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screen o matic alternatives

Screen-O-Matic is a very popular name when it comes to online utilities for screen recording. What makes the online utilities a popular and useful option is that they allow you to record your screen without downloading or installing anything. While this may work for a few requirements, if you have greater needs than simply creating a 1-2 minute recording of your screen, then Screen-O-Matic may not be the best option.

The limitations come in many ways. For instance, you cannot make recordings greater than 15 minutes using Screen-O-Matic. Further, there is the software’s watermark on every recording that you make with the free utility. In addition to that, various other features like online editing, drawing, and others are not available when you use this tool. This calls for a better and more capable alternative – and that is exactly what you will learn as you read ahead.

Free Screen Recorder Online

This app is amongst the best tools that you can get to record your screen. This free program works on Windows as well as Mac computers, and overcomes a lot of the limitations that you otherwise have to endure with Screen-O-Matic. There is no limit of the size or time while using this as your screen-recording tool. You can make videos of just 2 minutes and even record TV shows and movies.

This tool comes with many other features as well. It allows you recording the audio at the same time, and gives you the option to record system sounds, audio from a particular program or even your own voice. It even supports video recording via webcam. It lets you make the edits in real time-, which means that you do not have to wait for the recording to complete for editing it, you can do it as the recording goes on.

Using this recorder is simple- just head over to the website and download the launcher. After downloading and installing the launcher, click on the Record button on the website. The interface that appears will allow you to make changes like changing the audio source, configuring the recording mode and more. Then click on Start to begin the screen recording process. You can make changes as the recording goes on. Once done, click on the Stop button to end the recording.

You can change the output type, rename the file and do a lot more with the help of this software. Thus, Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro is surely a very versatile screen-recording tool in the market at present, with a host of features and a high emphasis on great user experience.

Screencastify Screen Video Recorder

Screencastify Screen Video Recorder by Chrome is one of the best and most stable ways to record your screen. With Screencastify, there are no limits- you can make recordings of any length at size. This is useful for creating video tutorials, make recordings of presentations and a lot more. You can record specific tabs of your Google Chrome browser, or record a region of your desktop as well.

Screencastify is not dependent on anything like Java or Flash. Just head over to the chrome store, search for Screencastify and get it. You just have to run Screencastify from Chrome and all the instructions and customizations will be in front of you. You can seect what is to be recorded, the video and audio sources, output location and type. All of these options allow you to make a screencast just the way you want it.

Further, Screencastify is compatible with many video sharing websites as well. You can directly upload recordings on Google Drive once they are made and remove them from local storage to save space. However- that is not all- if you still want more features and an even more versatile option, then the next method is what you are looking for.

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

The Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro gives you the ability to record your screen in numerous ways along with configurations unlike any other option. It has a simple yet highly functional user interface with multiple output choices. It has a range of recording modes to choose from – right from full screen to around mouse, selected window, custom region and more.

With this tool, you do not have to wait for the recording to be complete for editing it. You can modify and add colors, add subtitles and notes to the recording and even change or edit icons and shapes- all in real time. It also allows you to create scheduled recordings, which automatically record your screen for a particular duration at a specific time. You can use this to record a live stream, your favorite TV broadcasts and meetings without any hassle.

free trial on windows ostry it on mac

Just head over to the above download icons, download the setup and run it. Within minutes, Acethinker Screen Grabber will be ready to run on your PC. Double click onthe software and open it. The interface that comes up will allow you to select a region, change the output type/format, specify the location where the video is to be saved and make a lot more changes. Once you have set everything, just click on the Start/Record button to begin the screencast, and end it when you are done with the recording.

You can even edit the videos in real time as mentioned. There is little that is not possible while using Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro, and its simplicity and versatility make this amongst the best screen recording utilities online.


Thus, with these 3 methods, you now know the best alternatives to Screen-O-Matic. When it comes to making useful recordings, you surely do not want a tool that gives you too many restrictions- and that is exactly what you can avoid with these methods. With no recording limits, many features and output options, making a useful and highly customized screen recording is now a very easy and productive task!

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