This smart screen recorder for iPhone makes iOS screen capture on your computer so fast and easy! It's just amazing!

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Mirror Screen in HD and Stream Various Content

With this iPhone/iPad recorder, you can connect your iPhone/iPad wirelessly to a computer via AirPlay. Upon successful connection, you can display your mobile screen on a computer. Everything happening on your iPhone/iPad will be synced to the computer screen in real time. Now just enjoy viewing your iPhone/iPad screen in HD without any quality loss! You can also stream video/audio clips on your mobile and project them to your computer. Documents, images, videos, and songs can be synced to your computer, with sound, instantly.

Record iPhone/iPad Screen with a Single Click

Do you need to capture a game play, a video call, or anything on your iPhone/iPad? No need to go through complex or inconvenient iPhone recorder apps, now you can do it easily on a computer screen. Simply click the red record button on the interface and the program will start to record anything that happens on your iPhone/iPad screen. No matter if you're viewing videos, playing games, checking documents, or having video chats, you could capture all of them as saved videos, screenshots, or GIFs.

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Publish and Share Your Screencast as You Like

As long as your iOS devices and computer are connected to the same network, you can leave the computer and take your iPhone/iPad away without interrupting your recording. You can return to the computer when the recording is over and save the video clip in the desired format. After that, you're free to upload it to social network or video sites like YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox and many more. With this, you can share what happens on your iPhone/iPad screen with your family and friends as you wish.

Record iPhone/iPad Screen in 3 Steps

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Connect iPhone/iPad to Computer

Once your iPhone/iPad is connected to the same network, you can utilize the mirror function on the device to display your screen on your PC or Mac.


Mirror iPhone/iPad Screen

As soon as your mobile is connected, it will be projected to the computer screen at the same time. All things you’re doing on your mobile will be reflected on the computer screen in real time.


Create Screencast for iPhone/iPad

Configure the recording settings like video format, video quality, output directory etc. Then simply click the red record button on the top menu to start recording your iPhone screen instantly.

Our Tool
Air Shou
QuickTime (Mac Only)
Preparation 3 Mins 5-12 Mins 3 Mins
Wireless Connection
Mirror Screen to Computer
Multiple Output Formats
Record Video & Audio
Record in HD Quality
Snapshot iOS Screen
HR Specialist
Manchester, UK

A nice keeper on my computer!

It's a nice-looking and versatile tool. It gives me great convenience of watching mobile on my computer and also recording the video/audio streams seamlessly.

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Stock Broker
Philadelphia, USA

Great gift for iPhone users!

This tool provides the simplest way to connect mobile to computer. By recording gameplay on my PC, I could concentrate on gameplay without distraction and share records conveniently.

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