Top 10 Sites to Download Desktop Wallpaper

There are certain pictures you will be attracted to, and you want to see them on your desktop screen at all times. So whether you want something interesting on your PC screen or you love changing beautiful desktop wallpaper, there are nice places (websites) you can find striking pictures that can serve as your desktop wallpaper. Below we have listed 10 of the best wallpaper sites where you can download cool and stunning wallpapers for your computer or mobile devices. Check and find the wallpapers you like and make your choice!

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Automatic Wallpaper Changers

In as much as all the sites mentioned in this post are nice source to get new wallpapers for your desktop, the best source, sometimes, are the ones you can install on your computer and saves you the stress of downloading wallpapers. For example, Wallpaper Wednesday for Mac offers new wallpapers from National Geographic, NASA, best pics of the day on Flickr, and more, eliminating the need to download these wallpapers individually. For $5, you can also download wallpapers automatically using Kuvva for Mac; this app can refresh wallpapers as well. Our preferred wallpaper manager for Windows is John’s Background Switcher. Although it’s nice with your downloaded wallpapers, you can enjoy it more when you select some of the pre-loaded RSS images feeds and allow the application take over both the downloading and wallpaper switching on your behalf. You can also use Bing Desktop and DisplayFusion on your Pc for beautiful wallpapers as well.


Digital Blasphemy

This is one of our favorite wallpaper sites, there is no way this post would be complete if we skipped this amazing site. Ryan Bliss (a friend of Lifehacker) is the owner of Digital Blasphemy, and he has been running this platform since 1999. Back then, this site was one of the first places to visit if you are looking for unique and interesting 3D art and unique wallpapers that were not photos. Currently, the site combines all the resources that made it one of the best years back alongside modern, updated fantasy art, sci-fi vistas, landscapes, and natural scenes. Users can only view a small selection of wallpapers on Digital Blasphemy for free. A membership plan of $20 per year is required to have complete access to all the wallpapers in its catalog. Also, this platform has stunning wallpapers for mobile devices, multiple monitors and game users can also access wallpapers on this platform using Digital Blasphemy applications available on Xbox Live and PlayStation Store).


Simple Desktops

Simple Desktop will be appealing for you if you are less interested in abstract art or busy photos for your desktop. This site offers fairly minimal wallpapers with text snippets, patterns or iconographic images that have a lot to tell without saying much. The wallpapers are not only attractive but less busy and distracting – very ideal for users who prefer a simple desktop with less distraction. Another interesting feature about Simple Desktops is that it also has options for mobile devices, and all images on the site are sourced – it provides info on the artist who created the image.



This is another old and leading source of stunning wallpapers of natural scenes, photos-turned-wallpapers among, and more. InterfaceLift offers more than being a wallpaper website. Just like DeviantArt, this platform has a large community of users that create icon packs, themes for system, and so on. You will find a wide range of interesting wallpapers that you will love, making you visit the site more and more. One interesting feature of this platform is that it will detect your screen resolution automatically and show you wallpapers accordingly. However, you can choose a different wallpaper if you want or even select from ultra-wide, triple, or dual display options. Although this site may not have a large collection of images or scraped photos from other websites, you will see all information about the picture you want to download, including the device/camera used to take the pics, the photographer and their comments.



This platform came to be as a project to improve/rebuild/replace Wallbase, which at the moment is extinct; however, it was one of our preferred wallpaper websites only because it had wallpapers from different sources we also loved. Technically, this site is still in its alpha stage (although it’s been in this phase for a long time now) and has a huge database, so it’s worth recommending. Wallhaven has a huge community and a large database. After creating a free account on the platform, you can browse wallpapers by tags, choose specific resolutions (ultra-wide, Retina, and 4K), filter for work-safe photos or search for wallpapers at random. Another exciting thing about the site is that it loads more wallpapers automatically at the bottom, so you keep seeing images as you continue scrolling.



Unsplash is home to millions of images that can be used as desktop wallpaper. The site offers royalty-free images in high-definition. You can even create an album of all the images that you like with just a single click. Above all, downloading a photo from Unsplash is absolutely free which makes it a practical choice. Users can also contribute their own images to the site by creating an account with Unsplash. Overall this site really does fit in the list of great site where you can get amazing desktop wallpapers because it is free, and easy to reach.


Desktop Nexus

Desktop Nexus offers amazing desktop wallpapers and has a huge community of more than one million users who have collectively uploaded images and voted on more than 1.4 million wallpapers. This platform is well-organized by category; if you choose a category when browsing for wallpapers, it opens other interesting categories when you can browse for wallpapers. All wallpapers on the platform are organized based on member votes (to vote, you need to be a member for a minimum duration of one month or upload 25 of your own wallpapers to the platform). So you get to see popular wallpapers, or you can search for specific wallpapers you like. Desktop Nexus still remains one of our favorite underrated desktop wallpaper websites.



DeviantArt has a huge collection of stunning wallpapers and a large community base consisting of artists and fans. This platform has long been one of our favorite wallpaper websites. You can find almost anything you want on this site like photos, illustrations, abstracts, digital art, and also images from your favorite video game, movie, or comic. You can browse for photos by category or search the website database for what you want using the search tab. Users cannot filter images specifically for resolution; however, they can browse wallpapers by categories specifically for wide or ultra-widescreen displays, multi-display wallpapers, and also wallpapers mainly for mobile and smaller displays.


Social Wallpapering

Social Wallpapering has been in existence for a long time, it employs a Digg-like method in creating a user-curated wallpaper collection; these wallpapers are organized by quality, all thanks to votes by users. Although its community may not have the capacity to organize the wallpapers that way, it has a huge collection of images that’s worth checking out. Social Wallpapering is updated regularly with fresh submissions. You can create an account to save pictures you love, upload your own images or browse for wallpapers on the platform by category.



This site has been one of favorite desktop wallpaper services for a very long time, and it’s still a nice platform where you can get new wallpaper, download them instantly, sync them with your Dropbox so you can share with others, and use those wallpapers you find interesting on any PC you want to use. Desktoppr offers high-resolution wallpapers that appear nice on Retina displays and a drop-down feature that allows users to select the resolution to obtain a perfect size. To enjoy this platform, create an account, sync account with Dropbox, save wallpapers you find interesting, and follow other users on the platform who have amazing collections you love.


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