Top 10 MKV to MP4 Converters for Win and Mac

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In this article, we are going to evaluate some of the best MKV to MP4 converters and also go into detail about how to go about the process of converting an MKV file to an MP4 format file. Along with this, we will see why these converters stand out among the rest of other video converters. When looking online you will see plenty of different video sharing sites have their videos in a variety of different formats. One of the issues when downloading these videos is that some do not play on certain programs and others do. The best way to not run into this problem is to have all of your videos in the same format. In this article we will show you the best video converters available so you can pick the one that suits you.

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Best MKV to MP4 Video Converter – Video Master

The AceThinker Video Master is a premium product from AceThinker, Software Providers for an ultra-fast all-in-one video converter. It helps you convert MKV files to an MP4 format at the push of a button. It converts all kinds of popular audio and video formats like AVI, WMV, MOV, MP3 and more. What else you can even convert HD videos with the AceThinker Video Master with no or minimal quality loss even on its free version. The Video Master also helps you in editing your video to make it your own and also allows you to download or record videos directly from the web. Read on below to have an idea on how to convert MKV files to MP4 quickly.

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Step1 Add the MKV Files for Conversion

Click “Add Files” to select a MKV single file or a group of files you need to convert to MP4 or other formats. You can also drag your files from your desktop to the Video Master.

video master add

Step2 Choose MP4 as the Output Format

Select the MP4 format from the “Profile” dropdown menu below the interface of the tool. If you want to convert to an MP4 format to use on your mobile device, you can simply choose one from the device format presets. Also, the settings window helps you to choose your required video codecs, resolution, frame rate and more.

set mp4 as output format

Step3 Save the Converted Video

There is a preview window on the right side so you can preview the video file before converting it. When you are satisfied with the output video settings, click “Convert” to start converting MKV video to MP4 format. That’s it. Your conversion process starts and once completed, it automatically opens the output folder of the tool where you can play the converted video.

save video

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AceThinker Free Online Video Converter

Acethinker Online Converter is a free cloud MKV to MP4 converter that offers to edits and converts your video files. If you are converting MKV files for sending to your iPad, iPhone, HDTV, or YouTube, this online MKV to MP4 conversion tool make it easy by offering simple, one-click output settings too. Simply choose the device name and it exports best configuration for that device. Many other online converters need you to register an account to use. With Acethinker Online Converter, you don’t need to do that. With its user-friendly, clean and straight-forward interface, all users can do the conversion without any hassle. It’s only three simple steps, upload MKV movie, then choose MP4 output, and click convert. There you are. Pretty easy.

Step1 Activate the Converter and Load the MKV Files

Click the button below to launch the tool without having to leave this page. Note that if it’s the first time you use it, you will be guided to download a small launcher to activate the app. Just download and install the launcher so as to run the converter. After that, a local folder will be opened to let you import the MKV video you wish to convert.

Select files to start

Step2 Set MP4 as the Output Format

Click Format to select MP4 from the output format options. As you see, apart from MP4, you can also use this online video converter to convert video to AVI, MOV, WMV, FLV, VOB and more. After that, you can click Settings to adjust the resolution, bitrate, frame rate, etc.


Step3 Start the MKV to MP4 Conversion

When all the settings are OK, click the Convert button at the right bottom and then select an output folder to save the converted files. Wait for a while and you can find the MP4 videos in the destination folder.

Chrome Video Converter – Convert Videos via Web Browser

If you are looking to convert MKV movie to MP4 files online without needing to download any software, then the Chrome Video Converter is your best bet. It is just an extension that needs to be added to Chrome to kick start your video conversion process. It is completely a free web application that lets you convert video or audio files into many popular formats. With Chrome Video Converter, you can convert files up to 2GB size quickly without any loss of quality. More than 300 formats are supported and even HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding) videos are supported.

Step1 Load MKV Files

Run this Chrome MKV to MP4 converter and click Open file to load your MKV media files you want to convert to the program.

Chrome video converter

Step2 Start Conversion with MP4 as Output Format

Next, choose MP4 as the output format. If needed, you can designate the output quality and the approximate file size. Lastly, click the Convert button to change the MKV format to MP4.


In case you are looking for a powerful video converter that can turn MKV videos to MP4 format for Android devices, then VidCompact is the right choice for you. This tool allows users to convert a video to formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, WMV, and MKV. Besides, it can also convert video to audio files like MP3, MPEG, WAV, and more. You can do more when it comes to video with just your Android device. To start, go to Google Play Store on your Android phone, and search VidCompact to install it on your device. Once installed, launch it, and click the “Convert to MP4” button and choose the MKV video to start converting the video.



MConverter is one of the best video converters on iOS devices. This app supports the most popular video formats like MP4, MKV, AVI, VOB, FLV, and more, which means converting MKV videos to MP4 is just a piece of cake with this tool. One good thing about MConverter is you can set the file size of the converted video that can help you to save space on your iOS device. To use this tool, you can visit the App Store and search the MConverter app, and click the “GET” button to install the app on your iOS phone. Once done, run the app, and click the “Convert” button and choose the MKV video, it will show you the Configure tab that lets you customize the video file. Just select the MP4 format and adjust the option of the converter to start the conversion process.


VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a well-known video player that you can use on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. It can play the popular and most used video format. Aside from being a video player, VLC can also do a lot of things when it comes to videos. In fact, you can use this tool to convert video to MP4, FLV, MKV, MOV, etc. It is helpful whenever you have a video on your computer but can’t play it because of its video format. Then you can convert the video directly on VLC. To know how to convert videos in VLC, you can follow the steps below.


User guide

  • Get the VLC installer by clicking the “Download VLC” button in this link. Then, install the tool to your PC by following the setup wizard.
  • After installing the VLC, run it, go to the “Media” tab at the top of the tool, then select the “Convert/Save…” option.
  • Next, click the “Add…” button on VLC windows, and choose the number of videos that you want to convert.
  • Simply choose your preferred video format under the “Profile” list. Then, select the output folder, and hit “Start” to begin converting.
  • To check on the video, open the output folder of the converted video, and double-click on it to play.

HandBrake is a top tier open source and free transcoder for video files. This tool can convert videos like MP4, AVI, MOV, and more. Since the features of HandBrake is so easy to understand, first-time users will be able to convert any videos they have efficiently. In fact, users can customize the output by adjusting the bit rate and the maximum file size. Besides, HandBrake supports adaptive deinterlacing, scaling, and cropping automatically or manually. You can use HandBreak on Windows, Mac, and Linux OS. To start, check the steps below.


User guide

  • Click on this link to get the installer of HandBrake, and follow the steps on installing the tool to your PC.
  • Once installed, launch it, and from its main interface, click the “File” option at the right side of the tool to open the video that you want to convert. You can also drag the video from its folder and drop it on HandBreak to open it immediately.
  • Now that you open the video on HandBrake, click the “Dropdown” button of the format under the Summary tab. Choose your preferred video format, and also select the destination folder of the converted video, and hit “Start Encode” that you will find at the upper part of the tool.
  • Once done, open the output folder, and right-click on the video to check it.

CloudConvert is a famous web-based video converter because it is fast, easy-to-use, and reliable when it comes to converting video files. In fact, this converter supports 200+ file formats and does not require you to install anything on your PC. Also, CloudConvert can be used on Chrome Edge, Safari, Firefox, and other web browsers you may have on your computer device. However, all the files you upload on CloudConvert will be saved on its database. Still, you can use CloudConvert to convert any local videos you have to your preferred video format. On the other, we have listed the steps below on how to use it.


User guide

  • Open your web browser, and visit the website of CloudConvertt to start converting your videos.
  • Click the “Select Files” from its homepage, and then upload the video that you want to convert.
  • Next, choose your preferred video format by clicking the “Dropdown” button beside the “Convert to” option. Then click the “Convert” button to begin the conversion process.
  • Once done converting, a video playback window will appear that you can use to watch the converted video. You can also click the “Download” button at the right corner part of the playback window to save the video on your PC.

Online-Convert is another reliable and powerful web-based video converter that has been operating for so many years. It is a multipurpose tool that can save video from URL to MP4 and vice versa. In fact, it allows users to convert videos from cloud storage like Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox. Online-Convert also supports file formats like MPEG-1. WEBM, FLV, and other famous video formats like MP4, WMV, FLV, and the likes. However, there is a limit to the file size for not more than 100MB of video or audio file. You can follow the steps below to start converting videos using Online-Convert.


User guide

  • First of all, go to the Online-Convert website, and choose your preferred video format on the “Video converter” list.
  • Next, you will be taken to the conversion panel. From there, click the “Choose Files” button to upload the video that you want to download.
  • Then, click the “Start conversion” button to convert the video. It will automatically download the video on your PC after the conversion process. You can play the video on the file folder that you chose when you download the video.

Zamzar is also a trustworthy web-based video converter that you can use for free. This tool is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux OS since this tool does not require you to install any application on your computer. Also, Zamzar has a user-friendly interface that lets you understand it easily. You can convert your videos for only a few simple steps though you need to create an account first on Zamzar before you can start converting videos, but rest assured that it is free of use. You can follow the steps below to start converting videos on Zamzar.


User guide

  • You have to go to the official website of Zamzar first before you can start converting videos.
  • On its main page, click the “Add Files” button to upload the video that you want to convert. You can also drop the video from its file folder to Zamzar to open it quickly.
  • Next, click the “Convert To” button and choose your preferred video format.
  • Finally, click the “Convert Now” button to start the conversion process. Just wait for it to finish.
  • Once done converting, click on the “Download” button beside the file name of the video to save it on your PC. You can then watch the converted and downloaded video on the download folder.
Comparison and Conclusion
Video MasterOnline Video ConverterChrome Video ConverterVidCompactMConverterVLC Media Player
Convert MKV and almost all video formatsLimitedLimited
Conversion speedGreatGoodNormalNormal Normal Normal
Video conversion qualityLosslessGoodGeneralGeneral General General
Video editing functions VersatileRichLimitedLimitedLimited
Convert MKV to iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.
Download online videos
Record videos
Support both Mac/Windows
24-hour customer supportLimitedLimitedLimitedLimited
Convert MKV and almost all video formatsLimitedLimited
Conversion speedNormal Normal Normal Normal
Video conversion qualityGeneral General General General
Video editing functions LimitedLimitedLimitedLimited
Convert MKV to iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.
Download online videos
Record videos
Support both Mac/Windows
24-hour customer supportLimitedLimitedLimitedLimited

All the recommended MKV to MP4 converters are very good. You can just choose one according to your needs. From the above comparison list, you can see that the Video Master from AceThinker is the most powerful one that can suit all your multimedia needs: conversion, downloading, recording, editing and more. By the way, if any other great way to change MKV to MP4 format is not mentioned here and you happen to know it, please let me know via comments. Or you can also take a look at this one to learn on how to convert WMV to MP4. Thank you!

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