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Losing files on iOS device is a common thing. Unfortunately, Apple does not have a recovery tool for their device. That is why it is always recommended to back iOS files on iTunes and iCloud. However, there is a way to restore deleted files from an iOS device, and that is by using Acethinker iOS Recovery. This tool was built specifically for iOS device, which is why it is a top choice when it comes to recovery tools for iOS device. To learn how to use this tool, follow the steps below.

Recover Files From iOS Device

Step1 Download and install the app

Download the software installer, then launch it and follow the setup wizard to install it properly.

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Step2 Connect the device

Once the tool is installed, launch it. Start by connecting the iOS device to the PC, by using a USB lightning cable.

Step3 Select a file

When successfully connected to the PC, the tool will detect the iOS device. Select what to recover from the main interface. If you want to restore all the deleted files from the device, click the “Select All” button. However, you can just specifically restore a file, like Photos, Messages, or Audio. Then, click the “Start Scan” button, and the tool will perform a scan to get back the lost files on the device.

Scan the device

Step4 Filter the file you want to recover

Once the scan is finished, the list of files, both existing and deleted will appear. Click “Filter,” and from the drop down menu, select “Only show the deleted” option to sort only the deleted files.

Filter each files

Step5 Recover the file

Select which file to recover by clicking the specific file/s, or click the category on the left side of the tool to select all the files. Click the “Recover to computer” button and select where to save the files.

select a file

Step6 Check recovered file

When the recovery process is complete, a pop-up notification will appear. To immediately locate the recovered files, click the “Open Folder” button, or click “OK” to dismiss the notification.

choose a location

Restore Deleted iTunes Backup Files

Step1 Connect your device

Connect the iOS device using the USB cable, and click the iTunes option from the tool. The backup will appear in the selection area and choose which backup to use.

itunes back up

Step2 Start scan

Start scanning the selected backup by clicking “Start Scan.” The process might take some time, wait till the scan is finished.

choose files

Note: If the backup that you want to restore is in a different location, click the “Select” button.

Step3 Filter files

After the scan, all the files on the iTunes backup will appear. Filter the selection by clicking “Filter” and select “Only show the deleted.”

Filter each files

Step4 Restore the file

Restore the files by clicking them one by one, or click the category on the left side of the screen to select them all. Click the “Recover to computer” button and select where to save the files.

select a file

Step5 Check the file recovered

When the tool is finished recovering the files, a notification will appear. Click the “Open folder” button to locate the files, on the other hand, if you want to dismiss the notification, click “OK.”

check the recovered files

Recover Deleted Files from iCloud Storage

Step1 Go to iCloud official page

Click the iCloud tab on the home screen, and log in to your iCloud account.

sign in to your icloud account

Step2 Initiate the back up

After logging in, the list of backup on the cloud will appear, together with the information like file size, and date when the back-up was created. Download the backup that you want to recover from. Simply click the “Download” button located at the extreme right side of the tool.

choose a location

Step3 Choose what to recover

Choose what to recover from the list of files that will appear, or simply click the “Select all” button to restore every deleted file on the iCloud back-up. Click “Ok” once everything is set.

Scan the device

Step4 Filter files

Show the deleted files, by clicking “Filter” and then select “Only show the deleted” option. All the deleted files on iCloud will then appear.

Filter each files

Step5 Mark files to back-up

Select all the files that you need by marking them, if you want to cover all files, mark the category on the left side of the tool and click “Recover to computer” and select where to save the file.

check the recovered files

Step6 Check restored files

When the files are restored, a notification will appear. Click “OK” to close the notification, or click “Open Folder” to locate the files.

check the recovered files

Note: Acethinker values your privacy that is why your account information are not being saved in any form. For more information, check out Privacy Policy.

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If you experience problems with tool, don’t hesitate and ask for professional support. Just click the “More” button and select “Help” and click “Technical Support”.

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