Reviews of Alternatives to Screenshot Captor for Win 8/10

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screenshot captor for windows 8

Screenshot Captor worked well with Windows 7 and was found to be a convenient method of making and editing screenshots. It offered much versatility after you had taken the screenshot. Regardless of the purpose for which the screenshots would be taken, the program gave you necessary tools to mould the images in the way you wanted them to look.

This tool was meant for grabbing numerous screenshots with least possible intervention. It had multi-monitored support and also included a whole image explorer that gave integration potential with facilities such as water markers and graphic editors. It also offered an ability to locate and improve the active window, automatically. Some people even felt that it outperformed Snagit in many ways. When people started feeling restricted with the use of `Print Screen’ button, Screenshot Captor started taking control of that key and allowed users to exercise control over the process of taking screenshots. This tool could grab a particular part of the screen or an entire page for people who took frequent screenshots. It could piece together a large screenshot from a window that scrolled.

However, this tool had various drawbacks. People started complaining about issues of text contrasts and paint. There were problems with the subject of transparency. Its interface was found to be too complex. As a result, the development of this freeware stopped a long time ago and this has made its interface obsolete now. This tool was not compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Best Alternative to Screen Captor for Windows 8/10


Screen Grabber Free here is recommended as one of the best alternative solution to Screenshot Captor when it comes to compatibility for Windows 8 and Windows 10. This freeware from AceThinker comes with a user-friendly interface, allowing you to quickly access the features. You can either take snapshot in full screen, window to use the mouse cursor to select a desired region as you need. The captured images can be saved in JPG, PNG and GIF. What’s more, the Automatic Screenshot serves as a screenshot scheduler, giving you the ability to configure time and copies for the snapshot and let the program capture screenshots consecutively to meet your needs.

Apart from taking screenshots, this screen capture software can also record screen and save into videos in popular formats. When you want to take screenshots of make video recording on Windows 8/10, Screen Grabber Free will be a good choice.


After downloading, install the run the program and you will see the software interface as above. Simply choose the capture mode you need, configure output format and destination folder. When all the settings are OK, click the red button on the right to activate the snapshot. Then the work is done. The images will be saved to your hard drive once generated.

Simple Alternative to Screen Captor for Windows


This is another software application that allows users to take their screenshots and record activity so that it could be shared on the internet through a cloud service. The software provided by Jing is easy to use and it allows you to share the snapshots and video recordings quickly with other people.

When you initialize it, you may be required to create an account but you do not have to access your email to confirm it. The interface provided is elegant and clean. Once you define a capture area such as a selected window or a fixed section, you could select between taking a screenshot on PNG and recording a video on SWF. You have to specify the name of the output file and save that particular image or video on the computer. You can even set Jing to upload it on automatically. Its web address is stored immediately in the clipboard.

You will also be allowed to draw arrows or frames and write text while creating highlights on your screenshot to point out something to your audience. You could also see a history of your recordings and screenshots.


Screenshots have always been an indispensable part of our daily computer routines. They give us the opportunity of recording our selected web pages or their sections and sharing them for a particular purpose with other users. After the interface of Screenshot Captor has become obsolete, users would be interested in alternative solutions such as Screen Grabber Free or Jing.


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