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Ways to Create Screenshots for PDF Pages

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Ways to Create Screenshots for PDF Pages

screenshot on pdf

Screenshots play a vital role in our daily computing life and they are an indispensable part of the digital world where information has to change constantly. It is essential to take a screenshot for PDF because it enables the users to capture specific data and use it later. For example, it could be an important utility bill, a technical document, presentation or report. Once the screenshots are captured for PDF, they could be shared easily on various social media websites.

Creation of screen recordings and trying to format them in Microsoft Word documents may be quite frustrating and time consuming. It is, therefore, advisable to use free software that could help in creating enhanced visual communication and at a much faster rate. It has to be noted that the PDF files viewed by people on the web do not offer easy downloadable options. For a decent viewing experience, people should not be waiting too long for things to appear on the screen. PDF has to be snappy and not sluggish. This depends on the structure and the size of the files you are converting. Useful tools like `Fast Web View’ could restructure a PDF document for downloading a page at a time from the web servers.

We will help users look at options to suit their needs on being able to capture screenshots for PDF and also do some research into available solutions. There are various options that could help make screenshots for PDF.

Default Solution to Print Screen on PDF

print windows screen

This helps in turning screenshots into PDF and preserving them. When you save a screenshot in a PDF format, you will then make sure that the image could be opened on any type of computer which runs with a free downloaded version of Adobe Reader.


This is how you go about making screenshots for PDF with the Print Screen default option on Windows:

Step1 Create a screenshot with the command

First and foremost, you can start the process of screen recording with Print Screen with directly using the command on your desired content, where you have to make a screenshot by clicking on `Print Screen’ on the keyboard.

Step2 Insert the created screenshot

You have to open Microsoft PowerPoint and generate a fresh blank presentation.

There, you can simply click on `Edit’ and select `Paste’ when you have to paste images of your screenshot into PowerPoint. At this point, you simply have to then size the image down of that screenshot to make it fir into the slide of the PowerPoint.

Step3 Save the creation

Finally, just click on the `Microsoft Office’ button. Here you can select `Save As’ and choose `PDF’.
In the end, just label the PDF file and click on `Publish’.

This is how you go about making screenshots for PDF with the Print Screen default option on Mac operating system:


Step1 Do a screenshot on your Mac

Firstly, you can make a screenshot by clicking on “Command” + “Shift” + “3” or “4”. By doing this, a PNG file of your screenshot will appear on desktop. The PNG screenshot file will have to be double-clicked on and the file will open by default in `Preview’.

Step2 Save the screenshot for PDF

If you need to create PDF from screenshots, click on `File’ and choose `Print’. Here, you can simply click on `PDF’ in your print menu and then choose `Save as PDF’. Finally, you can label the file and select the location where you would like to save the PDF file and click on `Print’.

Awesome Screenshot – Browser Extension to Capture PDF

awesome screenshot plug

This option is highly suitable for capture of web pages for PDF. The screen could be captured for the entire web page or any part of it. Awesome Screenshot has been rated highly for capturing screenshots and it serves effectively as a tool for image annotation on Google Chrome on Windows or Mac. More than a couple of million users have been impressed by it. Awesome Screenshot is a Chrome add-on, which makes the screenshotting process a lot easier as it does not require users to download, install and open a separate program to get the job done. Moreover, Awesome Screenshot offers revolutionary image hosting and storing with all of it being done in the cloud.

The steps below help you get started with the software:

Step1 Adding the extension

Open Chrome and go to Chrome’s web store and search for Awesome Screenshot among the extensions. Press “Add to Chrome” to install the extension.

Step2 Taking a screenshot

Open the web page you wish to take a screenshot from.

In the top-right corner of Chrome’s toolbar, you will find a colored lens icon. Click it and choose one of the screen capturing modes listed; capture visible part of the page, capture selected area, capture entire page.

Step3 Editing the screenshot

Once you have taken your screenshot, your captured image will be displayed for preview in the editing environment. Here you can add annotations, lines, highlights and many other things to enhance your screenshot.

Once you are done editing, click the “Done’ button and you will be able to save or copy your image.

Once you are done with the editing, a preview of your screenshot will be displayed for you to view and choose whether you wish to save or upload your image.

Free Screen Grabber


AceThinker Screen Grabber Free is a nice desktop tool for taking snapshots from PDFs. With it, you can take screenshot with a simple click. To fulfill your different needs, this tool provides some flexible screen capture modes: Full Screen, Region, Window and Automatic Screenshot. It means that you can take screenshots of the whole screen, select the very area you need, only detect and capture a window or even set time and copies to make the program take snapshots automatically. The created screenshots can be saved in JPG, PNG and GIF format.

Try It Free

As you see, the interface of this application is quite intuitive and you can get all work done without learning how to operate it. Simply configure the output settings, select the capture mode, display the PDF pages and click the camera icon on the interface to start capturing.

Step1 Selecting the content for capture

First, open the PDF document you wish to capture a section of. This can be an image, a graph or any other content.

Launch the applicatrion

Step2 Accessing the tool

Once you have your image open in your browser, open a new tab and follow the link in the brackets that will direct you to AceThinker’s official website through which you can access the Screen Grabber (


Step3 Customization

On AceThinker’s website click the green “Take Screenshot” button, which will initiate the download process. After installation has been successfully completed Screen Grabber’s toolbar will appear in the middle of your screen. You are free to move the toolbar if it is in your way. On the toolbar click on the gear icon to access the settings. Set shortcuts for your screenshot, choose what you want to be seen on the snapshot and even set a timer to make sure you are prepared to capture the perfect moment. Now adjust the region you wish to capture by highlighting the area of your content.


Step4 Select region to be recorded

After you have captured the desired content, you can crop, adjust and annotate your image via the built-in editing program before exporting it to your PDF. Once you feel you are finished, to wrap everything up, click the recording button once again and your image will be instantly saved.Save

Tips: Besides taking screenshots, this program is also a screen recording tool that allows you to record anything on your screen and save then into videos in regular formats. You can record the whole screen or just the selected region in high quality.

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Snipping Tool comes along with Windows OS

snipping tool

This is a tool for capturing text or graphic images. It enables taking snips of PDF files, entire pages or rectangular sections. Snips could be cut and then pasted on to other programs with the use of a mouse and they could be saved as image files such as JPG, BMP, GIF or PNG. They could also be saved as a full web page on an HTML file or plain TXT file. You could even email the file and transmit to other applications like PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Photoshop or Publisher.

It features visual snippers that can cut the desired content, speedily. You have to

  • Snip the graphic image out of the PDF file.
  • Cut and then paste the graphics or text out of the PDF document.
  • You can enlarge the area or shrink it.
  • You can save as a web page or a text file or an image file.

The guideline below takes you through the steps of using the software.

Step1 Launching the program

Locate Snipping Tool on your computer either by finding the folder you have saved it to or by using Windows’ built-in search bar to find it among your programs. Click on it and wait until the program loads.

Step2 Preparing for screen capture

Once you have the program open, in the window displayed, next to “New” click on the drop-down menu icon. This will bring up a list of the different capture modes to choose from; “Free-form Snip”, “Rectangular Snip”, “Window Snip”, “Full-screen Snip”. Once you have selected the capture mode of your choice, press “New”.

Step3 Illustration of the different capture modes

If you want to select the border of the content you wish to capture by free-hand, then choose the Free-form snip mode. In the PDF, draw around the content by holding down your mouse button and dragging it around the area.

Choosing the “Rectangular snip” mode will let you highlight your content in the form of a rectangle by click down on your mouse and dragging it across diagonally and releasing the button once you have the enclosed area.

The “Window snip” mode lets you capture the contents of an entire window. Click the window (opened PDF) to be captured and the snapshot will be taken immediately upon the release of your mouse button.

To take a full-screen snapshot, select the “Full-screen snip” mode. The shot will be instantly taken.After the screenshot has been successfully taken using any of the above modes, the captured image will be opened in Snipping Tool’s built-in editing program where you can annotate and share your image.

Evernote for Windows/Mac

evernote screenshot

This is a capture tool that can also be used for making screenshots for PDF on Mac. It is a multi-platform tool. Besides Mac, it will also support iPhones and Windows Mobiles. You can also annotate PDFs and images easily with shapes, lines and arrows.

While on most occasions, a simple Print Screen click may do the job but you need other software tools when you require multiple screenshots of entire web pages. You would be able to add comments, annotations and share with single-click uploads. The advantages of using the software options listed above include capturing of both graphic images as well as text files. You will have access to necessary tools for communicating your ideas visually and share your feedback so that you could collaborate with your co-workers and friends.

To learn more on how to use the software on either Windows or Mac, read the guidelines below.

Take screenshots for Mac with Evernote by following these simple steps:

Step1 Creating a new note

Open the PDF that contains the content you wish to screenshot and add to Evernote. Now press the Command+Control+C keys to create a new note.

Step2 Selecting the area to be captured

By clicking down on your mouse and dragging it across diagonally, select the section of the PDF document that contains the content you wish to capture. The contents of the enclosed area are captured in your note.

Step3 Annotate and save

If you want to add additional text-based notes to your note, click anywhere on the note and type your text. If you are done, save the note.
Take screenshots for Windows with Evernote by following these simple steps:

Step1 Creating a new note

Open the PDF that contains the content you wish to screenshot and add to Evernote. Now press the Win+PrtSc which will capture everything on your screen.

Step2 Paste the image

Press Ctrl+N on your keyboard to create a blank note. From your clipboard paste the previously taken snapshot to your note.

Step3 Editing

Unfortunately, Evernote does not give you the ability to edit your screenshots. For this, you require an additional image editing software.


Overall, all the above-mentioned programs are ideal solutions if you’re looking for a program that takes screenshots from PDFs quickly and reliably. Among the above-mentioned programs, every user can find the one that best suits his/her needs based on whether his/she is the owner of a Windows or a Mac computer. However, if one piece of software had to be chosen as a stand-out, that delivers everything a person wanting to take a screenshot from a PDF requires, it would be AceThinker’s Free Screen Grabber. Along with its versatility and exclusive customization options, Screen Grabber’s user-friendly interface make it the number one screenshot program on the market at the moment.

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