Ways to Create Screenshots on Surface Tablets

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take screenshot on surface

Many Microsoft Surface Tablet users want to know how to take a screenshot easily whether they have a physical keyboard or not. There are no Print Screen buttons included on either of these keyboards, which is usually the obvious choice to accomplish this task. Even though the small keyboards do not include this, Microsoft has provided a way to take a screenshot without much trouble.

Best Way to Take Surface Screenshots


Screen Grabber Free is an outstanding free program that can help you capture screenshots on Surface. With it, you can take snapshots in multiple capture modes like Full Screen, Window, Region and Automatical Screenshot. The friendly interface make you get everything done in clicks and seconds. Besides, it also features as a video recorder, letting you capture anything on your screen and save them into videos in AVI, WMV and FLV. The software interface is as below and you can capture Surface screen in a few steps:


1.Download and install the program by clicking the Free Download button above.

2. After the program has been installed, display the content you want to capture on your Surface.

3. Run Screen Grabber Free, choose the capture mode and configure related settings, then click the camera icon to start the capturing.

Pros: Different capture modes are provided for your take screenshots more efficiently. And it can also be used to record screen into videos.

Cons: You will need to download and install the software. And also image editing functions are not provided.

Default Way of Taking Screenshots


All you need to do to take a clear screenshot is to press down the Windows button that can be found near the bottom of the tablet display screen. Do not click the one on the keyboard. As you hold this button down on the screen, use your other hand to press on the Down Volume physical button on the Surface tablet edge.

If you do this at the same time, the entire screen will be captured immediately. You know it is working properly as soon as the display gets darker and then brightens up once more. It may take some careful timing to make this process work smoothly. But as long as you time the Windows icon and volume button pushing precisely, you will have no problem taking any screenshots you like.

Capturing Surface Screen in a Snap


If the functions included with the Surface tablet aren’t enough for you, we recommend the Free Online Screenshot program. You can use it with Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10 to take screenshots of file folders, apps, documents, images, videos and anything else you have on your tablet screen. Not only does it capture screenshots with ease, but you can also edit, save and share them quickly and easily.

  • – No cost and no ads to get in the way of its use.
  • – Combines capture, editing, saving and uploading with convenience.
  • – Flexible application for many uses.
  • – 100% free image storage in the cloud.

Pros: This tool not only grab screenshots for you, it also offers free cloud storage for all your images. There is no additional cost associated with this benefit.

Cons: No options for full-screen capture are given and there are not that many modes to choose from.

Take Snapshots with Snipping Tool

snipping tool

Just like on a desktop or laptop computer running Windows 7, 8 or 10, the Surface Pro includes the very convenient Snipping tool. This allows you to take full or partial screenshots of anything displayed on screen. Click on the “Start” button and then search for “Snipping Tool” in order to find this handy at. Click to open it and then get started. You can choose from four different modes that give you different screenshot capabilities:

snipping1 – Free-form Snip – Draw any shape you want around anything on the screen you wish to capture. You can use a mouse, stylus or your finger.

2 – Rectangle Snip – Determine what part of the screen you wish to capture and draw a square or rectangle around it.

3 – Full-screen Snip – This captures the entire screen with no drawing selections.

4 – Windows Snip – You can take a screenshot of just one open file folder or program window by clicking on it.

Pros: The Snipping Tool can be used for free on any tablet or computer running Windows 7, 8 or 10.

Cons: Editing capabilities are very light and there is the possibility of blank spaces or frames around the images that you capture, so some correction in a graphics editing program may be necessary.


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