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Last updated on December 6, 2016 by Cindy Smith

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If you are interested in making tutorials, video frames, or even just reporting a bug in an app or game to a developer, screenshots are vital for Mac systems. For Windows users, you will know how easy it is because there is a ‘PrtScn’ button for the task on the actual keyboard. However, a Mac requires three keys and the process can become a little difficult. When you attempt it, the screenshot will fail and you end up looking for a program to help. Luckily, we are here to provide you with some effective solutions.

Best Solution - Screen Grabber Free

First and foremost, we have one of the best options around in the shape of Screen Grabber Free. As a simple tool, you will be allowed to take screenshots, upload images online, and even add annotations to your creations. Furthermore, you will have an opportunity to take a shot of the full screen, certain pages, certain windows, or even just a drop-down menu. To make things even easier for you, we have a step-by-step guide for you here.

Step 1 – To start, you will need to install the Best Capture Tool program. From here, go ahead and launch the program.

try it on macfree trial on windows os

Step 2 – Depending on what you need to screenshot, you will need to either select ‘Snapshot Full Screen’ or ‘Snapshot Region’.

Step 3 – With the full screen option, a screenshot will be taken of the entire screen as the name suggests. However, the ‘region’ option allows you to control exactly what snap is taken via a special cursor to select an area.

Alternative Solutions to Take Snapshot on Mac

If you have tried the previous option and want to have a backup, we also have some more choices that will work just as well for screenshotting your Mac.

1. TinyGrab

For anything you see on your Mac screen, TinyGrab will easily take a screenshot just like other programs. Away from the basic premise, TinyGrab also boasts an uploading function which means that you can share all images you take via a simple URL. However, you will be slightly limited if you are utilising the free version as it only allows three screenshots per day.

2. Grab for Mac

As the name suggests, this makes use of the built-in screenshot feature in a Mac model found in ‘Applications > Utilities’. When you utilize this, you will have an opportunity to take a screenshot of the full screen or a window, selection, drop-down menu, and more. Once you have finished, all screenshots will go to the specified folder as a Tiff file.

3. Jing

Finally, a single keystroke can be used to capture a customized area or the full screen with this tool. As well as taking screenshots, Jing also allows users to personalize and edit images that have been taken with many text, arrows, and shape tools. In addition to this, it supports screencast and provides image uploading after signing up for an account.

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