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Best 5 Free Screen Recorder Websites to Record Screen Online

Last updated on April 17, 2019 by Eleena

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Best 5 Free Screen Recorder Websites to Record Screen Online

Online screen recording is one of the easiest solutions in recording computer screen to create tutorials, share a few tricks in a game, make demos of different products, etc. The rising popularity of screen recorder websites is also because that online screen recorders generally require no installation and registration. You can simply visit the website and start recording immediately. If you’re looking for a great screen recording website to create your video from a computer screen for free, you can check this article about the best free screen recording sites and how to use each one to capture screen.

Acethinker Online Screen Recorder

free screen recorder onlineThe first free screen recorder website is AceThinker Online Screen Recorder, a web-based application to record the screen activities as high quality videos. You can customize the size of the capture frame and configure the audio sources. This recording tool also can save the videos in various formats – MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, FLV, and more. The videos can also be uploaded to different video sharing websites. You can now check the steps below on how to use the tool.

Step1 Activate the Application and Start Recording

Visit the webpage of AceThinker Free Screen Recorder and simply click the “Start” button to activate the app. Note that if it is the first time that you use this app, you will be asked to download and install a small launcher, which will take a few seconds. To start recording, simply click the “Rec” button from the recording toolbar.

rec button

Step2 Annotate and Record Simultaneously

After that, you can annotate while recording. Drag down the “Pen” icon to see some options like shapes, text, arrows, and highlights.

annotate video

Step3 Finish and Preview the Recorded File

When you are done recording, press the “Stop” button. Since the Acethinker Online Screen Recorder has a built-in player, you can have a preview of your recording.

end preview

Screencast O Matic

Screencast O MaticAnother great free recording website is Screencast O Matic, one of the most advanced screen recorders online. This application is capable of both webcam and screen recording. In addition, you can use this for making tutorials. Since it has a simple interface, it is very convenient to use. It also has a built-in feature for editing videos. However, this tool cannot add watermark to the videos or pictures. And, it only offers 15 minutes for every recording. See the steps below on how to use this tool.

Step2 Customize the Settings

Prior to the recording, customize the settings like selecting the size of your capture frame, adding narration and audios. You can also set the recording time. However, the tool allows you to capture your screen up to 15 minutes.

step 2

Step3 Start to Record

Hit the “Record” button to start recording. Then all the actions on the screen will be captured.

som step 3

Step4 Finish and Edit the Video

Click the “Done” button to stop recording. After that, another pop-up window will appear on your screen for you to edit your video. You can trim the start and end of your video to choose the part of the video that you want to save.

done recording

Step5 Save and Publish the Video

Once you trimmed the video, you can save the video file on your desktop, post it on Screen O Matic or publish it directly on Youtube.

som step 5


ShowMoreThe last free screen recorder website we need to mention is Showmore. It lets you record your screen activities like online tutorials, live stream games and more without any time limit. With the use of this screencast tool, you can add various annotations such as marks, arrows, and text during the recording. Similar to the other tools, you can save the files to different formats like MP4, WMV, AVI, and GIF. Follow the simple guide below to use the app.

Step1 Configure the Settings

Visit the official page of the application from ShowMore to access it. Like AceThinker Free Screen Recorder, you will also have to download a Launcher for first use. After the app has been activated, open the “Option” tab from the floating toolbar. Then you will see the recording settings that can help to enhance the video quality. Here, you can set the hotkeys, video format, audio quality and more.

showmore step 1

Step2 Customize the Capture Frame and Start Recording

Before you start recording, you need to make sure that you set the size of the recording area that you want to capture. You can customize the size using the “Customize” option from the recording toolbar or just drag a region and adjust the vertex of the screen.

showmore 3

Step3 Annotate while Recording

You can also make a real-time editor while recording by using the “Pen” icon from the floating toolbar. You can add lines, shapes, text and highlight the important part of the recording.

annotate video

Step4 End Recording

To end the recording, simply click the red “Square” button. Then there will be a pop-up window for you to preview the video file.

showmore step 5

Step6 Save or Share the Recording

Then click the “Save as video file” tab to save the video file on your computer. Once done saving the file, another pop-up window will appear on your screen. You can choose whether you want to preview, edit the video, open the folder, or copy the video path. Furthermore, if you wish to upload the recorded clip then choose the “Upload on YouTube” button.

showmore step 6

Movavi Screen Recorder

These kinds of tools also are beneficial when it comes to your blogging and creative video review. Another tool that you can also use Movavi free screen recorder. This tool also can help you record your desktop for free. However, unlike the first three apps reviewed, this tool needs to be downloaded on your computer although it is for free. When talking about the interface of the tool, it is very user-friendly. The floating toolbar is as very simple and easy to understand tool. To demonstrate the process to help you decide whether you want to download and use the tool, check out the steps as follows.

Step1 Download the app

Get the app downloaded by visiting the Movavi screen recorder official website. Install the app and launch it afterwards.

Movavi download the app

Step2 Start recording

To start using it click on “Start”. Now, begin the recording click the red circle button at the bottom right side of the interface.

start recording

Step3 Stop recording

Once the recording is completed, click the same button to stop the recording. You can also use the stop button on the very top left part of the frame of the main interface. The stop button is the third one on the right.

stop recording

Step3 Download the recording

To get video saved on your PC, click the “Save as” button at the bottom right side of the interface. You can also preview the video by going to Movavi folder from your documents.

save the recording


Screencastify is known for providing free tools to use for downloading videos online. Not many may not know, this site also offers free screen recorders and converters. This screen recorder is a browser extension. It is for free that you do not need to register to be able to take advantage of the features it provides. Equally important is that you do not need to download any software on your computer that keeps your computer from harm. It is easy to use and safe from malware. Also, the tool has a direct link where you can share the video recorded immediately to your social media accounts. The more that you get to know more about it, the more convenient it will be for you.

Step1 Launch the app by adding it as an extension

To use the tool, visit the Chrome store and search for Screencastify. Next, add it as an extension.

add as an extention

Step2 Start recording

Begin the recording, head up to the right corner of your browser. Look for the Screencastify logo and click it. To begin the recording choose whether you want to record the whole screen, camera or the web page. In this case we will click “Desktop”. Remember to choose “Start Sharing” after clicking “Record”.

start recording

Step3 Stop recording

To stop the recording, click “Stop Sharing”. The tool will open another tab for the recorded video.

stop recording

Step4 Save recording

From there you will see the preview of the file from the tab opened.To save the recorded video, click the “download” icon. The video then will be downloaded and saved on your “Downloaded” folder.

download the recorded file


All the above mentioned free screen recording websites will help you record your computer screen along with audio for free. Though they are different from one another in some cases, the recording feature is almost the same. You can simply select one and start to make a video screencast without any hassles. Generally speaking, AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder is considered as the first option as there is no recording time limit and no watermarks will be placed on the output videos.

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