Ways for Creating Screenshots on Toshiba

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Ways for Creating Screenshots on Toshiba

take screenshot on toshibaToshiba is among the most popular brands for both desktop computers and laptops in the world today. It has become a reliable brand with amazing product qualities and efficient performance. With Toshiba, you can expect great quality at a moderate price. It is important to take screenshots of whatever pops up on your screens because they can show you exactly what is going on in terms of frequent and repeated activity on your computers. There are various situations that make the screenshots useful. Apart from being able to report bugs, they will be helpful in saving important conversations, recording game scenes and capturing interesting information from the web pages on the internet.

Default Way of Printing Screen on Toshiba

print windows screen

Toshiba desktop computers and laptops come equipped with Windows operating system. To take a screenshot, you have to press “Print Screen” key and then use “Paint” to save that screenshot. For users who use Windows 8, their screenshot can be saved automatically to `Pictures’ library when they press the “Print Screen” key. On some Toshiba laptops, you have to press “Function” key and “Print Screen” key together in order to get the screenshot function activated. Editing could be done through “Paint”.

Use Snipping Tool to Snapshot Screen on Toshiba

snipping tool

This tool is a useful desktop application when it comes to taking screenshots. The snipping tool will be able to create all types of screenshots and also undertake editing. To access this tool, you have to go to the Start Menu and select Accessories. You can then click on the Snipping Tool. There are three functions extended by this tool as buttons.

  • New – This button will allow selection of the kind of screenshot you want taken.
  • Options – This button will allow customization of several aspects of your application.
  • Cancel – This button allows cancellation of whatever the current action is.

There are four kinds of captures that are made available to you for taking a custom screenshot. When you press the “New” button, you will have access to:

  • Free-Form Snip – This allows you to draw irregular lines around objects or areas. It can be selected from the drop down menu. You may then pick out the area that needs to be cut. You can choose the desired area by clicking and then dragging the cursor. As it is being dragged, the chosen area gets surrounded by a red border when the default settings are being used. When the mouse button is released, the area that you have captured gets copied automatically to mark-up window. You can save, annotate and share the screenshot.
  • Window Snip – This will allow you to opt for a full window in your internet browser or the dialog box. For example, you could select an error message that you have received from an app and capture that.
  • Full Screen Snip – This allows you to capture the whole screen. This will bring the same result as you can expect from the conventional “Print Screen” key.
  • Rectangular Snip – This will allow users to take screenshots that are shaped as rectangles. This is done by dragging the cursor around the objects.

The editing window of this tool offers useful measures. For example, if you are not happy with the image quality, you could make a fresh one by using the “New Snip” button. You can use the Highlighter or the Pen tools before to add markup to your capture before you save the screenshot. The Eraser option will remove the marks that are made with the Highlighter or the Pen. The “Save Snip” button has to be pressed to save your screenshot. You have to choose a location that you want the screenshot to be stored. You have to type the name of the file and choose its type such as PNG or JPEG or GIF or HTML before pressing “Save”. You can also email your screenshot by using “Send Snip” button on the toolbar.

Use Third-party Tool to Capture Screen on Toshiba


This particular app is an online snapshot tool. It is powerful and it allows you to capture the screen or a part of it and store your screenshots in formats such as BMP, JPG, GIF or PNG. It also gives you numerous options for editing and enables you to upload and share images as soon as you make the screenshot. You can navigate to Screenshot.net and click on “Take Screenshot” button. You have to run Java applet to load the app until the interface pops up. You have to place the content you need on top of other tasks and resume the interface of the app by clicking the “Camera” icon. You have to drag the mouse to select areas and release it to capture them. The only drawback with this tool is that it does not have enough options for social sharing.

These are some of the default and third party solutions that could be used to take screenshots on Toshiba desktop computers and laptops. The solutions may differ from each other and they may help you in making a decision on the type of method that may suit your screenshot needs.

October 26, 2016
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