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aviAVI stands for audio video interleave. It is a video format that is commonly used these days but at the same time it’s not supported by many of the popular video players and mobile devices. Therefore people often want to convert their AVI files into other formats. If you are interested in making a video conversion, there are several different tools available in the market that offers this. Here is what you need to do it:

Online AVI  Converter – AceThinker Online Converter

The best way to convert AVI files into any other video format is to make use of an online platform. If you have a good internet connection, this is the most convenient way to convert your AVI video file into any other video format. There are different online tools that offer these features but if you are looking for the best among the rest, you need to check out AceThinker Online Converter. It is an online platform that enables you to convert your AVI video files into another video format of your own choice. It supports the majority of the more commonly used formats including MOV and MP4 and you can make videos that are supported by common devices including Samsung and iPhone’s. It also allows users to set their own frame rate, resolution and bit rate in addition to customization to make their videos perfect. In order to use this platform to convert your AVI files into another video format, you need to follow the steps listed below:

Select files to start

How to Convert Your AVI Videos:

Step 1: Go to the official website of the AceThinker Video Online Converter. Now click on ‘Select files to start’

Step 2: Download and install the "Launcher" on your computer. Select the required file(s)

Step 3: Start the conversion. Wait until the conversion completes and download the files to your device

online converter

Best AVI Converter for Mac and Windows

If you convert files often, getting a desktop app for your computer would be a wise choice. There are several tools that are available in the market. One great tool for this is AceThinker Video Master. This it is a pretty high end piece of software that offers a lot of different features when converting AVI files into other video formats. It may be referred to as the all in one solution to all your multimedia requirements as it offers the conversion of AVI files to all popular formats of both audio and video. Another high end feature of this application is the fact that it converts your HD AVI files into other video formats with minimum loss of quality. You can also record and download different kinds of videos from different websites and then edit to your own requirements to make them perfect. A step by step guide on how to use this tool to convert AVI files into other video files is given below:

red-download-btn-winbutton mac

How to Convert AVI Videos with Video Master

Step 1: Click the download button above to download and install the program onto your computer. Once you are done, open it up and you will come across the user friendly interface.

Step 2: When you have opened up the program, you need to add one or more AVI files that you want to convert into other video formats. In order to do so, hit the ‘Add Files’ button on the upper left side of the screen and select the video files that you wish to convert.

video master add

Step 3: This program offers different output video formats like WMV, AVI, MOV and MP4. In order to select the preferred format, open up the profile list and choose the category. Now choose the required video output format as well as audio output format.

video master format

Step 4: Once you have selected the preferred output formats for your audio and video, it’s time to select a preferred output path of your choice. You can do that by opening up the profile and providing a location in the field of ‘Path for the converted files’.

Video Master

Step 5: After you have taken care of all your output video settings, the right thing to do is to go through a preview in order to ensure you have got everything correct. The program offers a preview video where you can watch the video before completion. When everything appears to be in the right order, you need to hit the ‘Convert’ button which is located under the preview window. This will initiate the conversion process. The completion of the process will take some time so you can take care of some other work in the mean time. If you don’t have anything else to do, you can also check the ‘Shutdown after completion’ option and the program will shut your computer down after the conversion has been done.

Another Free AVI Converter – Freemake

Freemake AVI converter is a free tool that offers the converting your AVI files into other video formats. It’s a free piece of software that is easily downloaded from the internet. It offers conversion to other video formats at a high rate. You can convert your AVI video files into different formats of your choice without losing a sufficient amount of quality. In order to use this tool to convert AVI files into other video formats, you need to follow the steps listed below:

Firstly, download and install the Free AVI converter to your computer. After opening the program, select the video file you want to convert. Select the preferred video format for your output video, and then select the preferred output location. Once done, you can initiate the conversion process. Now just wait for the completion and access the newly converted files from your provided location.

FreeMake Video Converter

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  • Does the Ace converter downgrade the files when they convert? I have had issues with that happening with AVI files and the results aren't pretty! I need to go from AVI to MP4. Let me know, thanks!!!
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