Ways to Create Screenshots from PDF Documents

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Screenshots play a vital role in our daily computing life and they are an indispensable part of the digital world where information has to change constantly. Sometimes it is essential to screenshot PDF because it enables the users to capture specific data and use it later. For example, it could be an important utility bill, a technical document, a presentation, or a report. Once the screenshots are captured for PDF, they could be shared easily on various social media websites. Here we will talk about how to take screenshots of PDF on both desktop and mobile devices. Just check this ultimate guide and easily make screenshots from PDF as you need.

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Different Ways to Screenshot PDF on Windows

1. Default Solution to Print Screen on PDF on Windows

First and foremost, you can start the process of PDF screen capture with Print Screen with directly using the command on your desired content, where you have to take a screenshot by clicking on “Print Screen” on the keyboard. You then have to open Microsoft PowerPoint and generate a fresh blank presentation. There, you can simply click on “Edit” and select “Paste” when you have to paste images of your screenshot into PowerPoint. At this point, you simply have to size the image down of that screenshot then to make it fir into the slide of the PowerPoint. Finally, just click on the “Microsoft Office” button. Here you can select “Save As” and choose “PDF”. In the end, just label the PDF file and click on “Publish”.


2. Capture PDF Snapshot with Free Screen Grabber Online

free screen recorder AceThinker Screen Grabber Free is a nice desktop tool for taking snapshots from PDFs with a simple click. To fulfill your different needs, this tool provides some flexible screen capture modes: Full Screen, Region, Window, and Automatic Screenshot. It means that you can take screenshots of the whole screen, select the very area you need, only detect and capture a window or even set time and copies to make the program take snapshots automatically. The created screenshots can be saved in JPG, PNG, and GIF format. You can follow the steps below to take screenshots from PDF documents. Note that you can also use this application on Mac computers.

Step1 Open the PDF and Launch Free Screen Grabber

First, open the PDF document you wish to capture a section of. This can be an image, a graph, or any other content. Once you have your image open in your browser, open a new tab, and follow the link above to access the Free Screen Grabber. Click the green “Capture” button to initiate and activate the free application. You can also use the “Start Capturing” button below to start taking screenshots immediately.


Step2 Initiate screenshots

Next, click the “Screenshot” button while viewing the PDF file. You can also choose whether you are going to take screenshots in full-screen or regional mode. It will capture the screen once you click the “Screenshot” button.


Step3 Save the screenshot

After you took a screenshot, it will show you its control bar that lets you add drawing on the image like shapes, lines, and text. From there, click the “Save” icon button once you are done enhancing the picture. It will then prompt you to choose your preferred file location from where you are going to save the image.


How to Screenshot PDF on Mac

1. Use the Default Print Screen Option

Firstly, you can take a screenshot by clicking on “Command” + “Shift” + “3” or “4”. By doing this, a PNG file of your screenshot will appear on the desktop. The PNG screenshot file will have to be double-clicked on, and the file will open by default in “Preview”. If you need to create PDF from screenshots, click on “File” and choose “Print”. Here, you can simply click on “PDF” in your print menu and then choose “Save as PDF”. Finally, you can label the file and select the location where you would like to save the PDF file and click on “Print”.


2. Advanced Way – Capture PDF Screenshot on Mac with Skitch

SkitchSkitch from Evernote is one of the best Mac OS screenshot apps that you can rely on to take screenshots from PDF on Mac. It has almost everything you need to capture whatever you need. It lets you take snapshots from the selected area, full screen, app window, or specific menus. After the screenshots have been taken, you can use the editing tools to annotate. You can also annotate them with shapes, lines, arrows, and more. The final screenshots can be saved in a lot of formats, and you can also directly share them via FTP, AirDrop, Facebook, etc. Besides Mac, Skitch also supports Windows and mobiles.

Awesome Screenshot – Browser Add-on to Screenshot PDF

awesome screenshot iconIf you want to screenshot PDFs while you’re reading them in the web browser, Awesome Screenshot will be a nice option to help you get the work done. The screen could be captured for the entire web page or any part of it. Awesome Screenshot has been rated highly for capturing screenshots, and it serves effectively as a tool for image annotation on Google Chrome on Windows or Mac. More than a couple of million users have been impressed by it. Awesome Screenshot is a Chrome add-on, which makes the screenshotting process a lot easier as it does not require users to download, install, and open a separate program to get the job done. Moreover, Awesome Screenshot offers revolutionary image hosting and storing with all of it being done in the cloud. The steps below help you get started with this add-on.

Take screenshot from the PDF

Screenshot Easy – Android App to Take PDF Shots

 Screenshot EasyWhen you want to screenshot PDF on Android smartphones or tablets, all you need to do is press the Volume down button and power button at the same time for a second or so, you will hear a click sound and your screenshot will be captured. You can find the photos you screenshot in your gallery. In case you want a more powerful Android screenshot app to take PDF snapshot, we have picked Screenshot Easy as the best solution. With it, you can easily capture PDF shots using the screen overlay button. After the screenshots have been captured, you are free to crop them, add time and date stamp, zip the files, etc. One great feature is that Screenshot Easy allows you to capture scrolling screenshots.

Picsew – Screenshot PDF on iPhone and iPad

PicsewThe same as the Android devices, you can use the shortcuts to screenshot PDF on iPhone and iPad: Press and hold the Top or Side button, click the Home button, then release the Top or Side buttons to get the screen captured. But still, you may need to take better screenshots on iOS, or you want to take scrolling screenshots. If that is the case, you can take a look at Picsew. It’s a professional iOS app that lets you easily capture screenshots and stitch them together. It is especially useful if you want to save the PDF in a webpage as it can screenshot the entire webpage with just a tap. To run this app, you need to make sure your device is running iOS 10.0 or later. And currently, it is priced at $0.99.


Overall, all the programs mentioned above are ideal solutions if you’re looking for a program that takes screenshots from PDFs quickly and reliably. Among the programs mentioned above, every user can find the one that best suits his/her needs based on whether he/she is the owner of a Windows or a Mac computer. However, if one piece of software had to be chosen as a stand-out, that delivers everything a person wanting to take a screenshot from a PDF requires, it would be AceThinker’s Free Screen Grabber. Along with its versatility and exclusive customization options, Screen Grabber’s user-friendly interface makes it the number one screenshot program on the market at the moment.

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Ways to Create Screenshots from PDF Documents

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