How to Download Dailymotion to AVI for Playing Offline

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dailymotion to aviAlthough YouTube has undoubtedly been the most popular video platform on internet, there’s actually a wide variety of video sites available providing different types of videos. Dailymotion is being regarded as the second prevailing video platform right after YouTube on the web. It’s quite convenient to stream Dailymotion on its platform with an intelligent search engine to locate the video, yet many of us are still looking for a way to preserve the video clips for watching later. By downloading and converting Dailymotion to AVI, Windows users can easily enjoy the videos without internet. This article is to explore the solutions to download and save Dailymotion to AVI with ease.

Desktop Program for Downloading Dailymotion to AVI

The best way to download and manage web videos is to run a desktop program. The Video Keeper program has provided sufficient options for you to handle video downloading. It enables you to grab videos from Dailymotion and more than 1000 sites expeditiously. Besides, it has other helpful functions such as video converter, player, and mobile transfer etc.

free trial on windows ostry it on mac

To start with, simply download the version above that’s compatible with your system and then install it on your computer. Right after you install and activate the program, the initial interface as illustrated will be presented. Then go to the fascinating video on Dailymotion and copy its URL on your browser. After copying, resume to the program’s interface and click Paste URL on the left-top to add the video clip into the downloading list.

video keeper download video

Once the loading is finished, go to the Completed menu on left column to check your video files. You may view a clip right away by right-clicking on it and selecting “Play”.

To convert a video to AVI format, you can right click the downloaded video and choose Add to > Convert or switch to Convert tab and click Add files to import Dailymotion videos for AVI conversion. Moreover, if you’re intending to import the video file into a specific device like SamSung mobile, you may utilize the presets of outputs of your device. When the settings are OK, click Convert to start the conversion, and then you just need to wait shortly until the process completes. You will get Dailymotion in local format within a few minutes.

video keeper convert video

Tips: You can also use this Dailymotion to AVI converter to convert Dailymotion to MP4, Dailymotion to MP3, etc. to meet all your multimedia needs.

Online Downloader to Convert Dailymotion to AVI

In the scenarios that you’re looking for a quick workaround for converting a few Dailymotion clips into AVI, the online video downloader will be your best choice. It works directly on its webpage and you could easily get what you need from Dailymotion even without leaving this page. No intricate settings are required. You can simply type the URL of the desired video into the field and then click on the icon”Download”.

free video downloader online

After that, wait for the downloader to trace the source of the video. There is a list of available formats for downloading your video. You can right-click on the download icon besides it and then select “save link as” to save the video into AVI format. While waiting for its processing, you can switch to other tasks. And the video will be downloaded completely in a short time. You may repeat this process to preserve as many videos as needed.

Alternative Solution for Converting Dailymotion to AVI

If you would like to download video when streaming it on your browser, the third alternative solution is Video DownloadHelper, which is a free plugin compatible with both Win/Mac OS.


After installing this extension on the browser, you will see a small icon next to the address bar. Then you can stream any video on Dailymotion or other video sites and click the DownloadHelper’s icon to grab the video being played. You are able to download several video clips in desired formats at the same time. This tool also provides a task list for managing the video clips which enables you to convert Dailymotion videos to AVI or other formats conveniently.


In this article, we have elaborated three solutions to download videos from Dailymotion. By converting Dailymotion to AVI, Windows users can watch video clips offline or import them to video editor for further enhancement. You may also collect the videos you like in this way and enrich your collection for entertainment. If you have better approaches, feel free to share your opinions in comments.

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