Reviews of Alternative Sites to Imgur

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Reviews of Alternative Sites to Imgur

Everyone who has ever saved the photo online knows about Imgur, the 100% free hosting site that lets you upload, store, share and embed any pictures with or without an account. It is pretty much the ultimate spot for storing pictures without any hassle. People use Imgur to store humorous gifs, memes, photos of their friends, product pictures and anything else they can think of. The roots of Imgur start in Reddit, but it has grown to something even larger than the social media community. Although there was a short-lived Imgur Pro version, the company quickly made all features available to the people who didn’t pay as well.

What sounds like an absolutely perfect photo and picture sharing site has some limitations as well. These could send people out into the online world searching for an alternative, but we have done like work for you. If you want an Imgur alternative, read on.

Why Choose an Imgur Alternative in the First Place?
Imgur is completely free and lets you store, share and send pictures wherever you want. No subscription or account is necessary. However, you cannot store or share pictures above a certain size – more than 1 MB – or this program will automatically compress the file. It is possible that your picture may end up looking slightly different than it did in the beginning even though the developers say it does not affect the quality.

Also, there is no way to quickly edit any of your pictures within Imgur itself. Most users edit their pictures in Photoshop or another program first, but the ability to tweak things would be beneficial before you share. Finally, Imgur hosts a “Most Viral” section which tracks Reddit images into the list. If these things bother you, there are alternatives.

Image Shack

image shack
Imageshack is one of the direct competitors of Imgur. There are both free and paid options depending upon your needs. The free account, which requires registration, only gives you 10 GB of upload and download usage each month. However, you also get convenient albums, more advanced privacy, simple editing tools and the ability to tag and categorize your pictures. Imageshack also offers a global search so you can explore other images from around the world.

Post Image

post image via web
Postimage is another alternative to Imgur. The upload process is very quick and simple and, once the process is complete, it gives you a list of links to make sharing easy on the most popular types of sites. These include direct share links, thumbnail shares, hotlinks and embed code. No registration is necessary and there is never any fee. This program also lets you delete any picture from the server that you uploaded in the past.

Tiny Pic

tinypic image site
TinyPic is a picture storage and sharing site that may be less well-known than the others listed here, but we think it deserves its place on the list of our recommendations. You do not need an account to upload anything or use the search function to find pictures posted by others. One unique option that this program has is the text extraction feature. The developers are very active in upgrading consistently with such benefits as basic editing and the ability to add annotations to your pictures.



For 12 years, Imagesocket is hosting people all around the world. You can use it for personal, professional or business purposes depending on your need. Just like the some of the mentioned image sharing site above, this too is not requiring a registration to use the website. Though there are some restrictions set by the web host for free accounts. However, if you want to fully maximize the site you can subscribe for a premium subscription. Along with are benefits of having HD photos, Free from Ads, You can share it from third-party sharing sites and guaranteed that your files will be kept private. Aside from those, uploading photos is really fast. Not only because the site response quickly but the interface itself is simple and straightforward to use.

Screen Grabber Free - Imgur Altertive for Desktop

Despite online sites, some desktop programs can also be considered as Imgur alternatives. AceThinker Screen Grabber Free, a free yet powerful screen capture tool, is just one of the best desktop Imgur alternatives. It enables you to capture any region on the screen in clicks. Anything visible on your computer screen can be captured and saved into images/videos in high quality. What you see is just what you get.


First, download and install the program on your computer and launch it. As you see, the interface is quite easy so all can be done quickly. Flexible capture modes are provided to meet your very needs. You can either choose to snapshot of the whole screen, detect and capture a window, or drag your mouse to select the desired area for the screenshot.

When all the settings are OK, display what you want to catch on the screen and click the camera icon on the right of the interface to start the capturing. In a while, the captured files will be saved to your hard drive.

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October 28, 2016

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Last updated on August 2, 2018

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