Solutions to Dailymotion Not Working Properly

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Solutions to Dailymotion Not Working Properly

dailymotion not working“I have noticed that videos from Dailymotion are not playing, the loading animation appears, yet the video never begins. The ads work just fine, so I thought it could be the internet connection or speed, however videos on other sites are loading quickly. After looking through the FAQ and trying the methods I found on the Flash website, it’s still not working.”

If you have got a Dailymotion not working problem like this, just keep reading and we will go over some tricks that could help fix the issue of Dailymotion videos not playing. Listen here are the more common problems that can occur.

Re-install Flash Player

One reason that can cause Dailymotion errors is the Flash player. First you need to uninstall your current Flash Player and save the latest version of Adobe Flash Player to your computer. Close down your browser and restart your computer, then open the file and reinstall the Flash Player. When installing the plugin it’s important that all of your browsers are closed.

Here’s the guide for you to re-install Flash Player:

Step1 Go to Flash Player Website

Visit Adobe’s Help Center official website to get help.You have to make sure that you have the latest version of the flash player. To check click here.

Step2 Enable flash player

Enable flash player then choose the browser that you have for the step by step procedure. Just follow the steps that will be given to you along the process.

Step3 Refresh the program

Once the install is complete there should be an animation display. If if you can’t see one, refresh the page and check it again.

Restart Web Browser and Clean Cache

If the above methods do not fix the Dailymotion error, don’t give up. You may just need to restart your browser. Instead of simply closing the tab with Dailymotion, close the entire browser and re-open it. From here you will want to try the following.

Forced Refresh: You can force a full refresh for the site by hitting “CTRL” and “F5” together, this works across the popular browsers.

clear browser cache

Also, by clearing the browsers cache and cookies, you can ensure you are seeing the most recent version of the page for faster loading videos. Here’s a comprehensive guide to clean cache on different browsers:

  • Chrome – Open the menu on top-right of your browser, select “Settings” and then “Show advanced settings”. Scroll to the privacy section and click “Clear browsing data”. Here you can choose the type of data to clean, it’s recommended to check “Cached images and files” only and you can confirm it by clicking “Clear browsing data”.
  • Safari (for iOS) – Click “Settings” from the home page, scroll down to “Safari”, clicking on it will bring you to the option page. You then select “Clear Cookies and Data” to confirm your choice.
  • Safari (for Mac) – Select Safari menu when the browser is opened, select “Empty Cache” on the menu and then click “Empty” when it pops-up.
  • IE (9-11) – Navigate to top-right of browser to click the gear icon, and then go for “Safety” – “Delete Browsing History”. Check “Temporary Internet files and website files” and unselect other options, confirm the clean of cache by selecting “Delete”.
  • FireFox – Similar to IE and Chrome, the settings menu is on upper right, after clicking on it, you can select the “Options” icon. Once the dialog appears, navigate to “Advanced” – “Network” and then forward to “Cache Web Content” section. Clicking “Clear Now” will remove your cache.
  • Opera – After opening your browser, select “Settings” menu and then “Delete private data”. Choose “Delete entire cache” in the pop-up window. Also ensure other options are unchecked before you confirm it. Once this is done, you can get rid of cache on your browser.

Upgrade Browser to Fix Dailymotion Error

If these steps haven’t fixed your problem, then you may need to upgrade your browser to the latest version. To do this, go to the browsers official website and see if they have any newer versions available. You will download the latest version, then open and run it. The browser will restart, and then test to see if the issue has been fixed.

Check Flash and Script Blocker Add-Ons

If you’re experiencing the Firefox browser not playing Dailymotion videos, the first thing you should attempt is to restart the browser. If that doesn’t help, clear the browser cache by selecting Tools from the menu, followed by Options and Advanced. Click the Clear No button, restart Firefox, and try to play the video once more.

If it still doesn’t work, you can then check flash and script blocker add-ons. Two of the more common add-ons for Firefox is Flashblock and NoScript, both of which are designed to prevent videos playing. You have the option of disabling these add-ons or adding DailyMotion to the whitelist, which will allow videos to play. Be aware that some ad-blocking add-ons may also prevent videos from playing.

Improve Internet Connection

Improve Internet Connection

Still haven’t managed to correct the issue of your Dailymotion videos not working? You may need to look issues errors with your internet connection speed, or even hardware issues. If you are using Wi-Fi, there could be a lot of traffic currently on the connection slowing it down, when this happens it’s common to get buffering issues.

If the internet speed isn’t an issue, then you could be having issues with your hardware, this is commonly caused by malware or spyware being on your system. This could require you cleaning your computer of any virus’s before the videos will play.

Extra Tips: Download Dailymotion Videos for Offline Viewing


For the Dailymotion not working problem, it could be an issue with the website itself, a slow internet connection or even their processor speed. All these issues can cause the videos to be slow or not play. If you’re able to load the flash video but find it’s slow or you need to save it for watching offline, you can then utilize a 3rd party download manager. One of the most popular tools to download Dailymotion videos is Video Keeper, which can grab videos from Dailymotion, Vimeo, YouTube, MetaCafe and many more video sharing sites. In addition, it allows you to convert the downloaded videos to other popular formats for playing anywhere you like. With this, you can download and convert Dailymotion to MP4, AVI, MP3, etc.

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To conclude, we have discussed different ways to troubleshooting Dailymotion not playing. These tips should be able to solve most of the problems (unless something rare happens like the website is temporarily down). If this happens, you can check out YouTube to see if there are videos you are looking for on Dailymotion, view the comparison here). If you have better suggestions to solve the playback problem, feel free to share them in comment field.

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