Ways to Make Screenshots on Macbook

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Ways to Make Screenshots on Macbook

A screen shot is nothing, but  a picture or an image of your computer screen.  It is also common by the names of ‘screen grab” and ‘screen capture’.  Screenshots play an important role  when you are demonstrating or explaining something useful.  It is one of the easiest and simplest way to save the file in the form of the image in your computer. Screen grabs are a great way of sharing important things such as files or images from your favorite videos, social networks, games and almost everything that you can see on your computer screen.  If you own a MacBook and are not aware about how to take screen shots on a MacBook, then here we have simplified your purpose. Below, we are going to explain several ways using which you can take screenshots easily.

Use Short-cuts on Keyboards to Print Screen

print mac screen

You can easily take a screenshot of your entire screen with the help of the command plus shift button.The screenshot will be saved on your desktop as .png file. In order to take a screen shot of a part of your screen, you need to hold command-shift 4 buttons.


When you press the button, the pointer will change to a crosshair pointer. Once it has changed to crosshair pointer, you need to move the crosshair pointer to the position where you want to start the screenshot. Then drag the desired area to select it. When you are dragging, hold on shift key, option key or space bar to alter the way of the selection. Once the area you want to crop gets selected, then release your mouse. Save the screenshot as .png file on your desktop. Though taking the help of keyboard button is considered one of the easiest and effective ways to capture screenshots, but the flip side is that these methods will work with OS X Yosemite, OS X EI capitan and other older versions of the MAC operating system. The newer versions of the MAC do not support all these shortcuts.

Use Online Tools to Capture Screenshots


Another way of taking the screenshot on Macbook is by using online tools. If you get to search over the internet, you will find numerous online tools that can help you take screenshots. These online tools are easy to use and can do the job of capturing screenshots effectively. One of the commonly used online tools is http://web-capture.net/. Snapito is an online tool that allow users to take snapshots. The best thing about Snapito is, it is free and easy to use.


It has numerous editing options and you can easily share images on social networking platforms. The down side of Snapito is, it is capable of capturing only full webpage. In case you want to capture a specified part, you may not be able to do so, because as mentioned, it captures only full screen.

Use Browser-plugin to Make Screenshots

awesome screenshot plug

The third method of taking screenshots on a MacBook is taking help of the browser plugins. There are numerous plugins that you can use to capture the screen. Awesome Screenshot is a great snapshot generator that comes in the form of extension. You can easily install it on your web browser and then using simple steps, you can capture the screenshots.


Using browser plugins is the most reliable way of capturing the screenshots. It provides you all the necessary tools that can enable you to capture website content on your desired location. Though it is one of the effective methods to capture screenshots, but the biggest disadvantage is that the several features are available on certain platforms and not all.

Use Standalone Snapshot Program - Jing


Jing is a simple and free way to capture images and short videos present on your computer screen. No matter you require screenshots for work, home or play, with the help of Jing, you get the ability to add basic visual elements to your computer and share them with your friends. Jing is an amazing tool that offers you numerous benefits such s capturing what you see, recording and sending your videos or screenshots. With the help of Jing, you can easily capture an image of your computer screen.You just need to select the region you want to capture and share the way you want to.If you are doing something and want to record it, then Jing allows you to record what you are doing. Jing helps you record everything you do and see. After you have saved and recorded the videos, you can send them all over the web. You can share it on social networking channels, through email, IM and more.


Features of Jing

  • 1. Jing can record your commentary at the same time, if your device has a microphone.  As soon as you have completed recording, you can upload and share videos on social media, web, IM and more.
  • 2. Jing is also capable of returning embed code. You can easily insert your images and videos directly into your blog or website.
  • 3. Jing videos are limited to just 5 minutes and are focused on instant communication.


Those were several methods that you can use to capture screenshots on MacBook. All the methods described above are easy and reliable and it all depends on the personal choice of the individual for which tool he wants to go for. Since every method has its own pros and cons, therefore it would depend on your needs and choices. Jing is one of the best tools that you can use to capture screenshots on your Mac device. It offers numerous benefits and features using which you can capture screen, videos and share it on your social media, web, email, IM and more.

However, the other methods, such as using shortcut keys, online tools and browser plugin methods are also useful and can be used to take screenshots. These methods are relatively simple and does not require much effort to take screenshots. However, the methods do have their disadvantages. Hence, no matter for what method you want to go for, do check the advantages and disadvantages of the method you are going for.

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