Top 5 Free Online Screen Recorder No Download

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Top 5 Free Online Screen Recorder No Download

Screen Recorders are software that allows a user to record activities or events as they happen on the computer screen. These videos can then be used by auditory and visual learners. The videos are used to demonstrate how-to videos in a stepwise tutorial, record reviews for different products such as phones, demonstrate a software to other users, or share a few tricks in a game.

Most screen recorders have several common features such as: the ability to get a screen cast or a webcam; edit and modify a video after recording and saving, and saving a video under a variety of formats. Online screen recorders are different from screen recording software. The online screen recorder is an online application that records screen activities online without having to download and install the software. It, however, performs the same functions as the screen recording software. Before you can use an online screen recorder, you first need to install a launcher. This may take a few minutes before you can begin to record your activities. Once you have installed the launcher, you can start to record activities such as live streams, live chats and even self demonstrations. I am going to review common online screen recorders below.

Free Screen Recorder Online

This web-based screen recorder free no download offers an easy and effective way to record screen as high quality video. Once you have launched the recorder, you can record audio and video on the screen. The webcam option is also available. The options to record without audio, system sounds, microphone and system sounds and microphone are also available. The user can also customize the screen to the desired size to create a perfect video. You can either select a region of the screen or the entire screen. The recorder allows the user to save the video in eight different formats – MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, FLV, MPEG, ASF and VOB. You can also convert the video to a different format once you have saved it. The video can then be uploaded on YouTube or shared through Dropbox or other apps.

There is also a pro version of this free no download screen capture – Screen Grabber Pro. This desktop screen recording program requires no Internet collection for the recording and offers much more features than the online one. You can click the button below to download the right version according to your computer’s operating system.

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Screen O Matic

Screen cast O Matic is one of the commonest online screen recorder no download available. It registers over 30,000 recordings on a daily basis. It has a wide range of users from educators, gamers to business gurus. The recorder is very easy to use. Launching the recorder takes a few minutes after which you can start recording. There are two versions of the recorder – a free version and a Pro Recorder that you can buy for $15. The Free version and the Pro version offer different features. For instance the Free version allows for: fifteen minute recordings; screen casts and webcam videos and to publish a video on YouTube. The Pro version allows for longer recordings, screenshots, audio from PC, no watermarks and video editing.

Screen Toaster

screentoaster screen recorder no download

Screen Toaster is a free no download screen recorder that does not require any download. It is fast and easy to launch and offers unlimited recording time. It also doubles up as a screen cast hosting service. As soon as you finish recording, you video is automatically uploaded online where you can share it with other people. Unlike free no download online recorder from AceThinker, it requires Java Applet to function. Screen Toaster has a few shortcomings such as: it does not record audio and cannot export videos as QuickTime movies. To use Screen Toaster, you need to receive an invite via email address.

Note: this app is not working anymore.

Toolster Video Recorder

screen recorder no download toolster

This is another free screen recorder no download as it’s an online service. It allows you to record your activities using a webcam and post it online without having to download the launcher like other screen recorders. The videos can only be recorded in FLV format. The recording time limit is two minutes but you can repeat the recordings as many times as possible. You can also pause only once while recording. The main shortcoming with this application is that you require an up to date Adobe to use it.

FotoFriend Video Booth

no download screen recorder fotofriend

This is also an online screen recorder no download that allows you record the activities on your screen without having to download any software. This application allows you to take pictures as well as record videos. The application has over 50 video effects in the video editing menu. It has a screen cast option and webcam option. Edited videos can be saved and uploaded on YouTube and other social media platforms. Another interesting feature with this online recorder is the ability to add stickers to the photos taken. The only major shortcoming with this recorder is that it does not allow you to add watermarks to the photos taken.

There are many free online screen recorders available. Choosing the best recorder may be a big headache especially to a new user. The no donwload screen recorders discussed above narrows this search and allow the user to select the best one that guarantees the best results.

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