-app purchases, harvest your data, or will simply show you annoying ads. But Dumb Ways to Die is different. It is a complete free game with nothing fishy about it. The game is actually commissioned by the Metro Trains Melbourne to raise awareness about rail safety. While there is not a lot of depth in the game, it surely is fun and entertaining. People who like light, simple games should definitely try this game.

3. The Walking Dead

If you love this popular series, you are sure to fall in love with this game too. The game is actually like a dynamically created animated comic book which will require you to make some really tough decisions. The game is a perfect match for people who like The Walking Dead or love the graphic novels from Robert Kirkman.

2. Vainglory

What will you call a MOBA for mobile? MobiMOBA maybe? But no matter what you will call it, Vainglory is an excellent MOBA for your iPad. Three players will fight against each other for a la Dota or League of Legends feeling. The game is beautiful, intuitive, simple and an excellent platform if you are looking to enter into the world of MOBA.

1. Galaxy Trucker

Galaxy Trucker was actually launched as a board game and this is just a more interesting version of it. In this game you will be building your own battleship by connecting the puzzle pieces and will then battle other players online throughout the galaxy. Tons of missions, online play and the feel of a board game are some of the reasons that make it one of the best games for iPad. If you want to see a popular board game turn into life, Galaxy Trucker is for you.

Choose any one from the above mentioned options on the basis of the games that you generally like to play on your iPad and you are sure to enjoy some quality entertainment. Moreover, now you can easily mirror the screen of your iPad on your PC with the help of iPhone Screen Recorder from AceThinker to enjoy these great games on the larger display of your computer.

And unlike other popular mirroring methods, the software doesn’t need a Mac or requires you jailbreak your device. It will wirelessly develop a connection between your iPad and your PC and will mirror everything happening on the screen of your iPad on the PC screen in real time and that too without losing the original quality. So, download this software and an enjoy an enhanced gaming experience with your iPad.


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