How to Screenshot A PDF Document on Different Devices

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PDF files are essential documents that you can use. The reason is that it is a read-only type of document and doesn’t easily get altered. Aside from that, it retains its outline regardless of which device you open it on. With that being said, different PDF readers are being released now and then. Although branded differently, it is a fact that PDF readers almost have the same features and lack a screenshot feature. On that note, a tool that can screenshot PDF documents is a must-have. Luckily, this post features some ways that you can use to take snapshots of PDF.

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How to Take a Snapshot of PDF on Windows (Default Way)

Most Windows users are familiar with this way. This method is readily available from any Windows keyboard. Aside from that, it is probably one of the easiest ways since you can accomplish it with a single press of a button. However, for those who don’t yet know how to screenshot PDF on Windows, follow these steps.

Step1 Open the PDF file on Your Reader

The first thing that you need to do is to open the PDF file that you need to screenshot. Please search for the document name, and then double-click on it to launch it. Alternatively, you can right-click on the PDF icon and then select “Open With” from the menu. Choose your default PDF reader to open the document.

add pdf file

Step2 Choose a Page to Screenshot

You can use the page directory of the PDF document to jump to the exact page that you want to capture. On the other hand, you can regularly scroll while scanning for any information that you want to capture.

open pdf file

Step3 Take Screenshot of the PDF

To capture an image, you can stay on the page that you want, and then from your keyboard, press the “PrtSc” key. The entire desktop screen will then be captured after that.

capture the screenshot

Step4 Paste the Image on Paint

After capturing, the image will be copied to the clipboard. All you need to do is to open the “Paint” application on your desktop, or any image processing tool that you use, and then paste the image. Right-click on the canvass, and then select “Paste.” Crop the image and retain the PDF screenshot, and then save it on your PC.

edit the PDF image

Tip: You can capture images on your Windows PC using this method, even while playing games. All you need to do is to press a key on the keyboard.

PROs: You don’t need to purchase any additional software to do the necessary screenshot capture on Windows.

CONs: This method involves the use of a separate image processing tool like Paint, and it does not have its editing feature.

How to Screenshot a PDF on Mac (Default Way)

Aside from Windows, Mac devices also provide ways to capture screenshot images. However, the process is slightly different from the usual method on Windows. It is easy to get confused since Mac has some keys on its keyboard that are not present on Windows. So to prevent any further confusion in taking PDF screenshots on Mac, follow the steps below.

Step1 Launch the PDF Document on Mac Preview

From your Mac desktop, launch the “Finder” tool. From there, search for the PDF that you want to take an image, and then open it on “Preview,” which is the default PDF reader app for Mac computers.

open pdf with preview

Step2 Capture the PDF Area that You Want

You can go to the PDF page that you want to capture from the “Preview” tool, and then using your keyboard, press “Command,” + “Shift” + “4” to capture in region mode. Drag the mouse cursor using the touchpad, and cover the parts of the PDF that you want to screenshot. The image will then be saved on your desktop, and you can rename it afterward.


Tip: You can capture the entire screen area by pressing “Command” + “Shift” + “3.”

PROs: You have the option to switch from region to full-screen mode instantly by pressing a different key.

CONs: This method only involves a straight image capture. It doesn’t have any editing features.

How to Take Screenshot in PDF with Free Online Grabber Tool

The two previous methods may prove to be very useful, and the fact that they don’t need any installation is a bonus. However, the fact remains that these default methods don’t come with screenshot editing and upload features. Image editing options are essential, especially when capturing PDF pages because you can highlight information quickly. Aside from that, you can easily share your screenshots online with an upload button. On that note, there is one tool that you can use without the need to download an installer. AceThinker Free Screen Grabber Online is a web-based application that captures screenshots from your desktop. Aside from that, the tool has a highlight option, perfect for PDF documents. You can save the images in various formats like PNG, JPG, GIF, and others. If you want to test this tool, then follow the steps below.

Step1 Launch Free Screen Grabber Online

Open a web browser and then visit the official website of AceThinker Free Screen Grabber Online. You can use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and even Safari because the tool supports significant web-browsers. From the homepage, click the “Capture” button to launch the tool. On the other hand, if it’s your first time using the tool, you will be asked to install an online launcher first. The toolbar will then appear after installing the launcher.

launch the tool

Step2 Open the PDF Document and Capture the Image

Use a PDF reader to open a PDF document. After that, switch to the tool and start capturing the image by clicking the “Take Screenshot” button. Drag the mouse cursor across the screen to capture the image. After that, different editing options will appear with the image.

capture the screenshot

Step3 Edit the PDF Screenshot

Use the toolbar that will appear beneath the image to enhance it. You can add arrows, texts, and even blur objects within the image.

edit the pdf

Step4 Save and Upload the Image

To save the video, you can click the “Floppy Disk” icon and then select the format that you want for the image. Choose the output folder from the file explorer window and then hit the “Save” button. On the other hand, you can directly upload the image online by clicking the “Upload” button from the same toolbar.

upload the pdf

Tip: You can send screenshots via email as an attachment by clicking the “Send Email” button.

PROs: The online tool also allows you to use hotkeys so you can take screenshots faster.

CONs: The screenshot tool doesn’t have any additional features like recording videos.

How to Capture PDF Screenshot with Chrome Extension

Chrome users can also capture online PDF documents without downloading them on your computer. This is by using Chrome extensions that you can add to your Google Chrome browser. The good thing about these extensions is they only stay within the Chrome browser. This means that it won’t physically consume disk-storage. With that being said, Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Recorder is your best choice. As the name suggests, it can capture screenshot images and record Chrome activities. You can edit images before saving them on your local storage in PNG format using Nimbus Screenshot. Apart from that, you can also upload the photos directly on Google Drive, Dropbox, and even print them on your printer. To learn how to screenshot PDF on Chrome, follow the steps below.

Step1 Install Nimbus Screenshot on Chrome

Start by visiting the Chrome Web Store on your Chrome browser. After that, search for Nimbus Screenshot on the search field and then click the “Add to Chrome” button and then select “Add Extension.”

install nimbus extension

Step2 Screenshot PDF on Chrome

After installation, the extension icon will appear on the “Extension Tray.” To use the tool, open a different tab, and then open the PDF document that you want. After that, click the extension icon, which is represented by the letter “N.” Choose the “Selected Area” option and then select which part of the PDF to capture. Drag the mouse cursor across a document that you want to capture.

screenshot the pdf

Step3 Edit the Screenshot

Before saving the image, you can first edit the image using Nimbus. Do so by clicking the “Pen” icon from options under the image, and the editor will open a new tab. Use the available editing options from the toolbar. Once done, you can either save or upload the photo online.

edit the pdf image

Tip: Use the tool to capture images from videos from different video streaming sites.

PROs: The browser extension supports scrolling when taking snapshots from a website.
CONs: You cannot use these extensions outside Google Chrome.

screen grabber free online

How to Get Screenshot from PDF on Android and iOS

Android and iOS devices can store and open PDF documents using mobile PDF reader applications. Just like on any computer, there are also default ways where you can screenshot PDF iPhone and on Android. These methods will surely save you a lot of time, and even storage space since there is no need to install any application. If you are a new user of Android or iOS devices, then follow these steps to start capturing screenshots.

Step1 Launch the PDF Document on Mobile

Regardless if you are an Android or iOS user, you will need to open your PDF document on mobile. First, you will have to make sure that you have a mobile app capable of opening PDF documents. Install these apps from the Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS.

launch the pdf on mobile

Step2 Capture Screenshot on Android and iOS

Once the PDF is ready, you can start capturing the screenshot of each PDF page. To do so, you only need to press the “Lower volume rocker” and “Power” button together. The screenshot will then be captured and saved on your Android device. The image icon will appear on your “Notification bar” and tap it to open the image.

capture the screenshot

Tip: For iOS users, they can also apply this method. However, a much easier way is by using the “Assistive Touch” menu. You only need to tap the white-overlay button on your iOS screen and then double-tap the “Screenshot” button to add the image to the clipboard. You will be able to edit the picture after that, and once satisfied, tap the “Done” button. Choose where to save the image from the menu that will appear.

screenshot assistive touch

PROs: Capture screenshots anywhere you go on mobile.
CONs: Editing features are limited on mobile devices.

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