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Last updated on October 18, 2019 by Christina Green
h264 converterA video converter is a tool that lets you convert videos to a particular format into other formats. There are various formats possible for the same video file, but they differ in terms of bit rate and quality and not all devices are capable of playing video files of any format. When you are planning to travel somewhere and have a lot of time to kill then watching a movie correctly formatted for your iOS device can come very handy. A good video converter can convert any video, be that a documentary or a movie into the H264 format which is the best-suited format for iOS and mobile devices. You will be able to enjoy theater like picture quality and audio if a video is converted to the correct format. So here we take a look at 10 best video converters that you can use to convert any video to the H264 format.

1. Best H264 Video Converter - AceThinker Video Master

This is an upcoming video converter that offers a lot more than you desire. It can convert H264 videos to almost all formats and also suitable for handheld devices. There are customization options through which you can determine the length, breadth, and size of the videos you want. It also has a grabber with which you can download and record videos from popular video streaming websites. Other features such trimming cutting and copying videos are also available.

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2. Free H264 Online Converter

Touted to be the most versatile online converter for video files, Acethinker online converter is a free tool to convert H264 videos to formats of your liking. There is also a desktop tool available, and it has earned a lot of respect from users for being always operational, unlike most online converters which show errors every now and then.

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3. Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter is a freeware let you easily change any video format to any format. It is also a CD ripper and video to sound converter. Any Video Converter gives you a chance to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, Howcast, Niconico and other 100+ destinations. There are 4 different types of codecs supported for the H264 format which make it a good converter for H264 formats. The application uses the different features of a CPU and a GPU to accelerate the video conversion. Any Video Converter

4. Media Coder

Media Coder is relatively an unknown name in the world of video converters. It is a free application and complex to use but once understood it is probably the most useful application in terms of features. Media Coder is a multi-threaded application that uses the hyper threading feature to convert any video into H264 format fast. Other than video conversion it also supports audio and video enhancement through the application of various filters present in the software. Media Coder uses the different features of your Mac hardware to accelerate the video conversion. mediacoder

5. Handbrake

Handbrake is open source free software that has a pleasant design and can convert any video to your desired format. The handbrake is fairly popular free software that people use, and usually, there are no complaints with it as the user interface is very simple and easy to use. It is available for Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu. You can use Handbrake to convert any H264 video to formats playable on your iOS devices. The best feature of the software is that you can create studio quality videos with this software and this software provides many video editing tools. handbrake

6. Avidemux

The free video editorial manager Avidemux accompanies a very much chosen set to get your cutting, sifting, and encoding errands done. It peruses and composes many document sorts (AVI, MPEG, DVD, ASF, MP4, and MKV) and accompanies an assortment of regular codecs and channels. Avidemux computerizes your undertakings by making tasks and placing them into the employment line. Making recordings playable at iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone 7/7 Plus or Apple TV is simple with this freeware. avdiemux

7. Clone2Go Video Converter

Supprts both Windows and Mac OS, this video converter can be used to convert HD camcorder videos into H264 or other more popular formats. It has an inbuilt YouTube downloader through which YouTube videos can be downloaded easily and fast. It also enables you to convert any video into HTML5 video format and lets you customize the target format. Clone2Go Video Converter

8. Miro Video Converter for Mac

It is stripped down converter best used for converting videos viewed best on mobile devices and play stations. The application has a very easy user interface and best for beginners. However, as the application is stripped down software, it provides very few choices about the output format. Miro Video Converter is a free to use software. Miro Video Converter

9. MPEG Streamclip Video Converter

MPEG Streamclip is a high-quality and powerful video converter, player, editor for MPEG, QuickTime, transport streams and iPod. Currently, it also supports DivX editor and encoding machine, and even a stream and YouTube downloader. You can use MPEG Streamclip to open most movie formats including MPEG files or transport streams; play them at full screen; edit them, set In/Out points and convert them into muxed or demux files, or export them to QuickTime, AVI, DV and MPEG-4 files with more than professional quality. mpeg streamclip

10. Format Factory

Format Factory is a one-stop shop for all of your formatting needs. It’s free and available only on the windows platform. Format factory can convert videos from one format to another, audio from one format to another, images from one format to another and can also convert iso files and split iso files. The user interface is very pleasant and categorized for ease of the user. This software has to transcode presets which enable you to create cater made videos files for any particular devices. Free HD Video Converter
This was a list of 10 most popular H264 converters that you can use to get you converted and stored in your apple devices to be watched later. H264 is a very good format that has the unique ability to compress better than MPEG but provide better quality that MPEG.

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Christina has a rich experience with video converting, downloading and editing tools. She’s reviewed hundreds of video apps, paid and free, Windows and Mac, desktop and online. So if you are looking for a solution for your video playback issue, Christina will offer you the best solutions in her articles covering video downloads and video conversion.Last updated on October 18, 2019

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  • you can also use Avdshare Video Converter to convert your h264 video.
  • Clone2Go was perfect! I looked over your list and tried out a few that sounded good and this one took the cake! Did exactly as it said and fast too! No experienced needed either, it was very simple.
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