What is HEIC File and How to Convert HEIC Images

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1. The New Image Format of iOS 11 May Pose Issues for Computer Users

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Today Apple is releasing iOS 11, which implies that millions of iPhone fans will be upgrading the software on their device. All the OS updates accompany a host of settings. However, a few of them are usually not obvious instantly. Earlier this year, millions of iOS devices have been upgraded to a new modern file system by Apple, and it's beginning to roll out a new image file format called HEIC today with iOS 11 which could be difficult for Windows users to open HEIC in Windows.

For MPEG developers, the popular video and audio standards for compression made a modern image container called High-Efficiency Image File Format (HEIC). By default, HEIC will be used on iOS 11 new photos, and it’s composed in such a way as to conserve your memory. There is bound to be a few oppositions along the way because it's a new technology, and Apple to a great extent has tried to solve several of these.

Generally, iOS 11 will share files in HEIC format as the default JPEG format for applications, so you will not be able to discover anything whenever you share any photo on Instagram or Twitter. iOS 11 also gives to automatically transfer pictures and videos in a supported format for PC or Mac users, beneficial if you’re just plugging your iPhone to your PC or laptop.

2. Most Users of iOS 11 Won't Observe Any Adjustments

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Though it's an awesome advancement for iPhones whose storage is limited, it may cause a few problems for you with third-party photo applications that uses cloud storage for backing up. If it happens that you have a workflow that depends on picture –based backup, maybe on Dropbox or Google Photos, then you may discover that the pictures get saved in HEIC rather than JPEG. Both Dropbox and Google Photos within their own app supports HEIC. However, Microsoft has been too slow to support the new configuration. Furthermore, the most recent version of OneDrive will change HEIC photos to JPEG automatically before transferring them to the service. This implies that despite the fact that HEIC isn't natively supported on Windows 10, you won't require a dedicated photo application or technique to convert files to see your iPhone photo on a PC.

You can see them on OneDrive.com, in Windows 10, and OneDrive mobile apps. You can also switch off this feature by navigating to the "settings" and then to "advanced" and finally to the "upload most compatible" feature.

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In case you're experiencing some challenges with different cloud services, there is an online converter readily available, but be careful of the photos you share with different sites. Another alternative is to deactivate HEIC if you're encountering problems. With this, the iOS 11 will be forced to save all pictures in JPEG format. You can perform the deactivation by going to settings > camera > formats. However, in case you are not facing any issue, then it deserves keeping the high-efficiency mode activated to conserve space.

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3. A Helpful New Site Which Changes iOS 11 .heic Photos into JPEG

Following the forthcoming launching of iOS 11, The new HEIF/HEVC photo formats of Apple’s will make it complicated to make use of and share iPhone pictures in a universe still governed by images in JPEG format. Fortunately, heictojpg.com has come to provide us with a simple conversion service.


iOS 11 will imply that your iPhone takes its photographs in this new format instead of JPEG in an effort to save reportedly 50% in file size (with no loss of value).

However, it may not be so easy with these new .heic files in every aspect. But, according to the inventors of JPEGMini and Beamr, HEIC to JPG permits you to convert them easily.

It can process as many as 30 files at once, and to use this service is just as simple as drag-and-dropping.

The moment you have converted it, a link will be given to you so that you can click on it and with that, the JPEG will be downloaded directly onto your PC.

HEIC files can store both single images and image sequences (like video clips or photo bursts) making use of both lossless and lossy compression. Text, as well as audio, can likewise be saved together with image sequences. During your editing process, the new format can even save important meta data– things such as cropping, rotation, and overlays.

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