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Skype serves as a messaging application that functions in audio, text and video formats. People can communicate through audio calling, message chatting and video calling.

People, particularly businessmen would face severe handicap if there is no option of taking a screenshot on Skype. It is ironical that, despite many people using Skype, they are not completely sure of how to go about taking screenshots on Skype. It is important to understand the structure in the process of taking a screenshot on Skype. This article will explain how you could take screenshots on Skype with the help of commonly used operating systems.

Ways of Taking Screenshots for Skype on Windows

print windows screen
1 Min
very simple
Basic Capture

When using Skype, you can click on the + that is provided at the bottom of the Skype window on its toolbar. You have to do this when you are rolling your mouse over it. It brings up a menu that offers the option of taking snapshots. You have to keep this Skype window on top of all other tasks. It preserves your snapshot for the chat history or your current chatting dialog. Then, press `Print Screen’ to capture the entire screen.

If you need to edit the snapshot taken this one, forward to “Start” – “All Programs” – “Accessories” – “Paint”. Press “Ctrl+V” to get the screenshot pasted to your editing board. You may edit as you like and once this is completed, you have to navigate to `File’ and then `Save’ on the top bar in order to save your screenshot. When you select output formats, it is advisable to go for JPEG for all general purposes.

Default Way of Capturing Skype on Mac

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Very Simple
Basic Capture

You have to press the Command + Shift + 4 + Space Bar and click the Skype window to take an accurate screenshot on the Mac system. You can then hear a camera tone that tells you about your screenshot which has been saved in PNG format to the desktop. There is a setting that is built-in on the Options panel to take a still screenshot for your video calls. You have to go to Tools and then select Options on the main interface. You have to then check “Enable Keyboard Shortcuts” and follow that by “Take a snapshot during video calls”. You will see a pop-up window. You can enter the key combination as a shortcut to make video screenshots. Images will be saved in the Gallery folder.


Taking Screenshots for Skype Online (Win/Mac)

4-6 Mins
Web Based

For Windows and Mac users, the free online screenshot is a useful tool for Skype screenshots. It is located in the home page of and it does not need any license fees or registration. The interface of this tool is available when you allow a Java applet. You have to click on the “Quick Screenshot Mode” on this interface to start the screen capture. You can let the mouse hover on the Skype dialog box as soon as you see a frame appearing around the border. This completes the screenshot.


Third-Party Program for Taking Screenshot on Skype

2-4 Mins

The best free tool to screenshot Skype on Windows/Mac is Screen Grabber Free. This freeware enables you not only take Skype screenshots but also record Skype video calls within just a few clicks. All you need to do is to download and install it on your computer and follow it’s easy and intuitive interface to takes snapshot of Skype. It features flexible screenshot mode from Full Screen, Region and Window, which enables you to snapshoot the very area you need easily.


Install and run the program, configure the general setting as you need and then set your Skype ready and click the camera icon to start taking Skype screenshots. After the snapshots have been taken, this Skype screenshot grabber will save the files to the folder you specify.

Extra Tips for Taking Screenshots for Video Calls

When having Skype calls, you can use Hotkey to take video screenshots. Images of your family and friends can be captured easily. Video screenshots could be stored on your computer, locally. And to start, in order to set up a Hotkey, you will have to go to Skype and click on Tools in the menu bar and go to Options. Select “Advanced Options” and go to Hotkeys. Select “Enable Keyboard Shortcuts” and check “Take a snapshot during video calls”. You will come across a pop-up window. Enter the key combination (Tick Ctrl and enter `Sto’; assign Ctrl + S). Click on “OK” and “Save”. After taking the screenshots, you may view them by clicking on Gallery.


Creating screenshots by using the tools outlined above will help you edit them and save them, even as your profile pictures. These facilities could also be used to take snaps of people you are talking to during your video calls and then you can share them with your family, friends and your business associates. Regardless of whether people prefer video calls or text chats, Skype becomes a useful tool to communicate with a business partner or a friend. There will be times when you may like to check on something important in your chat history and share that particular record.

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