Solutions to Convert Dailymotion to MP4 and More

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Solutions to Convert Dailymotion to MP4 and More

In the past few years, more and more people have started using Dailymotion as a platform for streaming video clips in a pleasant manner. While YouTube is known to bring in one of the best and most impressive achievements in the video world, Dailymotion does stand its ground and provides one of the best ways to check out distinctive videos online at any time. Many of us are looking for ways to download and convert Dailymotion to MP4 so that they can bring the videos along with mobiles. To fulfill the task of saving Dailymotion videos to MP4 (or other formats) for enjoying on portable players even when there is no Internet access, here we have researched into some feasible solutions.

Review of Apps

Download and Convert Dailymotion to MP4 with Video Keeper

Video Keeper can be the best choice for you to download and convert Dailymotion to MP4. Video Keeper allows you to download your favorite videos from Dailymotion in clicks and then convert the downloaded Dailymotion videos to MP4 with no quality loss in a few minutes. On top of that, it has proven its versatility because it can be used on Windows and Mac computers.

Actually, this Dailymotion to MP4 converter can download videos not only from Dailymotion but also from various video hosting sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, MetaCafe and so many more. And besides MP4, it also lets you convert videos to many other videos/audio formats, including AVI, WMV, FLV, MP4, 3GP, MP3, etc. for playing on iPhone, iPad, mobile phones, PSP and virtually anywhere as you prefer. Download the program and start converting Dailymotion videos to MP4 with no fuss now! Once the app is installed, you can check the whole procedure as illustrated below:

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Step1 Download videos automatically

To download videos the fastest way, go to “Detect” from the main interface of the tool. Then use the browser incorporated within the tool to directly visit DailyMotion. Find and play the video and the tool will do all the job for you. While the video plays, it is being downloaded at the same time saving time and effort.

Main Interface Image

Step2 Download video via the link

Another reliable method is utilizing the tool’s “Download” tab. With this particular method, the video’ link is required to enable you download it right away with its “Paste URL” that is located under the tab that was mentioned above.

paste the link

Step3 Convert video downloaded

Once a video is done, resume to the interface and check the complete file in “Completed” tab on the left pane. Videos downloaded this way are in FLV format. You could simply right-click on a video clip and select “Play” to view it directly. And if you need to convert it to another media formats, just click “Convert”. You will see a dialog contains various output formats in thumbnail view. From here you can go for a stream format or device format in the related tab. After selecting a suitable format, press “Convert” to confirm your conversion. Just give it a short while to get a well-converted video in your desired format.

convert the video

Tips: This video downloader not only can grab videos from Dailymotion and convert them to MP4, but also from other popular video sites and to other regular video formats. You can download vimeo videos, grab YouTube videos and more.

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Free Online Video Downloader

By using our site’s free online video downloader app, you’re able to grab any videos from Dailymotion by providing a URL. This free app is ready to use the form below and you won’t be disturbed by ads, JavaScript or limits in downloads. Simply go to get the video you want by copying its URL and then resume to this app.

Step1 Copy and Paste the URL

Simply go to get the video you want by copying its URL. You can then paste the URL of the video into the download field below and click “Download” to initiate the process.

Step2 Choose a format

Next, a window will pop giving you list of formats available to download including MP4.

Step3 Download the Video

To save the video to your computer, right-click on the blue “download” button next to the format you chose. Finally, click “save link as”.

download the video

Video DownloadHelper for Chrome/Firefox

This downloader extension works for both Chrome and Firefox browsers, letting you grab videos from YouTube, Dailymotion and several other sites. Different from the above tools, this one works as attaching a small download icon by one side of the address bar. Once installed properly, it will remind you to download the video being streamed and will add it to the list with your confirmation. You may also check the download progress within the list. It’s a compact yet convenient tool for downloading MP4 video from Dailymotion.

How to Use Video DownloadHelper

  • First, click this link to add the extension into your web browser.
  • Since the app integrated on the browser itself, it automatically detects the video being played on the browser. So, all you have to do stream the video then the tool will detect the video on different formats.
  • Next, choose the the needed format. Then beside the format you will see an arrow paointing to the right, click it to see other options to download the video.
  • From there choose if you want to do a quick download or others.

download the video

Dailymotion to MP4 Online Downloader for Android

Simple and easy to use, this online app provides you with some extraordinary results very fast. It brings in a great set of benefits and a very good output quality, so you should totally give it a shot, as it’s really good and well worth your time! The distinctive feature of this tool lies in the simple interface, give it a try and you can smoothly turn Dailymotion to local video formats. Another great thing about this tool is that it supports Android mobile devices which makes it very convenient. The process to use the tool on mobile is just the same as with the PC version making it less of a burden to learn.

How to Use Dailymotion to MP4

  • First, go to DailyMotion to copy the link of the video you wish to download.
  • Next visit the Online Downloader Official Website then look for the URL field to paste the copied link.
  • After the video is detected, click the “download” button to get the video saved on your computer.

download video


All in all, no matter the platform or download option you want to choose, you can easily enrich your video entertainment via these handy Dailymotion MP4 converters/downloaders reviewed by us. Give them a shot and you will surely appreciate the very high quality as well as amazing features that come with using these tools and rest assured that the experience will be well worth your time.

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