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Screencast-O-Matic is a screen recording software that helps you record both your desktop screen as well as your webcam easily. The recorded files can be saved into many widely used, compatible video formats, such as MP4, FLV, and AVI. It also offers you to publish the recorded video to YouTube. However, users who have not registered the software are limited to file only 15 minutes, and even a watermark is attached to the video. Only purchasing the software make you able to remove the duration limit and the watermark from your video. Furthermore, you also miss the presence of a built-in editor tool when it comes to modifying your recordings, so you need to look for other editing tools to add images, texts, or remove unwanted portions to customize your video. In this article, we bring you the best Screencast-O-Matic alternatives, which can make up for these missing options.

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AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder

The AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder tool is one of the best among Screencast-O-Matic alternatives as it helps you record your session while also empowering you to edit and customize your video. You won’t need to look for any separate editor software anymore. Furthermore, AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder allows you to record without any watermarks as well as no limit on recording the video as it is entirely free to use the tool. It works well on both Windows and Mac computers. Regarding the sessions, you can record both audio and video along with capturing images with the software. Finally, you can save your videos in many easy to play formats, including WMV, FLV, AVI, MP4, and so on. Your video is also encoded for added safety. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to record video on your computer using Free Online Screen Recorder.

free screen recorder homepage

User Guide

  • Launch the Tool: First off, go to the official site of Free Online Screen Recorder and activate the software. From the homepage, click on the “Start Recording” button and quickly launch the program.
  • Start Recording: Users can either record their whole desktop or select a specific screen area. Doing this, users is able to record a livestream, video, or any screen activity quickly. Once determined, click the “Rec” button to begin the recording.
  • screen area

  • Preview and save the recorded video: Once done, click the “Stop” button to finish it. The tool will instantly open its main interface where you can preview the recorded video. From there, you can save the video by clicking the “Upload” button at the bottom right corner of the tool. You can also upload the video to YouTube, Google Drive, and other popular video sharing sites.


NOTE: Moreover, if you’re looking for advanced screencast with multiple output formats including GIF, please get the pro version from below. Using its pro version, you will be able to enhance the video and make it professional by adding shapes, lines, text, using its annotation feature. Even more, an automatic scheduler is integrated which is very handy when capturing a movie or video in case you don’t have enough time to stay in front of computer. That way, you won’t miss the live streams you’ve been meaning to watch. It’s best to have a hands-on experience, better yet, click on the download button to learn more about this wonderful software.

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Camstudio is another optional choice loaded with lots of great features. Even many paid software alternatives cannot compete with its unique features, including its simple and easy to use interface, as well as a one-click recording option to capture images or record videos on your computer desktop screen. To record videos, all you need to do is playing the video to be recorded, opening the Camstudio software and hitting the “Start Recording” button. It is always recommended to adjust the required frame rate, video quality, resolution, and video codec before the beginning of the action.  Like other solutions, CamStudio also provides you the option to capture the entire or only a portion of your desktop. By default, the software sets the full-screen mode, and if you need to change it to region mode, then you have to modify it through the settings.

save recording

User Guide

  • Install Camstudio: Visit the official website of Camstudio and then click the download button from the main-interface. Launch the installer after installation and follow the setup wizard.
  • Hit the record button: After installation, the main interface of the tool will appear. Click the “Record” button from the main interface to start recording the entire screen area.
  • Save the recording: End the recording by clicking the “Stop” button. The video will be then saved to the folder designated for the tool.
ezvid icon



Ezvid is another great Screencast-O-Matic alternative that lets you record videos from your computer desktop and also shares them on YouTube or other popular social media channels. The interface is straightforward and neat, bringing all the controls needed to record your videos right in front of you. It also comes with a built-in video editor by default, so you don’t need to download another software to edit and enhance your videos. You can add images, text, or shapes to your video and share it with your friends and families.

ezvid interface

How to record Video with Ezvid?

  • Download the latest version of Ezvid from the official website
  • Install the software as per the provided instructions
  • Open the software to start the recording process
  • You are also provided options to add a title to your video, a small description, as well as it also allows you to select a background music along with any keywords needed, and so on.
  • Choose the required settings when you go to the “Advanced Settings” screen
  • Preview option is also available
  • Click on the ”Start Capture now” button to start the recording process
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Capture Fox – Firefox Add-on

One of the simplest and easy to use tool is CaptureFox. You don’t need to install any software into your system, as it is just an extension that can be added directly to your Firefox Browser. Once you have it installed, it will automatically appear in the toolbar of your Firefox browser. You can download this extension from the Mozilla add-ons page. As the name implies, CaptureFox works only with the Firefox browser. When installed, you can see a small icon in the shape of a record icon on the right side of your browser, and you can just use CTRL+SHIFT+U to open CaptureFox or open it from the Tools menu.

record video

The interface of the CaptureFox extension is simple and you are also provided the option to configure your recording from the settings menu. You can specify whether you want to record the entire screen or only a portion of the screen. You can also specify the folder where the videos need to be saved and start the recording when you are all set.

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ActivePresenter is another great solution that, as it provides software that helps you achieve various things, including creating training presentations, user guides, training videos, product demonstrations, and so on. ActivePresenter comes with a full-featured video editor that allows you to remove/edit the unwanted portion of your video, or just add text to it and tweak it in every way to suit all your requirements. It supports the latest HTML5 web standard, and it can also be integrated with other popular Learning Management Systems. The content created with the help of ActivePresenter is supported by any devices.

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AZ Screen Recorder for Android

AZ Screen Recorder is one of the standard screen recorder applications on the Play Store. Besides creating HD as well as Full HD, it’s the one screencast application on this list that can pause and resume recording. You can use the mic as well as input audio alongside screen capturing. A floating front camera, magic button, and ability to draw on the screen are some of the high points of this app. It’s free and provides the ability to share on various platforms when you are done. In contrast to other open applications, it does not force any watermarks, which is why it is more liked.

az screen recorder

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AirShou Screen Recorder for iOS

AirShou happens to be a recording application for the iPad or iPhone that is free and does not require any jailbreak before it can start working. It is designed with a user-friendly interface so that someone who is using the app for the first time does not need to go through any struggle. Based on support, AirShou is compatible with devices that run iOS 9 and higher. This app can cope with a high-quality screencast of about 1080p at 60 fps with a tool for capturing footage from its camera. It’s equally the one application that gives you the option that allows you to choose a unique file name before the real screen recording commences. Apart from that, you can select the best orientation for every capture session. Regarding the audio, AirShou allows you to capture it with its built-in mic in addition to its internal audio capture tool whose high quality and the unique stereo property are quite exceptional.

airshou recording

For game lovers, this application can spot installed games while you select the game from within the application and commence recording. This application can handle games as well as intensive applications based on its lightweight and powerful capabilities.

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