Ways to Snapshot on Windows 10

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Ways to Snapshot on Windows 10

Screenshot is simply an image of whatever on the computer screen taken with tap of a functional key or combination of functional keys on the computer keyboard. Different computer brands normally come with different methods to print the screen or take screenshot. Is it possible to take a screenshot on Windows 10 operating system on any computer? These and more are the possible questions people ask about screenshots and this article is designed to provide you answers to them. Actually, different people normally have different needs to screenshot image on their computer screen.  Some of the reasons include: sharing information about things on computer screen, conducting visual communication., document and share what you have on your screen through screenshot, etc. We will discuss feasible solutions in this article:

Default Way to Screenshot on Windows 10

screenshot windows 10

There are three different ways to take screenshot of images on your computer for windows 10. The first is with default screenshots shortcuts, the second is with the help of default tools that come with windows like Snipping and the third is with the help of some third party tools. For the first which is default screenshot default with print screen options is designed for quick and easy printing of screen just with combination of some keys on the keyboard. You can take the screenshot with shortcuts without saving or with saving depending on your needs.


Depending on the brand of your computer with windows 10 operating system, the keyboard maybe labeled with print screen buttons in different styles including PrntScrn, PrtScn or even Print Scr and others. You can easily find this button lying between F12 and the Scroll Lock. With your laptop there may be need for you to press the Fn key and the Print Screen simultaneously for you to get the screen printed.

Create Screenshots with Snipping Tools

snipping tool

The Snipping Tool is a default tool in windows which you can use to take screenshot of a rectangular area, open windows, free-form area or even the whole screen. You can also annotate your screenshot with highlighter, colored pens and save either as MHTML file or image. You can also email it to your friends and others. Windows 10 snipping tool is designed with improved feature which can help you take screenshot of mouse movement as well as pop-up tooltips and menus.

User Guide of Using Snipping Tool on Windows 10

Open Snipping Tool application and click Delay, you will find a dropdown list to select number of seconds you the system to wait until you take your screenshot, select the snip type you want. You can open tooltip and popup menu to capture it at the same time within 1-5 seconds it will take the system to fade away.snipping-tool-win10

While default screenshot shortcuts and other window tools are good, they are limited in flexibility. So, if you want to enjoy more flexibility and better functions in creating screenshots, what you simply need is to go for third party app.

Free Windows 10 Screenshot Program - Screen Grabber Free


Screen Grabber Free is a nice free program that allows you to take screenshots on Windows 10 in multiple ways within just a few clicks. You can screenshot in full screen, active window and specified region. Apart from taking screenshots, this free software is also capable of recording your screen activity as videos. It comes with a quite easy-to-use interface as below and there is no need for you to spend much time learning how to use it. Taking screenshots on Windows 10 now is just a few clicks away!


After you download and install the program. Run it and display what you need to screenshot on the screen. Then click to choose the screenshot mode and click the red camera-like button on the right to start capture the screen on Windows 10 and that’s it! The program will instantly save the captured screenshot to the folder you specify. Open the folder and you will find all have been done. Now just enjoy the screenshots!

Paid Snapshot Tool - Snagit

snagit capture

When it comes to shareware, one of the best is the Snagit designed by Techsmith. It is designed with lots of features that can help you target specific windows, capture full screen and take region snapshots on your computer. More so, you can annotate your screenshot, draw shapes and arrows and other things you think are needed for screenshot with the use of this third party app.


It is nice for you to know that you can equally take multiple screenshots with the help of Snagit the feature that is not on other screenshot tools. The issue with Techsmith Snagit is that it is offered at $50 which is expensive for most people to afford. If you’re looking for an alternative with less functions, you can equally get free open-source third party screenshot program just like the next one.

Free Screenshot Software for Windows 10 - Greenshot

greenshot free

greenshot-menuGreenshot is a classic tool which aims to improve the productivity in creating screenshots on Windows destkop. Though it was released in the time of Windows XP, this tool keeps pace with trends constantly and has the latet version supports Windows 10 well. Greenshot is light-weight that it even does not have interface, it’s actually located in the menu task bar and can be activated by right-clicking the icon. From its option menu, you can quickly start screenshots in multiple ways, it also provides a simple editor for quickly work around the editing. Greenshot is a handy tool, but it has distinctive drawback that it takes extra steps in creating screenshot. Whenever you have captured a screenshot, you need to manually choose the next step among “save as file”, “edit directly”, “email the image”, etc. Still, this open-source free tool is worthy to have a try.


Taking a screenshot on your windows 10 whether through default screenshots on win, making use of the default tool that come with windows like the Snipping Tool or with the help of a third party tools will be simple when you follow the steps outlined on this article. You can get all you need plus added flexibility when you take multiple screenshots using third party app. In fact, all the three methods are designed for easy visual communications and other needs through perfect screenshots on your Windows 10.

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