Top 5 Tools to Record Video from Websites

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Top 5 Tools to Record Video from Websites

Record video from websiteNowadays we are bombarded with content in the form of online videos on a diverse range of websites, especially as videos are a fast and effective way to transfer and share information among a large group of people in a spectacular way. While some videos are only for entertainment, some other videos often bring very valuable information, such as an explanation about how to use a program, or unique, inspiring quotes, which you would like to keep with yourself and access many times. However most of the videos cannot be downloaded, that’s why people look for a screen recorder website to find the best program how they can record web video from those valuable websites. In this article, we recommend you the best 5 screen recorder tools, which can empower you to record and keep those videos on your computer.

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

screen grabber pro for windows

Among the available web screen recorder applications, Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro is a comprehensive tool that makes up to fulfil your screen recording needs, and therefore is the best we can recommend. After going to the video hosting website, you are able to use it for your advantage to record any sort of videos of your wish, including webcam videos as well as other sources such as screencast videos or even still shots, among the other online content forms, with the help of a simplified user interface which makes recording available and easy for even newbie. The Screen Grabber Pro supports multiple audio inputs, so you can use it to record webcam video and screencast video with either commenting your activities through your microphone or using the system sound, or capturing both. All you need to do is start your video and highlight the area around the video on your screen, so they program will record video from website regardless of which website you are streaming it from. Therefore, AceThinker is a very powerful solution, which will serve your need very well.


  • simple interface and very user-friend one-click recording
  • offline screen recording program, which is available to you even when you have no internet connection


  • you might need to switch to the Pro version to get the most benefit out of it

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camtasia recorder

Camtasia Studio can be also considered a very promising website video recorder, as it is a professional-level application can bring the users a great amount of versatility and utility, making the experience to record web screen very enjoyable. Camtasia is well-known on the market as it is a tool which aims for users who look for a comprehensive set of editing tools that can bring out the most from the video-editing experience. It was considered earlier in the development of the industry as one of the standards to refer to, although many new alternatives are available on the market nowadays. Furthermore, the produced videos can also be considered to have one of the highest quality.


  • very good quality videos come out of the program as result
  • large set of capture and editing tools


  • automating the recording is very difficult and is not available for the first sight, you need to go deeply into the system files for it


snagit recorder

Snagit can also be characterized as a well-known screen recorder website, as it is known for that it can combine very efficient and smooth screen capturing experience as well as editing features for the users within its easy-to-use interface form. Because it is also developed to be a relatively comprehensive solution, which has a large number of diverse tools which could help users with the videos more effectively based on whether they are looking to capture images, color values, video game or video clips.

Snagit also has an intuitive as well as user friendly interface and recording options, which makes it more faster and easier to record the desired video.


  • Capturing your screen is a simple, pain-free process with the quick-access toolbar
  • there is a wide variety of tools available to be tailored to the user’s need


  • Setting up your email to work with the program is a bit difficult in the first place



In case you are looking to discover other website video recorder options, Smartpixel can also be an interesting program for consideration. Although you can experience that this program is less comprehensive and you might lack some functions which you might use in specific circumstances, Smartpixel offers most of the video recording and editing features which users are looking for in general. Furthermore, it is also missing some of the essential tools, such as the option to zoom onto specific parts of the screen and to set the audio of your captured video to match your input needs. Therefore there is definitely some room for this program to improve, although on the other side it offers intuitive navigation and the recording process is quite simple. Therefore if you look for the most basic screen recording activities only, then this program will serve you well.


  • Very intuitive and easy-to-learn interface
  • Similarly easy to use in case you are looking for only basic activities


  • The editing section of the program is not as intuitive as the other parts
  • You cannot adjust the zoom on your video as well as set the audio


Last but not least on our list of web recorder programs you can find the popular Screencast-o-Matic, which can come very much in hand for you if you consider to record web video from any video hosting sources, as it is also recording a specific area from the screen itself, which includes the area of the video, therefore it does not matter which video hosting website is streaming your favorite video. Screencast-o-Matic is also a good tool to share your video recordings with your friends or  colleagues as you have this option within a couple of clicks. This can also be said for the recording process, which can be done in a couple of clicks, where you just need to highlight the part of the screen you wish to record, and finish it once you are satisfied, where you have the option to download or directly upload to a social media site your video.


  • very intuitive, straightforward way to record your video with a simple click
  • after finishing the recording, you have direct option to publish it on your favorite social media website


  • the program always places a yellow circle around the cursor of the mouse during the recording which cannot be turned off
  • no option to do direct full-screen recording, you need to stretch the area in case you wish to do full-screen capture


As you can see, the introduced programs are all great options which are capable of capturing the area of your screen which displays the video from your favorite video hosting website, therefore you can efficiently record an online video with them. However, based on your needs you should decide on the best tool for yourself. We definitely recommend AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro, which is a highly powerful and comprehensive solution, which will definitely fit to your need with its intuitive and user-friendly system and versatile options, while you can also use the other tools if you plan to capture videos in a rather simple way.

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