Top 15 Highly Recommended Online Learning Tools

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Top 15 Highly Recommended Online Learning Tools

Online Teaching ToolsApart from the conventional classroom education, there is nowadays a newly emerging other form of education which is trending up, that is usually referred to as online learning or e-Learning. Now anyone can improve their knowledge and skills without having to meet face to face with a teacher. By making use of the right online learning tools, anyone can acquire knowledge with their comfort and at their own chosen time. This method of learning is advantageous because you can change your learning pace base on your will. If you haven’t tried eLearning until this point, then here are the top tools that you can use.


For Creating Content

A. YouTube


As known to all of us YouTube accommodates a large number of videos in its database, where so many users can have access to it by just going online. There are a large range of videos that are uploaded on this website, and a particular piece of them are informational and instructional ones. When it comes to eLearning, YouTube is handy because it can be used in several online courses by adding a video content into the conversation, therefore making the class more interactive and enjoyable.

B. ShowMore


Speaking about online teaching tools, one other important alternative application in this field which can assist you with attaching content to a conversation is ShowMore. It is a web-based application for screen recording that has the ability to record anything showing on your PC screen. It can perform audio recording from system sound, microphone or both and this makes it a very flexible app. With the aid of this app, the facilitators of eLearning can assemble all of the required visual (video clips) content which they need by recording it themselves. It is good to be noted that it is useful for both the learners and facilitators.

Having an interest developed? See some details below.

Step1 Setting the launcher up

In the very first time of putting up the tool just visit the official page of the app and click on launching the recorder via the Start Recording dark button. Firstly you will need to install the launcher but afterwards  the process will go normally.

Step2 Have the settings configured

Within the launcher you can actually visit the settings tab after the opening, where you need to set the desired hot keys as well as any other needed option for example the format of the video and the quality of the audo. You are also able to separately choose the audio settings in more details on the launcher where you can put the audio source of your desire in the audio input and also pick the suitable recording mode.

Step3 Have the preparation of the recording

Once you have the options decided, open up your favorite video in your player so that the window with your activity appears on your screen, which afterwards you can navigate to, and frame with the tool to be recorded.


Once you have the right frame so you only record the activities you want, press the recording button so the process will be stared and your recording will take place, during which you can do a large range of annotation and highlighting. In the end just save and store your new video.

C. Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft Office Suite

For whatever thing that is associated with learning, Microsoft Office Suite is the most popular to everyone. These set of apps give the users all of the things that they need regarding written materials, graph, tables, visual presentations, etc. These apps are not just helpful for all of those who attend Universities but likewise for those who participate in online courses. Why is it useful in eLearning? To put it simply, the result of the fact that most of the written materials required are prepared mostly via employing this tool.


For Engagement or Communication

A. Nearpod


In fastening students to learn more, a tool with similar features as this one possesses is a great help. By adding online links, video clips, and other interactive elements, this application can change your conventional teaching materials into live and interactive digital content. Furthermore, users of Nearpod can also have access to the tool’s 3D function with a use of Nearpod VR, and gadgets such as Google Cardboard. This app enables students to communicate and learn at the same time.

B. Remind


This is a classroom messaging app that helps instructors, students, and parents engage with one another as fast as possible. In addition, as the name of this app suggests, its principal role is to remind every user the things that need to be done. With the aid of this app, no duties are left undone, and all individuals involved are kept reminded.

C. Flipgrid


Flipgrip is a video program comparable to YouTube. However, it is centered more on educating others for a mutual benefit. With this program, teachers firstly load every topic that they had, and afterwards students will comment or discuss something in return via uploading a video clip which is known as the grid. This tool permits a nearly perfect teacher and student communication and makes it simpler for the student to remember the information given mainly if they are visual learners.


For Making Learning Enjoyable

A. Kahoot!


In addition, in case you are searching for online teaching tools for teachers can entertain as well as teach their users then try Kahoot. This web-application makes learning fun because it gives learning in a game in a quiz format. Therefore, all user is provided an opportunity to formulate their quiz or provide answers to the quiz other Kahoot users formulate. In this way providing answers to others’ quizzes will assist you with learning new information, while formulating a new quiz will give you a chance to teach what you’ve learned, which I think is fantastic.

B. Buncee


This app is designed for making a slideshow that can be used in creating a flawless visual presentation for students. With the Buncee application, professors can include different graphics, videos, images, texts e.t.c. This is useful in eLearning because the best presentation can be performed according to a specific topic provided.

C. Matific


Do you want to teach your kids Mathematics in a way they would like it and understand it at the same time? Then this app can assist your kids to learn Math and have fun at the same time. This app uses ordinary objects that we see daily and integrate them into Math problems. In this case, the Math problems become easier as they are about more the reality. Also, children are beginning to involve themselves with technology making this app a must-have for them. It’s not dull as a book, and it’s interesting as a game.

D. Go Noodle

Go Noodle

Want to shake your students while taking a class? Then Go Noodle can aid you to get kids moving. This application is packed with various activities that can help students have a quick exercise in the midst of a dull/long class only to shake them up. The task is based on the ideas of meditation, mindfulness, and breathing exercises.

E. Quizizz


From its name, Quizizz app provides different quizzes that are educative and at the same time entertaining. There are two sorts of quizzes: one can be played inside a classroom, and another can be assigned as a fun homework. It is a new type of educative game that fits every kid on the block.

F. Education City

Education City

This is an online kid’s educational game which works well as a useful resource for teachers also. The subjects that are undertaken in this educative game incorporate Mathematics, English, Science, and Computing and so on. This educative game is relevant for children especially among the age of 3 to 12; it is considered as part of their routine when playing. This app will assist students to learn new things while having the same feel as playing.


For Carrying Out a Researching

A. SurveyMonkey


The following online education tools are researching tools such as SurveyMonkey. SurveyMonkey is an online-based app which has the ability to run a survey based on what the user’s knowledge desire is about. A few things that this page gives include data analysis, sample selection, data representation, etc. So in case you desire to add particular survey details into an eLearning conversation, then this tool is up for the job.

B. Quora


Quora is one of the most popular question and answer site which is utilized in gaining knowledge of the specific topic that someone is not accustomed to. And for everyone who wants to know the answer can post a question by creating an account. With this online tool, you can gain book and knowledge-based experiences in the form of inquiries from experts related to the given field of your interest.

C. Reddit


This is an American web-based content rating, social news aggregation, and discussion website. It has lots of relevant content in its database known as “subreddits”. Every subreddit involves science, news, movies, gaming, etc. So in case you want to learn anything in general, then this online site is the best eLearning site for you.



Those are the top online learning tools that anyone can use; you can either use it to teach or learn. All the tools are divided into four sections allowing you to select the right one according to your needs.

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