How to Open HEIC on PC

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How to Open HEIC on PC

Along with the new iPhone came a new file format as well that was developed by the creators of the well-known MPEG image format. The new HEIC file format was designed to save you even more memory by compressing image files even more, while retaining its original quality. HEIC however, poses compatibility problems for Windows users as it is a format no natively supported by Windows. Luckily, there are a number of ways to get around this problem, converting HEIC to the more common JPG format being the best solution. So here we will present you 5 different methods for converting your HEIC files to JPG easily so that you can view your iPhone images on your PC. To find out more about how to view Heic on PC, read on.

Use Apowersoft Photo Viewer to Open and View HEIC Files Directly

Apowersft was quick to react to Apple’s rolling out of the new HEIC image format, and they included the HEIC format as a supported image format among its number of other supported ones. Photo Viewer is more than just a simple photo viewer, you can also view PDFs with it, take screenshots of anything, and process images in batch. All this can be done through a user friendly, intuitive interface which significantly shortens the learning curve for this program. You can even share your images with your friends with a single click or upload it to a cloud storage. You just need to enter the password to your social media account once and Photo Viewer will remember it for you for next time you log in.

Here is how you can use the program to open HEIC on PC:

Step1 Downloading and installing

You can get a copy of the Photo Viewer software from Apowersoft’s official website where you will also find a number of other useful tools. Once you have downloaded and installed the program, launch it from your computer.
get the tool

Step2 Importing your HEIC image

Once you have the main interface opened, import your HEIC photo by either clicking “Open” and choosing the desired photo from your computer, or by dragging your photo directly to the editing area.
import image

Step3 Saving

To save the opened image in HEIC format so you can later view it on your Windows desktop anytime, simply go to “Save As” in the main menu and choose to save the image in JPG, PNG, BMP or any other format supported by your PC.

Convert HEIC to JPG Online with

heic to jpg
One of the easiest way of dealing with HEIC files on a Windows computer is converting them online to JPG format, which is well supported by Windows. Online conversion is an ideal method as no additional software has to be downloaded and installed for you to get the job done. is a free and easy to use online tool for converting HEIC to JPG. You can convert up to 50 HEIC images at a time and the progress of your conversions can be tracked throughout the process. The site also displays the size of the converted file next to the image so you know how much memory it will take up on your computer once downloaded.

The easy to follow steps will explain to you how to use for converting:

Step1 Open

Simply copy the website’S URL from above and open it in any browser. You will not be required to download any additional programs or components.
open website

Step2 Load photos for conversion

Import up to 50 HEIC images by either dragging the photos to the given field or by adding them manually from your computer.

Step3 Conversion

Once the images have been added, conversion will automatically begin and the progress of each conversion is displayed.

Step4 Download your files

Once all the individual images have been converted, you can download your JPG files to your computer that you will be able to view anytime with no problem.

Change iPhone Photo Settings

New iPhones with at least iOS 11 operating system will by default capture images in HEIC format. The following method works not by converting your file but by preventing your iPhone from capturing images in HEIC format in the first place. This is a relatively easy solution to compatibility issues that arise when dealing with HEIC files. Although this method will ensure that you can view your images on a wider range of platforms and share them more easily, it will at the same time mean that your images will take up more space as they are no longer saved in the highly efficient HEIC format.

Below you will find a detailed guide on how to change your iPhone settings:

Step1 Settings

The first thing you have to do is go to the settings menu on your iPhone and open it. In the settings menu, click on “Camera” to access the capturing settings.
configure settings

Step2 Adjusting the format

In “Camera” settings, click “Format” and you will be given the choice of choosing between two capturing setups; “High Efficiency” and “Most Compatible”. By default, the “High Efficiency” HEIC format is chosen. Tap on “Most Compatible” to have your photos saved in JPEG/H.264.
adjust format

Utilize File-Sync Apps

File sync apps such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox can all handle HEIC files well by converting uploaded images automatically to the more convenient JPG format that you can work with much easier. Dropbox. Dropbox converts HEIC files directly to JPG on iOS, but it does give you the option of keeping files in HEIC if you do not want them to be converted. Similarly, Microsoft OneDrive will also let you view HEIC files on their mobile apps and Windows by converting them to JPG automatically. Again, you have the option of disabling automatic conversion. Last but not least, Google Drive will do the same, so viewing your HEIC images will be easily across all platforms.

The guidelines below will show you how to use file-sync apps to view HEIC files:

Step1 Open Dropbox

Log in to your Dropbox account on Dropbox’s homepage or if you do not yet have an account, create one.
open drop box

Step2 Upload your HEIC files

Once logged in, click the “Upload files” button and choose the HEIC images from your computer you want to view and by clicking “Start Upload” upload them to your Dropbox account.

Step3 View or download your JPEG images

Once you have all your HEIC images uploaded to your Dropbox account, you can easily view or download them as Dropbox automatically converts your uploaded files to JPEG format. Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive work similarly if you want to open HEIC files windows.

Send HEIC as an Email Attachment

This method always works and all you need for it is a working Email account. By attaching your HEIC images to an Email, the images included will automatically be converted to JPEG format, which can be easily viewed on Windows PCs and Android devices. You can Email your HEIC photos directly from your iOS device, or if you already have the HEIC images on your PC, upload them as an attachment to your Email from there. The only problem with this method is that most Emails have size limits for your uploads and they also compress your images which will undoubtedly have an effect on their quality.

The guidelines below explain how the process works:

Step1 Open Gmail

Open your Gmail application on your phone and if you are not already logged in, log in using your Email address and password.
open gmail

Step2 Compose new Email

To send a new mail, click the pencil icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen. This will bring up a new message window, where you can enter the address of the recipient and attach your HEIC images. The recipient will be your own Email address. Now click the paperclip icon to attach files.
compose email

Step3 Select the HEIC images to be uploaded

Now select the photos to be attached by tapping them individually. During the uploading process, your HEIC images will be automatically converted to JPEG format. Wait for all of your images to be uploaded and then simply send the Email to yourself. You can now view and open HEIC files on PC from your inbox.
select heic

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