How to Restore Deleted Photos on iOS Devices

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How to Restore Deleted Photos on iOS Devices

The most common mode of capturing moments is by taking photographs. These days it’s pretty easy to capture moments with the presence of cameras on mobile phones. With these phone camera, taking pictures is always available. There are many camera phones out in the market, and one of the most prominent smart phones are the iPhones. But when the stored photos were accidentally deleted from your iPhone, especially important ones, it’s kind of hard to deal with. Luckily there are ways to recover deleted photos from iPhone. Continue reading to know the different ways for iPhone photo recovery.

Use Time Machine to Restore Deleted Photos from iPhone

Time Machine is the backup tool for iOS and Mac device. It allows the users to turn back to a point in time where the deleted photos still existed and recover them. The only downside of using Time Machine though, is that it cannot restore specific photos. This means that in order to recover deleted photos on iPhone, you will have to recover the entire photo library which may be quite time consuming. But if that is what you prefer, here are the steps on how to use Time Machine to restore deleted photos from iPhone and iPad.

Step1 Connect Your iPhone to a Mac Computer

Plug your iPhone into a Mac computer using a cable adapter and wait for it to be read by the system.

plug the ios device

Step2 Open Time Machine on the Mac Computer

Once your iPhone is ready to use, access the Time Machine tool which is located in the “Dock”.

open time machine

Step3 Search for the Lost Photos on the Time Machine

On the Time Machine, you will see the different backups have been made, search for the lost photo by going through the dates and backups.

browse for the right photos

Step4 Select and Restore the Lost Photo Library

Once you have found where the lost photo is located, select it and click the Restore button to start the iPhone photo recovery process.

restore deleted photos

Acethinker iOS Recovery - iPhone Photo Recovery Tool

Another way to recover deleted photos on iPhone and iPad is by using a professional recovery tool. There are various iOS recovery tools in the market. Here we recommend AceThinker iOS Recovery as your first option for iPhone photos restoring. It is a handy tool that can retrieve deleted photos from iPhone and iPad. The good thing about Acethinker iOS Recovery is it can scan and restore specific photos instead of recovering the entire photo library. Besides photos, it can also help you recover videos, messages, texts, emails, archives, etc. from your iOS devices. Here are the steps on how to use it to restore deleted iOS photos with a Windows PC.

Step1 Install the Application on Your PC

Get the installer for Acethinker iOS Recovery by clicking the buttons below. Set it up properly on your PC device by following the on-screen instructions to avoid any errors.

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Step2 Connect the iOS device to a PC

Plug the iOS device to the PC using a USB cable. Wait for the device to be read by the system to access it.

connect ios device

Step3 Select the Right File Type to Restore

Launch the application and on the interface, choose the right file that you want to recover, select “Photo” option and click “Start Scan” to start the scan of the iOS device.

select right file type

Step4 Choose the Right Photos and Restore Them

After the scan, the list of all the deleted photos will appear. Browse through them and select the photos you need and click “Recover to Computer” to save them again.

restore the photo

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Use EaseUs MobiSaver

EaseUS MobiSaver is another iPhone photo recovery tool that you can try. It is one of the recovery tools that gained popularity over the years because it does a good job with recovering lost files. But for its free trial, there are limitations, like it can only restore a total of 1 Gigabytes of files. After that, it will require to get the premium version. But for minimal recovery, like photos, it is a safe choice. Here are the steps on how to use EaseUs MobiSaver to retrieve deleted iPhone photos on computer.

Step1 Download the Installer Package

Download the installer from its official website. Then install the program on your PC to proceed the recovering.

download easeus mobisaver

Step2 Launch the program

Connect the iOS device to the PC. Next, open the application and start by selecting “Recover from iOS Device” option and select your device and click “Scan”

scan the ios device

Step3 Select the Photos You Need

After the tool scanned the iOS device, the list of files types will appear on the left-hand side of the screen, select “Photos” option and select the right photo to restore and click “Recover”.

select photo to restore


Losing precious photos on your iPhone or iPad is a really frustrating experience. With limited options to take, it’s a relief to know that there are ways and tools to retrieve deleted photos for iPhone and iPad. One way is by using Acethinker iOS Recovery, a handy and compact tool that can, not only restore photos but can also recover different types of files from your iOS device. It is a safe and efficient way to restore pictures on iPhone and iPad.

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