Top Five AVI to MP4 Converter for Win and Mac

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Top Five AVI to MP4 Converter for Win and Mac

There are a number of reasons why video converters are great. Maybe you want to save space on your computer with a video format that requires far less space or you may need to put your favourite video on a different device that only supports certain formats.

One of the main reasons for converting AVI files to MP4 is the support of iOS and Android devices. A lot of these devices to not allow you to add and play AVI files on them. This can cause an issue if you wish to watch a video on your phone / tablet away from your computer.

In this article I will explain how you change AVI files to MP4 files so you can watch them on any device supporting the MP4 format.

Best AVI to MP4 Video Converter

The AceThinker Video Converter is a great tool to convert AVI videos into MP4 format. Not only does it offer this option, but it also gives you the option to convert into a lot of other different file types. Not only is this an easy-to-use piece of software but AceThinker make it easy to use right from the initial download to creating the end product of your MP4 file. With the program, it will also allow to adjust a number of different settings such as the image size and the bitrate. Along with all if this it also supports a number of different standard of video such as HD MP4 and 4k. One of the biggest benefits of the software has to be the built in editing tool. Even when the video has been converted, it will allow you to trim, add effects, add watermarks and so much more.

In order to use this great program to convert an AVI file in to MP4 you will need to do the following:

1. Download and install the program on your computer.

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2. Locate the AVI file you wish to convert by dragging the file from the folder in your computer into the program under the “Convert” tab.

video master add

3. One in there, select the arrow on the “Profile” section to bring up a list of formats. Select MP4 from the list and you can decide which standard of video you want.

video master format

4. Once selected, click on the “Convert” button located in the bottom right.

Freemake AVI to MP4 Video Converter

If you want something basic and do not wish to pay for the pro version of video converting software then you do have the option of some free software on the market. Freemake is a free video converter that will allow you to convert your AVI files into an MP4 format. While this is a free piece of software it is very simple to use and also allows for a really good conversion.Not only does this allow you to convert to different file formats but it will also allow for the rescaling of videos in order to get them perfect to play on a DVD player. Although this is great software, it does have a few drawbacks such as it does not have any built in editor with it to add text and subtitles and quite a lot of times the conversion of files can be rather slow.

FreeMake Video Converter

Any AVI to MP4 Video Converter

Any Video Converter is another great free tool which you are able to download for free. Just like the Freemake software above, this also supports a number of different file types along with supporting the AVI to MP4 conversion. The difference with this software and the one above is this does have an option in the converter to edit the videos. The supplied editor in the free version is very limited but it will still allow you to add text, rotate and crop the video. The software does come with a pro version which costs. If you just wish to stick with the free version it is great software to convert AVI to MP4 but it has constant pop-up’s when trying to work that asks you to upgrade to pro. This happens with every step you take but is great software if you can get over that.

Any Video Converter

Online AVI to MP4 Converter

For the more simple tasks, the online converters can be a great tool to utilize. This is a great way if you have everything you need and just want to convert the AVI clips without having to download any programs.

1. Acehinker Online Converter below is a great cloud AVI to MP4 converter that doesn’t need registration. Simply select the file, choose MP4 output format and start conversion. You can tweak your video by cutting unwanted parts, changing resolutions, rotate upside down videos before conversion too.

Select files to start

online converter
2. Zamzar is a good website to use if you want to keep it simple. As you can see, you just need to upload the file to the website, choose the format you wish to convert to, enter your email address and click convert. Along with being able to upload the AVI file, this will also convert files which are online as long as you have the URL for it. One issue with this is having to go through email in order to get the link. Some people prefer not to use an email address on a site such as this but unfortunately there is no way around it.

zamzar downloader app

3. Clipconverter is another program similar to Zamzar which will allow you to convert a AVI video using their website. This will allow you to convert a video from your PC and a URL and does not need an email address in order for you to download the converted MP4 file. This is a very simple converter and does not allow many video formats or any sort of editing.Clipconverter

When it comes to comparing downloadable software to online converters there is no competition. The programs you can download for video converting offer a lot more and the output MP4 videos end up coming out at a much better quality. One of the biggest benefits of the software is that you don’t need to put any personal details into it for it to work and your email address will not be on a website. Along with this, the downloadable software usually comes with some sort of editing tool which means you can trim and annotate videos.

When picking AVI to MP4 conversion software I would advise the Acethinker Video Converter. Not only does it produce the highest quality of video but it also offers an exception editing tool with it. Although it costs, it’s definitely the best piece of software out of them all and is a great purchase for the extra quality you get with it.

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