Top 10 Screen Recorders for Windows 10

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Top 10 Screen Recorders for Windows 10

Are you in search of a recorder that work smoothly on the Windows 10 operating system? In order to have the chance to capture any activity in this case, it is essential that you get a screen recorder which is can run smoothly in a compatible manner on your new PC under the specifications of these types PCs. But the question still lies in this case regarding where you are able to get such sort of screen capturing software? Luckily, the answer is simple, as you only need to look for such screen recorders which are able to directly support the PC specifications and operating system of your computer, and there are several handy screen recorder which are also compatible with a Windows 10 system in the meantime, the most important of which will be outlined in the article below here.

AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online – the best possible screen recorder for Windows 10

free screen recorder webpage

If you want to record a presentation, software demonstration, tutorial or other activity on your computer’s screen, we proudly mention AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online and recommend you to give it a try. This program is a browser-based tool, which you can directly open on the official website and run on your Windows 10 system. During the recording you are provided a control bar which is comprised of many professional tools which you can use to adjust your recording needs and enjoy the recording process more. This tool lets you make the decision whether you wish to have also the cursor during the recording and decide on the final output such as the popular MP4 format or another video format such as the WMV, among others, where you can select the most suitable recording for your experience.
Here are the steps available that help you utilize this tool.

Step1 Launch and initiate the app

Firstly, you need to open up the website of this AceThinker tool directly where you can see the Start button in the middle that is needed to be pressed for launching the application on either your Windows or Mac computer. Just decide on the best audio input on the toolbar and set the necessary options to proceed.

Step2 Do the performing of the recording

After the earlier step, you can press eventually the REC button so the capturing process can be started. Then just go on recording your activity, and when it is done, preview the created content that has been produced and make your final decision whether you wish to keep it, that will make it stored on your hard drive directly afterwards.


  • easily accessible online interface that is also universally available
  • very quick downloading and simple usage



  • more straightforward and simple capturing experience that can be compensated with downloading the more comprehensive offline Screen Grabber Pro software

Windows 10 Built-in Screencast Recording Tool

In case you wonder, there is a screen capturing feature incorporated directly into the Windows 10 operating system, which is widely known as the Game Bar where it is very possible to use it in a very easy and understandable way, as it operates very easily together with any apps which you wish to capture. Therefore, having this built-in screencast solution is a great thing, however although it is a very nice feature to have in Windows 10, it also requires some specific hardware to be able to do that and therefore it might not be suitable to everyone.
The new video recording tool of Windows 10 is part of the Xbox app that comes by default.
How to Use:
1. Ready and open the app you want to record.
2. Press the keyboard shortcut Windows+G to open the Game Bar panel.
3. Check the “Yes, this is a game” on the checkbox to be able to go forward. This is the process whether you are recording a game or another kind of app.
4. Click on the big red record button or you can use a keyboard shortcut Win + Alt + R, to start recording.
5. Once done recording hit the red recording bar located at the top right of the program window. If you cant find it, simply press Win + G again to bring back the Game Bar. Your video will be saved as MP4 files saved under the Videos folder in a subfolder called Captures. If you wish to trim or share your video, just go Game DVR menu of the Xbox app and you can find the icons to share and edit.
Note: Aside from recording your gameplay, Xbox recording tool can also take screenshots. Just click the camera icon on the Game Bar or press Win + Alt + PrtScrn.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is a mentionable screen capturing tool that is designed to work smoothly on every Windows 10 system and therefore popular nowadays. It is a program which is able to record both an activity in the form of a new video as well as the related audio content on your computer without any effort, and has adjustable recording options, where you can capture both streaming audio online or any related or different video and directly get the onto the Windows PC which you are offline using, and in the video or audio recording combination which you wish for. This Aiseesoft program is furthermore great because it is able to capture videos as well as audio and altogether save the content in a specified high quality that is desired by you due to its available HD video encoding technology that is one of the most promising feature of this tool, which was embedded into the solution directly.
How to Use:
1. Download and install the software on your computer. Once done, open it by clicking its icon on your desktop.
2. Select your screen area. Simply move your cursor under “Select Recording Area” and choose between full screen or custom. If you select custom, you will need to enter the area to be captured in pixels in the adjacent text boxes provided.
3. Choose your Audio Source. You need to choose the device from which you are going to record the audio. This is located beside the “Select Recording Area” option. In this part, you have two options: SystemAudio and Line or Microphone. Choose both options or sources if you are recording chats on webcam. On one hand, click only System audio and cross mark the Microphone source if you are recording videos online or music videos. However, if you don’t want any sound on your video, simply cross mark both options.
4. Start Recording. Once the first two steps are done and you are ready to record, just click the red circle button labeled REC. If you are done recording, simply click on the STOP button. You will have a preview of your recorded video on your screen before saving it. Once you are satisfied, hit the SAVE VIDEO button for permanently saving it on your computer in HDD with WMV extension.

Debut Video Capture Software

In case you are wishing to explore other solutions, you can have a look at the Debut Video Capture Software which can be considered as an additional special screen capture program being compatible with the Windows 10 OS and therefore satisfy many recording needs. It is a comprehensive program that makes it possible to capture streaming videos as well as webcam and videos from other external sources as a part of any ongoing activity that is being shown. It captures and afterwards saves the created content in a large selection of the currently popular and widely used video formats such as the popular WMV and the other widely compatible AVI format. In addition, this tool is able to capture audio from different devices, including the external microphones and the internally used speakers of your computer which eventually contribute to a smoother recording experience and therefore a better outcome.
How to Use:
1. Download and install the software on your computer.
2. Open the program. Click the “Screen” tab on the main interface. This will put the program on a screen capture mode.
3. Start Recording. Click the red button and it will display a prompt tool where you need to click “Start Recording” button to begin recording.
4. Stop Recording. When you are done recording, you can press Ctrl + F10 or click the flashing debut icon in the system tray at the bottom right of your screen. This will bring the Debut window back to focus and stop the recording.


TinyTake is another mentionable screen recorder for Windows 10 users that might worth a try due to its professional program and ease of use that won the heart of many people. This tool empowers you to capture any streaming video of your wish, as well as other videos such as webcam videos and in case you are a gamer then any sort of gameplay activity on the computer screen as alternative solutions that are outlined in this article. Furthermore, it records video with fast speed and high quality and directly saves the created file in MP4 or the other very popular AVI video format. It is also worth to be noted that this program makes it possible to highlight the mouse cursor that is moving during the full screen recording. However, with all these features available, on the other side It does not support some of the currently used editing features to edit the video recorded.
In case you decide on capturing with this tool, just follow the way here.

Step1 Install and select the icon to start

The recording process is started by pressing the right click on the TinyTake icon once he program is installed and it appeared on the system tray, where you can directly go for the menu point of Capturing a video.

Step2 Configure shortcut keys

Once you have the tool window emerged, just set the options and also configure important functions such as the shortcut keys that can facilitate the starting of the capturing.

Step3 Do the capturing process

Once the options are all set you can press the Capture to prepare for the actual launching of the TinyTake recording. Then just recorder whatever you wish to be included in your final content, and have it stored on your computer in the end.

Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio is another useful alternative that works as a relevant and popular tool that allows you to record videos on your computer’s screen and handle this task with ease and convenience. You can capture your computer gameplay as well as many other types of activity on your Windows 10 system, and save the video on your computer afterwards without any limitations and hassles to have direct availability for creating and eventually accessing your creation. Finally, it also allows you to edit videos that you have been captured to create your own unique masterpiece with options such as that you can trim, cut and add watermark for protection of your video.

For proceeding further with the utilization of this tool, have a look at the presented guideline.

Step1 Load the official page

An important requirement for doing the recording is that you shall go to the official webpage where the tool can be accessed and downloaded for immediate installation afterwards.

Step2 Capturing your wished activity

When the tool is installed and the interface is present, altering the options to your need regarding both audio and video quality-wise is important to have the highest efficiency. Simple put everything to your liking, and after finishing the settings, press the REC button for the capturing to begin. After then you can just continue capturing all your activities and when you feel that it can be finalized, just end the process and have your video saved on your computer.

camtasia step 3

BSR Screen Recorder

BSR Screen Recorder is a very handy screen recording tool for users who are operating Windows 10 system on their computer as it allows a large range of recording options, including that you can record either the full computer display or rather just a part of your screen that you specified, as well as that this program supports the recording of videos from other devices with ease and convenience. The BSR Screen Recorder furthermore gives you the ability to record quality images, and therefore can be regarded as a tool of lot of value. It saves the recorded videos in several formats which are currently utilized by other devices on the market, such as the high quality MOV format or the more compatible AVI format. However, you will experience some difficulties with its installation on your computer due to its complexity which is on the other side compensated with the available features.

How to Use:
1. Download and install the application.
2. Use the Wizard. After launching the application on your computer, the Wizard will be launched as well. This is a great way to start using the program especially if it’s your first time to use it. However, if you are already familiar with the tools of the program, you can check “Do not open at startup.”
3. Select your recording options. You will have several options in this portion. They are as follows:
A Region of the Screen – records selected region
A Window – records a window of your choice
Entire Screen – captures the active screen
Multiple Region – a picture-in-picture mode to record several regions into one video
Auto Plan – records where the mouse goes

4. Manage the output dimensions. This is where you can select the resolution for your recording.
5. Manage the audio and mouse cursor. This is where you should determine whether you want any audio in the video and whether your cursor’s movement should be recorded.
6. Start Recording. Simply click the “Record” button and the recording frame will turn red. You can control your recording by using the buttons available on the right of the frame.
7. Finish Recording. Just hit the “Stop” button to stop the recording. You can choose to directly save your video or make some edit to your recording.


EZVID is an alternatively available tool that does not have many features compared to its counterparts when it comes to recording your screen under Windows 10 on your laptop or desktop computer. Practically it comes with a basic video editor in a relatively simple interface, however it also possesses some notable feature for example the ability to upload the videos you make straight to YouTube, which is very important nowadays and makes it a convenient one click process to create and upload videos of what you are seeing on your screen directly to one of the biggest video uploading website to easily share them with you friends. In addition, the basic video editor includes speed control and features which you would expect from a free tool comfortably.

In case you wish to capture video with this tool in the most optimized way, follow the instructions here:

Step1 Do your preparation for the capturing

In the first part of the instruction you need to install the tool when it is downloaded to your computer, and afterwards you shall visit the program’s interface when you double click on its icon and wait for the loading. Then when you are finally inside, just press the Capture Screen so the recording screen window will emerge in the first place.

Step2 Freely modify the settings of the capturing

After pushing the Capture Screen button, the emerging new window gives you the chance to alter any settings that are presented to have the most fine-tuned experience in regard of the activity recording. Pressing the Use Advanced Settings button and afterwards locating the most relevant options and deciding on them is the most advisable step to take.

Step3 Record your anticipated activity

When you are all right and ready after setting the necessary alterations, you can start a capturing window simply after you have highlighted a suitable frame around a place you wish to record on your computer, as well as you have secured that everything is ready in this manner.


Jing is another mentionable tool which can be taken into consideration as a preferred tool for screen recording, developed by the same developers who aired Snagit and Camtasia Studio as other relevant tools in their portfolio. However, unlike the other similar programs developed by the company, Jing is a free solution for everybody and therefore is used by many people for screen recording purposes on Windows 10 system. Although unlike some of the available alternatives this tool doesn’t have a built-in editor, it still compensates for this with additional advanced features such as mouse tracking which are on the other hand usually not available in other tools that are also free in the meantime. It also very simplified in its usage and offers direct uploading in case you wish to use that video hosting website.

How to use:
1. Search Jing. Go to its website to download and install the tool. You can choose between Windows and Mac depending on the operating of the computer that you will use for recording.
2. Once the tool is downloaded successfully, you will find a sun-like icon that is usually located at the upper right corner of your screen.
3. Click the Sun. When you hover your mouse over the icon, you will see 3 options. The first is the Cross button to capture or start, the second is for your history file, and the last one is for your settings and more.
4. Start Recording. Click the Cross button to capture or take videos of your screen. You can drag and stop any region on your screen that you want to record. You have 5 minutes time limit when you choose to take a video.
5. End Recording. When you’re done, just click the finish button. You will find three options on the lower left part where the first is for sharing your video, second is for saving the video in your computer, and third is for cancelling it.

FlashBack Express

FlashBack Express is another screen recorder with great features which is taking a mentionable rank on our list, as it is also ideal for catching gameplay activity and recording footage that is happened through your webcam among other screen activity on your Windows 10 system, and therefore could serve as an important tool to help you in case such recording activity need emerges from your side. This tool features a well-designed interface which can have a lot of comfort with its easily understandable options for even beginners, and it also makes the recording experience much more enjoyable than some competitors due to its fast and smooth recording and emphasis of the developers on the user experience.

How to Use:
1. Download and install the program.
2. To start using the program, you need to configure the following settings according to your needs:
-Select Display Settings
-Select Sound Settings
-Webcam Settings
-Record Mode
-Select Area to Record
3. Start Recording. Once you have configured all the necessary settings, click the record button to start recording. Your recording will work according to what you previously set. You can control your recording with the floating recording toolbar. You can pause or stop at any time and save.
4. Use quick record feature. This feature will let you ignore all the six steps in between and starts recording based on the last used configuration.
5. Share your recordings. The tool allows you to upload your video to services like YouTube, Revver, etc. or export it as an SWF or AVI file.


As you can see there are multiple tools present which are very valuable alternatives to each other when your need is aroused to have your screen recorded for different purposes on your Windows 10 system, either on your laptop or your desktop. However as it can be clearly understood from the description of the tools above, all of them have their own pros and cons and it is up to your which one you wish to go with, while in the meantime you can surely try out the AceThinker solution as it will be a very good partner to satisfy all your screen recording needs on Windows 10.

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